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  • 9 Things To Never Say To Your Kid

    Can you add one?

    By Paula Spencer

    I was trying to do two things at once -- cook (in the kitchen) while deciphering some paperwork (in the next room). I'd been interrupted a thousand times with requests for snacks, shrieks over spilled paint water, questions about what squirrels like to eat, and arguments over whether clouds could be blue and flowers could be green. And did I mention that a ruptured disk in my back was throbbing even worse than my head?

    Still, nothing can excuse my behavior that afternoon.

    I erupted like Mount Momsuvius: "Enough! Get out! Stop bothering me!" The look on my daughters' faces said it all. The 2-year-old's eyes widened. The 4-year-old furrowed her brow and jabbed her thumb between her lips. Immediately I wished I could stuff the hot-lava words back into my mouth. They certainly hadn't come from my heart, or my brain.

    We all say the wrong thing sometimes, leaving our kids feeling hurt, angry, or confused. Read on for some of the most

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  • 8 Discipline Mistakes Even Great Parents Make

    No-fail ways to fix any parenting fail, fast. Plus, get discipline tips for toddlers

    By Amanda May

    You know the drill: You give your child an ultimatum -- "Get dressed or we're staying home!" -- and naturally she says, "Okay, we'll stay home!" Might as well plant a big "L" on your forehead. We all see our discipline efforts backfire on occasion (hey, you're tired!), and of course there are those battles just not worth fighting (no kid ever flunked preschool because his teeth were furry). But you do need to prove you're the parent at least some of the time. Learning to avoid these discipline land mines can help you hop to it.

    Way to Blow It #1: Tell a Big Ole Lie

    "My two-year-old daughter, Chloe, fights me about going to her babysitter's house every Monday," says New Jersey mom Gina Kane. One morning when Chloe refused to get out of the car, "I pointed to the house next door and told her it was a daycare center run by the caveman from the Geico commercials, which really

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  • 10 Super-Fun Summer Cakes

    Sweet summer birthday cake designs for kids that are surprisingly easy to make. Need more inspiration? Check out our amazing birthday cake ideas or baby shower delights!

    Cakes by Karen Tack, photos by Kenneth Chen

    Toasted sticks of store-bought pound cake could fool the most ardent fry-ophile.

    See the step-by-step recipe

    Take a look at these other fabulous cakes

    Your pint-sized Jacques Cousteau will dive straight into this easy loaf cake.

    See the step-by-step recipe

    Like cakes? How about 61 more of'em?

    Is it a pie? Is it a cake? Luckily your kid will get both in this super-easy cheery cherry pie/cake hybrid.

    See the step-by-step recipe

    Om nom nom. Take a look at other food-themed treats

    Go green -- literally -- for your kids' next birthday with these fun frog cupcakes.

    See the step-by-step recipe

    Click here to get some more animal-tastic inspiration

    Give your beach-loving kiddo a taste of the tropics with this island-inspired cake design.

    See the step-by-step recipe

    Bake up

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  • The 10 Best Cities for Families

    You want the best for your family, and that includes great schools, affordable homes, low crime rates, plenty of jobs, and lots of parkland. So we crunched more than 8,000 bits of data in 84 categories to determine this year's top places to raise kids. Plus, see the complete list of Best Cities!

    © Capital Reigon USA© Capital Reigon USA1. Washington, DC

    The history, the government, the breathtaking architecture and inspiring monuments-you don't have to be a child to get an amazing education in this city. Our nation's capital is also known for its plenitude of museums-in fact, there are 44, second only to the Big Apple! If your kid enjoys visiting the National Air and Space Museum, imagine fostering his love of airplanes with trips to nearby Gravelly Point Park for front-seat views of the takeoffs and landings at Reagan National Airport. The Capital Crescent Trail, a hard-surface trail from Georgetown to Bethesda, MD, developed on an abandoned rail bed, is a great bike trip that is off the beaten track.


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  • Manbabies! Hilarious Mash-Ups of Man Heads and Baby Bodies

    A little bit freaky and a whole lot hilarious, we give you manbabies! Check out these Photoshopped pictures of men and their babies, with heads switched, from the addictively funny 13 more crazy mash-ups, click here.

  • Stuff My Kids Ruined

    Funny pictures of kids and the stuff they destroyed from the popular blog Sh*t My Kids Ruined. Plus check out even more hilarious photos in the Stuff My Kids Ruined: Dad Edition

    Vent and laugh with Sh*t My Kids Ruined! Share your stories and post photos instantly on the Sh*t My Kids Ruined community page.

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  • Talking to young kids about Osama bin Laden’s death

    VeerVeerBy Sasha Emmons

    Since last night's unexpected announcement that terrorist Osama bin Laden had been killed, many parents are grappling with how to talk to their kids about this huge news story. Young kids, most born after the horrible events of September 11, may hear bits and pieces at school even if parents took care to keep the morning news turned off. How do you resolve the contradiction that it's wrong to hurt someone, but in this case it was justified? We talked to Dr. Paul Coleman, author of How to Say It to Your Child When Bad Things Happen, to find out if you should bring it up with your kids, and what to say if you do.

    • Although Dr. Coleman generally suggests age 7 as the best time to start talking to kids about tough stuff, this story is ubiquitous enough that preschool and kindergarten-age kids may get wind of it anyway from classmates. "I would ask leading questions," says Dr. Coleman, "like, 'Were the kids talking about anything different than normal at school
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  • 20 completely bizarro parenting products

    Plus, we've got 20 more ridiculous parenting products here (Prepare yourself for the horror of the placenta teddy bear)

  • Hey guys, here's how to not screw up Valentine's Day

    Jon WhittleJon Whittleby Shawn at Parenting

    Moms, please do me a favor. Copy this blog post's link and forward it to your husband or partner.

    I see what you're doing. You're standing over his shoulder while he's reading. Could you please give us just a few minutes?

    Hmm. I see there are still a few of you lingering around. Look over there! Shirtless firemen offering massages!

    Okay guys, now that we're alone I must tell you this: you've been screwing up in the romance department. I get it: the kids have turned your love life upside down. But the reality is you're the 75 billionth person in human history to become a parent. You didn't exactly tie a key to a kite in a lightning storm.

    This leads me to Valentine's Day. (Yeah, I know, it's still a few weeks away, but trust me, you need the extra time to prepare.) Many of you write off as a Hallmark holiday. It's not a totally unfair assessment: 180 million greeting cards are exchanged on Valentine's Day; only Christmas is a more

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  • Pregnant women may get free parking in NYC

    © iStockphoto© iStockphotoby Melanie at

    It's a case of miracles begetting miracles: a New York City councilman has proposed legislation granting expectant moms free parking in NYC, reports the New York Daily News. Pregnant women whose doctors say that they have physical or mobility challenges could receive special parking placards allowing them to park for free in no-parking or no-standing zones until 30 days after their expected due date. The bill would not grant expectant moms the right to park in handicapped spaces in parking lots or allow them to park all day without feeding the meter, unlike people with permanent disabilities.

    The legislation is similar to laws already on the books elsewhere, including Georgia and Oklahoma, but given how challenging it can be to find on-street parking on New York City, the proposal faces some serious, er, roadblocks, from transportation critics. Additionally, some women's rights advocates foresee that the granting of special parking privileges

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