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  • "I never encouraged parents to let their babies cry it out"

    In this exclusive interview with Babytalk, Dr. Richard Ferber clears up rumors about the The truth about FerberizationThe truth about Ferberizationcontroversial sleep training technique his name is synonymous with.

    Millions of parents swear he helped get their children to sleep through the night, but Richard Ferber, M.D., isn't sure whether or not to be proud. He's dedicated his life to studying sleep and helping parents survive night wakings, early wake-ups, and nap anarchy (he directs the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Children's Hospital Boston), but he's not so happy that his name has become synonymous with leaving babies alone to "cry it out." A few years ago, he published a major overhaul of his best-selling book, Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems, to help correct that misconception, but the label still sticks. In an exclusive interview with Babytalk senior editor Patty Onderko, the sleep guru chatted about his ongoing work at the center and the legacy he hopes to leave.
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  • Mad at Dad? You're not alone

    We love our husbands -- so why are we so angry at them, so often?Mad at Dad? You're not aloneMad at Dad? You're not alone Parenting's exclusive survey reveals that an alarming number of moms are totally overwhelmed -- and fuming about it

    By Martha Brockenbrough

    My husband and I just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. I'd say we have a great marriage. There's no one I trust more, no one else I'd rather talk to, and no one who makes me laugh harder.

    But that doesn't mean I don't get furious at him from time to time.

    Once, when I was dangling at the end of my rope, I insisted he go to the doctor for a hearing test. I was quite certain the man was deaf. How else, for instance, could he have taken my grandma's books to Goodwill instead of the antique-book dealer, as I'd asked when he was cleaning out the basement?

    Just as I'd gotten used to the idea of the man I love with hearing aids, the news came in from the doctor. My husband's ears work fine. Better than mine, actually. (Related: Want more to get done around the

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  • Moms' Dirty Little Secrets

    Thing 1? The favorite. Thing 2? Not so much.Thing 1? The favorite. Thing 2? Not so much.Not liking how your child's turning out or regretting what you gave up? Here's why you shouldn't kick yourself

    By Fernanda Moore

    Since my son Zander was born 11 years ago, I've talked to countless moms about the myriad ways kids have altered our lives. Most of the time, we agree, motherhood is pretty wonderful -- yet, truth be told, taking care of kids can get even the best of us down. What the experts don't tell you, and what other moms are sometimes loath to admit, is that there are a few dirty little secrets involved in child rearing. In the interest of full disclosure, I've listed some of the very dirtiest -- and how to come clean with them so that they lose their power.

    Secret #1: If you have more than one child, you'll probably have a favorite.

    "I'm blown away by how adorable one of my kids is these days," I recently confessed to my friends Jenn and Kate. They smiled -- they're both moms of two -- so I went for broke. "The other one, however, is a total pain," I said.

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