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  • A Love Letter To Jesus

    How wonderful you are. The most gracious King of Kings. I love You always. You are so powerful, so kind and my everything. You gve me everything in life I need. How wonderful you are dear Jesus. Love always.

  • A Prayer for healing

    Dear Heavenly Father, I still believe you are in the business of doing miracles. I believe with all my heart, soul and mind and body you will heal me of my afflictions. I have great Faith that you will heal me soon. There is no greater doctor than you, Lord. You say in the Bible ask and you shall receive. I bow my head with great admiration and ask you to heal me.
    May anyone who has great faith in you and prays this prayer also receive a healing from you. Amen

  • Thank You Note to Jesus

    Lord Jesus You are always with me in despair.
    I can always go to You with my cares.
    You are the greatest friend I'll ever have.
    In times of sorrow you make me glad.
    I wait for you to council me,
    In what to do and what to be.
    Thank you Lord for blessing me,
    Thank you Lord for setting me free.

  • Being Stalked by Satellite- Part 2

    the new york state troopers that started stalking me by satellite since 1991. trooper mc greer and trooper antinio and some other trooper i don't know. trooper mc greer use to say in my house, send some one into her house and get one of janet's bloody kotex. he also told me to go masterbate and think of him. trooper antinio thought this was very funny. he said he was going to make me blind. he also said i was going to be a victim again.
    some people tell me to move some where else, but they would only follow me. this is my home and i love my friends and neighbors anyway.
    the troopers flunkies planted drugs in my house too. it looked like hashish. i turned it into the sheriff department.
    i have contacted the fbi, the sheriff, the newspapers, the tv news and no one has been of much help. after all these years they are still at it. they even use teenagers in this crime. i can tell by their voices they are teens. they say the dirtiest things. they keep warning me to get

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  • Being Stalked by Satellite

    i have been stalked since 1991 by new york state troopers and their flunkies. it is terrible when you are being stalked and no one will help you. when this started with the troopers, they asked be to pose for them in my underwear. i was shocked. now them and their flunkies hack in my computer, robbed my house. stole clothing and jewerly from me. they even leave stamps in my car. from what i read on the fbi files is sounds like a sextortion crime. they must have made keys to my house, because there are no signs of forced entry. they even went as far as putting voice in my house. they make comments all the time when i'm in the shower or getting undressed. after all these years i just either ignore them or tell them they are intelectually derelect. they put me in the hospital for 4 days and i almost died, because i wasn't eating well and not getting enough sleep. they hounded me so much i had seizures.
    this crime has been going on since 1991. the 5 troopers ,mcgreer, antino and

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