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  • When Celebrities Can't Conceive: How Tabloids Handle the Infertility Issue

    Life & Styleby Sarah Preston Gorenstein

    Or is it just me, and every tabloid magazine on the newsstand? It's hard not to think about babies, and all things baby-related, when you're trying to conceive. It's especially hard when every magazine you open has a celebrity bump watch, or some b.s. cover line.

    In the grocery story today, I picked up Life and Style at the checkout line because of what's on their cover: A trifecta of Giuliana Rancic, with details inside her "emotional baby shower" (which some of my friends attended, they're having a boy!); Khloe Kardashian, with a cover line that reads: "IVF Miracle: Finally, Khloe's baby dreams come true"; and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak, "Six months pregnant and losing her home."

    PLUS: Q&A with Alicia Silverstone on Life as a Mom

    I naively picked it up for the story about Khloe Kardashian and her IVF "miracle," hoping to read an uplifting IVF success story. The headline inside read: "Khloe: I'm Going to Be a Mom"-okay,

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  • Celeb Mom Style Secrets

    parenting.comBy Sarah Preston Gorenstein

    Believe it or not, celebrities try just as hard as we do to look good, even when they don't look like they're trying (that thrown-together look actually takes time!). But we found 10 simple style tricks celeb moms use to keep the frumpiness at bay. Hint: It's all about accessorizing.

    Give Heels the Boot

    Moms need boots made for walking, and no one pulls off a hotter boot than Kourtney Kardashian. Her ubiquitous orange Chanel boots would give any boring outfit a lift with its over-the-top bright color, but notice the heel is low enough that it's wearable for toting around her cutest accessory of all: her son Mason. Style tip: Even us shorter moms can wear over-the-knee boots, as long as they're not over-powering. This one happens to work very well on Kourtney, who is only 5'2". Look for soft leather, suede or even rubber Wellingtons, and consider flats over heels.

    Oversized Sunglasses

    Famous working moms of multiple kids like Angelina

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  • How Young is Too Young for Facebook?

    By Jeana Lee Tahnk

    Parenting.comThere's no doubt you've heard all the recent chatter about Facebook "exploring" options for lifting the current age requirement and allowing children under the age of 13 access to the social network. The Internet has been abuzz since the Wall Street Journal originally reported the story stating,

    "Facebook is developing technology that would allow children younger than 13 years old to use the social-networking site under parental supervision, a step that could help the company tap a new pool of users for revenue but also inflame privacy concerns."

    PLUS: Is Your Facebook Private?

    Facebook is still years away from my little ones' reach and interest level, but as a parent raising kids in this digital age, I'm concerned. I know the time will come when one of them comes home and asks for a profile because " everyone at school has one." If this Facebook age requirement is eliminated, that time may come much sooner than I think.

    There are an estimated 7.5

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  • Why One Mom is Being Compared to Hitler

    By Katie at

    Parenting.comFounded on the idea that every child deserves a sober start, Barbara Harris spends her days writing checks to drug addicts to undergo sterilization procedures. After adopting four children from a crack and heroin addicted woman, Harris decided to take action. Rather than let thousands of drug-addicted newborns fall into the foster care system, Harris uses her checkbook to prevent addicts from conceiving in the first place, reports

    Plus: Drugs Pregnant Women Should Never Take

    To do this, Harris partners with doctors who perform sterilization surgeries on both men and women. When the addict has undergone this procedure, Harris is alerted and delivers the check to the newly sterile client. Most addicts are extremely happy to be a part of this organization, called Project Prevention, and agree that children have no place in their future.

    Plus: Girl Brings Cocaine to Show and Tell

    With controversial slogans like, "Don't let a

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  • The Olympic Swimmer Who Almost Drowned


    By Elina Bolokhova spoke with Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones about his journey from nearly drowning to winning the Olympic gold. Here, he talks about giving back to the community by promoting water safety for all with the Make a Splash Initiative.

    How did you get involved with the Make a Splash Initiative, and why do you think it's so important?

    I got involved with the Make a Splash Initiative in 2008 right after winning the Olympic Gold medal. USA Swimming foundation and Phillips 66 came and approached me and showed me the drowning statistics. After reading that 70% of African Americans don't know how to swim and 60% of Hispanics don't know how to swim, that's when it became very real to me. This initiative has been a very, very big part of my life in the past five years. We are seeing the numbers changing so it's been a success.

    PLUS: How Michael Phelps Became an Olympian

    What do you think is the cause behind these numbers? Why is being able to

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  • Gary Poppins: Rise of the Manny

    By Shawn At Parenting

    Parenting.comFor the three weeks prior to starting at Parenting , I was a manny. Or should I say, my wife and I hired me as a nanny for my two boys. We had a lot of fun: We played with puppies, shot hoops, observed lizards and tarantulas, and practiced golf on a putting green. (Good thing Petland and Sports Authority were nearby). That said, spending all day-like allllllllll day -with your children is stressful and messy, like some sort of reality show challenge. And these were my children. Which makes it a smidge surprising that the male childcare provider, aka manny, is becoming increasingly in demand.

    PLUS: I'm Jealous of My Nanny

    Will Kenworthy is trying to decide what to do today. With early morning rust still evident in his voice, the 22-year-old talks through some options. Maybe he'll grab a gallery guide and visit a few art galleries, or plan a trip to the beach on Long Island. Or even better, head over to the playground and hit up the monkey bars. He does

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  • Is This Beauty Treatment a Rite of Passage--Or Body Mutilation?

    By Erin Zammett Ruddy

    Baby with Earring

    Is there a right time to get your daughter's ears pierced? Do you like the look of a baby sporting earrings? I have an opinion on this that I hope won't offend anyone (wishful thinking).

    My friend, Annette, recently had her daughter's ears pierced at 10-months-old, which is why I ask these questions. Her husband wasn't into it but Annette always said that if she had a baby girl, she would have the baby's ears pierced. I admire her conviction and while I would never pierce my own baby's ears (it's not for me) I love that she felt strongly about it and doesn't care what others think. And her daughter, who's adorable to begin with, looks extra cute with her little sparkly studs. To each her own, right?

    I think in many cases ear piercing is a cultural thing. My sister's mother-in-law is fromVenezuela and was shockedwhen my sister brought her daughter home from the hospital without pierced ears. She has asked me numerous times when I plan to pierce

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  • The Shocking Way Tweens Prep for Summer Camp

    Things on an average 12-year-old's sleepaway camp packing list: Sunscreen? Check. Bathing Suit? Check. Bikini Wax? Wait, what?
    By Kate Goodin of

    Yes, reports The New York Times, spa appointments, including waxes, hair treatments and facials, are being booked to prep tween girls for sleepaway camp. Elizabeth Harrison, a New York City mom quoted in the article, says taking her 12-year-old daughter for a full leg wax and moderate bikini wax is "about grooming and cleanliness."

    Plus: Is Three Too Young for a Mani/Pedi?

    New Jersey mom Jill Greenspan is taking her 11-year-old to the salon for a $250 hair treatment, so she won't have to worry about blow-drying her hair at camp: "It's just one less thing she has to stress about."

    Makeup entrepreneur Bobbi Brown said, in defense of moms taking their tweens to the spa, that "if she's going to be in a bunk with all these girls, and she feels insecure because she hasn't taken care of the hair on her lip or her

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  • The Dangers of Summer

    How to keep your baby safe on the beach, at the park, and in your own backyard
    By Janene Mascarella

    Baby Summer Safety Guide

    There you two are at the park, coated in sunblock, fully hydrated, enjoying the clouds and the birds and the swings when a *%@! bee sticks his behind in your sweetie's chubby thigh and ruins it all. Double *%@! Use our guide to sidestep the season's safety traps, and find out what to do if any bees (or jellyfish or sand throwers) try to cross your path

    Sneaky beach bummers

    sand It's so soft and squishy, but it can sizzle little feet as well as irritate the mouth and eyes when it (inevitably) becomes airborne.
    play it safe Keep your baby's sandals or water shoes on, especially on extra-hot days. When you get to your spot, plop him down facing you so you can keep an eye out for taste-testing, throwing, or blowing sand. If the grit gets in his mouth, do what you can to rinse it (you may have to wipe it out). For sand in his eyes, try to flush them with fresh water -- he'll

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  • Is Your Kid Being Cyberbullied?

    Clues that something's going on in your child's online world and how to get involved By Jennifer L. Nelson
    It's possible that you won't even know -- studies show that only 5 percent of middle-schoolers tell their parents when they're the victims of cyberbullying (a disturbing statistic, if we ever saw one). Watch for these clues that something's going on in your child's online world, then get involved:

    1. Social withdrawal
    Your tween stops playing games online or using the phone, and her comrades are mysteriously MIA. "Most online attacks are launched by friends who know their passwords... and their secrets," says cyber lawyer Parry Aftab, founder of

    PLUS: Mom Chokes Boy Over Facebook Comments

    2. Fear of technology

    Your child spends her evenings catching up on her reading (not that that's a bad thing) instead of logging on, and appears nervous when text messages pop up.

    3. Bad behavior
    "Younger kids will misbehave when they're tired, but when

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