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  • New Comedy Web Series from Parenting Magazine

    This week's Taste Test episode of Lords of the Playground is just delicious. Check the whole series at!
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  • New Anti-Teen Pregnancy Ads Feature Kids Shaming Their Parents

    Courtesy of NYC HRABy Leonora Desar

    At a New York City bus stop, an ad of a child with tear-streaked cheeks catches the eye. "I'm twice as likely not to graduate high school because you had me as a teen," says the ad. At another bus stop hangs a similar ad, this one featuring a wide-eyed little girl, with the caption: "Honestly mom….chances are he won't stay with you. What happens to me?"

    These ads are part of a controversial new anti-teen pregnancy campaign by the New York City Human Resources Administration. The campaign is under fire by critics who argue that the ads shame and stigmatize teen moms.

    Plus: First Lady Michelle Obama Answers Kids' Questions

    "The latest NYC ad campaign creates stigma, hostility, and negative public opinions about teen pregnancy and parenthood rather than offering alternative aspirations for young people," said Haydee Morales, the Vice President of Education and Training at Planned Parenthood of New York City, in a news release. "The City's money

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  • Lords of the Playground: Wind

    Courtesy of ParentingGood thing babies are cute because sometimes they can be really gross!

  • BPA Linked to Asthma in Kids

    © iStockphotoBy Sasha Emmons

    Asthma has been on the rise for the last 30 years, but why? Researchers think they have found one possible connection: exposure to Bisphenol-A, commonly known as BPA.

    BPA has previously been linked to ADHD and obesity, among other health issues, but this is the first study to link early childhood exposure to asthma. "We found that post-natal BPA exposure is associated with increased odds of wheeze and asthma in young children," says Kathleen Donohue, MD, an investigator at the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health and lead author of the study. "Specifically, BPA exposure measured at ages three, five and seven years was associated with increased odds of wheeze at ages five, six and seven years, and increased odds of asthma between ages five and twelve years."

    Plus: Our Total Guide to Asthma

    An earlier study found that exposure to BPA during the second trimester of pregnancy was associated with increased risk of wheeze in younger children.

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  • Newborn Dies After Being Delivered from Deceased Mother

    VeerBy Leonora Desar

    Tragedy was compounded by more tragedy this weekend. A newborn delivered by C-section from his dead mother's womb has died, reports WABC. He weighed about three pounds and lived for only a day after his parents were killed in an auto wreck.

    Parents-to-be Nachman and Raizy Glauber, both 21, were on their way to the hospital when a BMW smashed into their livery cab. Raizy, who was 24 weeks along, had not been feeling well, so decided to go to the hospital, Sara Glauber, Nachman Glauber's cousin, told WABC. After the accident, the driver and passenger of the BMW fled the scene. Detectives believe that they know the name of the driver and are showing his picture to potential witnesses. The driver of the livery can survived.

    Plus: Lords of the Playground: Counting

    On Sunday, the Glaubers' tightly-knit Hasidic community in Brooklyn, New York mourned the couple at their funeral service. "We in the community are demanding that the prosecutor charge the

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  • Hilarious Hunger Games Parody

    Parenting.comCheck out the Lords of the Playground and their take on Hunger Games!

  • Best of the 2013 Toy Fair

    By the Editors at

    Our editors scoured this year's Toy Fair to find the most creative and innovative new playthings for kids-check out their favorites.

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    Lords of the Playground: Hunger Games

    Parenting Magazine Interviews Jessica Alba

    Show Dad How Lesson #4: How to Deliver a Baby on a Subway

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  • Quvenzhané Wallis, the C Word, and Our Loss of Innocence

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    By Sabrina James
    Last night I sat down to watch the Oscar red carpet with my 6-year-old daughter Kaia. She played dress-up with her American Girl doll while I followed the commentary on Twitter. "Look, Mommy! Julie's all ready for the red carpet," she exclaimed, showing off the updo she created for her doll. She watched with mild interest until the moment we'd been waiting for arrived: Nine-year-old Quvenzhan
    é Wallis appeared in a frenzy of flashing camera lights with her mom and sister in tow. "Look, Kommy, there she is! Look at her purse! It's a puppy!" Kaia jumped up and down. "I want one of those!" What a moment! I wanted my daughter to see a little girl, just like her, walking the red carpet among the most talented women in Hollywood. Quvenzhané did not disappoint. She was sassy and confident while talking to reporters. And she was dressed in a perfectly age-appropriate Armani gown that she chose because "it's sparkly!" Her mom looked on, proud as can be. I had a tear in

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  • Lords of the Playground: YapYapYap is proud to present the first season of comedy web shorts that, for better or worse, present a dad's-eye view of the playground.

  • Study: Coffee During Pregnancy Linked to Low Birth Weight


    By Kate Goodin
    Most pregnant women know they need to watch their caffeine intake during pregnancy, but a new suggests they should give it up altogether.

    In a study of 60,000 women, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health found that drinking 200 to 300mg of coffee (or about two 8-ounce cups) put their babies at risk for slightly lower birth weights, or small for gestational age (SGA). For every 100mg of caffeine consumed by the mother each day, the baby lost about one ounce.

    Plus: Top Pregnancy Dos and Don'ts

    SGA can lead to a variety of physical and developmental delays, including the inability to regulate body temperature and meeting developmental milestones later in life. Verena Sengpiel of Sweden's Sahlgrenska University Hospital said that all caffeine should be avoided during pregnancy: "From the first milligram of caffeine there's an increased rate of SGA….If women want to be cautious and don't have any problems with giving up caffeine, they should try to

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