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  • Why Kids Get Sicker at Night
    Stephanie RausserStephanie Rausser

    By Laura Flynn McCarthy, Parenting

    It started around 1 a.m. My son, Liam, was 14 months old, and the noises coming from his room didn't seem completely human: There was a sort of honking bark followed by a whistle-y kind of breathing.

    I ran into his room, my heart racing with worry, and I found him sitting up in his crib, looking scared and tired. I picked him up, took his temperature -- no fever -- and called the doctor.

    "It sounds like croup," the doctor said. "Wrap him up in a warm blanket, sit outside with him, and call me back if his cough and breathing don't improve in 10 minutes."

    Huh? This was early spring in New Hampshire. Sit outside?

    It had to be worth a shot. I wrapped Liam up so that only his frightened little face was exposed, put on my winter coat, and stepped onto our screened-in porch. We sat on the rocking chair, moving back and forth, looking at the stars, and listening to the croaking tree frogs.

    Within 15 minutes his throat gradually, miraculously cleared.

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  • "On September 11th, I will tell my daughters..."

    by Denene Millner of MyBrownBaby

    I will tell them the story…

    about the day we fought with Mari for the remote control and insisted the grown-ups in the room watch the traffic update on the local news instead of another episode of Barney, only to watch in horror as the TV played over and over again a clip of a plane circling the towers and piling into the windows and the steel and the concrete, forcing a grand, raging ball of bright orange fire into the sky.

    I will tell them the story…

    about how we thought it was a mistake-surely, a horrible, tragic mistake-until the second plane crashed. And then the third and the fourth. And the smoke wailed. And the phones went dead. And the people started leaping. And the buildings, full of the friends and colleagues and acquaintances we made in this beautiful stretch of Manhattan where we'd long worked… crumbled.

    I will tell them the story…

    about how their daddy and I, having watched planes rain down from the most perfect blue sky… having

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  • Inked up Mamas Show Off Their Tattoos

    These inked-up mamas tell the personal stories behind their skin art.See 27 more Mom tattoos!Moms: Send us your tattoo pics!

  • I May Let Her Milk Me Forever: Sadness about Weaning Your Last Child

    by Daring Young Mom

    (c) Dan Thompson(c) Dan ThompsonSometimes when I plan to nurse Wanda, I say, "I'm gonna go milk the baby." This sounds odd, which is why I say it because I enjoy saying weird things and then laughing at my own jokes, especially when I'm home alone with the kids all day and there are no other adults to converse with. If a stupid joke is told in a stay-at-home-mom's house and there's no other adult around to hear it, is it still unfunny?

    If you think about "milking" in terms of giving someone milk, as in, "beer me" meaning to give someone a beer, then the reference makes perfect sense. If you think about "milking" strictly from a dairy farming perspective then I guess I'm the one being milked. Either way, I like saying it and I like doing it.

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    After the initial few weeks or months of soreness and figuring out exactly how to feed each of my babies I've grown to love that time I spend with them. I like the bonding, the nurturing, the quick pre-heatedness of the food,

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  • Fighting In Front Of The Kids

    by Mighty Maggie
    Mighty MaggieMighty Maggie
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    Yesterday we fought in front of the kids. It was awful. I'm still mortified. And not just because we were yelling at each other in front of the kids, oh no, the windows were open too. Classy!

    It was hardly the biggest, longest, scariest fight we've ever had. The raised-voice portion was relatively short and we reached the Time To Discuss What We're REALLY Upset About portion relatively quickly. If I were analyzing this argument from a family counseling standpoint I'd have to hand out a couple of gold stars to everyone involved. Look at us expertly avoiding the Usual Traps! This was a good fight! Well, except for the whole part where our kids were RIGHT THERE.

    READ MORE: Mad at Dad: How to Deal

    Fortunately for everyone they found other things to do besides watching the spectacle. They played in Jack's room and the living room while we snapped at each other in the kitchen, and every so often they'd dash into the kitchen and assess the damage. At

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  • Husband Creates Food Art for Prego Wife on Bed Rest

    One woman with gestational diabetes shares the adorable food art her husband makes for her strict special diet. To see all 19 of these amazing breakfast creations, head on over to

  • Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite: What Families Should Know about Bedbugs

    © National Pest Management Assn© National Pest Management Assnby Melanie at

    "Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite!" Ack. I can't even wish my son good night anymore without feeling itchy! Sadly, bedbugs are all over the news these days, making appearances at summer camps, movie theaters, the Empire State Building, and retail stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and Victoria's Secret. And, according to the Congressional Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite Act of 2009, U.S. bedbug populations have increased by 500 percent in the past few years.

    What should parents who are, uh, buggin' out do to protect their families from these sneaky little devils? We went to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) - to find out what parents should know about bedbugs. Missy Henriksen, the vice president of public affairs for the NPMA, gives us the scoop:

    How do you know if you have bedbugs in your home?
    "Most people initially identify them because of itchy bumps - red, welt-like shapes on their arms -- but not everyone is

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  • Leopard String Bikinis for Babies?

    by Kate at Babi-kini(c) Babi-kini

    Girls are growing up fast these days, between Botox, pole dancing, and skinny jeans all happening at young ages. But this is a new one, bringing it all down to a new low: string bikinis on infants!

    Yep, string bikinis. Not two-piece suits. Made by Babi-kini, these are most definitely the kind of bikinis that you tie with strings, and come in various patterns including zebra and leopard prints (!!). This seems more than a little inappropriate for anyone whose age doesn't end in -teen or up.

    I do see the appeal of the two-piece style -- what mom would want to peel a gotta-go-now kid or change a fussy baby with a one-piece? But it turns out these string bikinis aren't even practical -- the website says they're not meant to be worn with diapers! (Yet they sell a size to fit birth - one we sense another ridiculous parenting product?).

    's Sasha Brown-Worsham stated her case against not letting her daughter ever wear an itty-bitty bikini.

    "It's not

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  • I Love My (Nappy, Kinky, Black-Girl) Hair!

    by Denene Millner of MyBrownBaby

    Mari was three when she practically scalped herself with scissors-fluffs of her curly afro clumped like polka dots across our beige carpet. With her father and I surveying the scene of said scalping in sheer horror, girlfriend asked us all slick and sly, "Now can I get long hair like Missy?" Missy, mind you, was her BFF in her daycare class-specifically, a white girl with long blond hair.

    You want a black mom to die a thousand deaths? Have her daughter tell her that she would prefer long blonde hair to her kinky afro.

    Trust: We considered a Drop Squad-styled indoctrination-you know, kidnapping her, putting her in a dark interrogation room with a harsh, bright light, with a table full of down-ass natural sistas who would spend hours reading "Happy To Be Nappy," and "I Love My Hair" through a bullhorn until she publicly swore off any delusions of silky, swinging, blonde hair. But seeing she was still a preschooler and all, we figured that would be a

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  • Ads Say Karate Will Ensure Your Son is Not a Sissy

    (c) Ads of the World(c) Ads of the Worldby Kate at

    Caught your son prancing around in your high heels one too many times? Toughen him up with karate lessons -- or so says an ad draft drawn up for RDCA Academy of Martial Arts, located in Key Biscayne, FL.

    The two controversial ads feature a boy applying lipstick and trying on red high heels. The only copy on the ads is "Karate lessons", leaving the meaning of the ads open to interpretation by the viewer. But, the message seems pretty clear: make your son less girly by signing him up for macho karate lessons.

    According to a phone interview with Michelle Zubizarreta, chief administrative officer of Zubi Advertising, the karate school is not a client of the agency, and that the agency "does not condone the subject matter." The ads, said Zubizarreta, were drawn up by a member of the agency's creative team, who is friends with someone at the karate school, as a pro-bono, "outside-of-the-box" idea - and not meant for public consumption yet. Given that

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