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  • Baby Gifts Fit for the Future King

    edited by Chelsea Zalopany

    The great Kate wait is finally over! The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy. Here, we've pulled together a slideshow of our favorite baby gifts, worthy of the little prince.

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  • 10 Tips for Looking Good in Cropped Pants

    Emily Holt

    Cropped pants CAN be for everyone.Cropped pants CAN be for everyone."What it all comes down to for me is silhouette. You have to have the right balance," says Susie Crippen, a devotee of cropped pants, former creative director of J Brand, and a designer of her year old-label, Crippen. The resort collection, in fact, is almost exclusively abbreviated bottoms paired with Crippen's signature cool, relaxed tunics, T-shirts, and blouses. It all evokes a laid-back California lifestyle that Susie, who is based in Los Angeles and recently bought a place in idyllic Ojai, embodies. But how to wear trousers cut above the ankle-and how much ankle is chic, anyway-is not always obvious, especially once the weather cools. asked the designer for her expert opinion. "Your shoe choice," she says, "is very important."

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    When wearing skinny cropped pants . . .

    1. The leg needs to be short: I am five foot five and I get all my inseams hemmed to 25 inches so there is a good amount of skin showing. I am

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  • Pretty Ugly: Birkenstocks Are Making a Comeback

    Chioma Nnadi

    There was a moment at the Céline spring 2013 show in Paris last fall, as models shuffled out in cozy fur-lined slip-ons, when a collective sigh of relief rippled through the fashion crowd. "That silhouette was universally considered ugly," says contributor Katherine Bernard. "But Phoebe Philo's luxe reinterpretation of a Birkenstock got me thinking. It's like the most comfortable sandal in the world is having a stylish renaissance." With its squishy cork footbed, roomy toe box, and thick buckled straps, the sturdy, sensible sole has been embraced by others besides Bernard. In fact, fashion editors in these very hallways have been bringing their secret love of the jolie-laide shoe into the light of day. "I've been wearing them around the house forever, but recently I've taken fancier versions out into the world, too," says Associate Accessories Editor Jorden Bickham. "When my husband sees them, he says I'm lucky that we're already married, but honestly I think

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  • Can a Spin Class Kill You?

    Patricia Garcia

    Photographed by Miles Aldridge, Vogue, April 2003Photographed by Miles Aldridge, Vogue, April 2003"You're going to love it, I promise," said my friend Chelsea, when trying to convince me to go to an indoor cycling class with her. For months she had proposed the plan and I flat out refused, explaining to her that I simply did not go to exercise classes-with my petite frame, thankfully I didn't have to-and that my idea of a workout consisted mainly of climbing up the subway stairs in the morning and the occasional yoga class here and there. But one day, I'm not sure why, maybe out of curiosity, maybe because I kept hearing about how obsessed people were with this workout phenomenon, I agreed to go.

    I knew from the moment my feet were locked into the pedals that this was a mistake. Then it began: the blaring music, the motivational screaming, the swooshing of wheels all around me . . . I hated every minute of it. I pedaled through the 45-minute class, sitting down a few times, and never listening when the instructor said to turn the resistance knob up (although at

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  • What the Royal Baby's Birth Means for the Status Quo in Britain

    Vicki Woods

    Kate Middleton, Prince William and baby George Alexander LouisKate Middleton, Prince William and baby George Alexander LouisEverything was supposed to change, and change utterly, when the new royal baby was born. But-this being the United Kingdom, which (when it is covered in bunting and cannons are firing in London's parks) feels more like it is United Ruritania-everything stayed the same.

    British prime minister David Cameron had planned something special to welcome the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first child. In a burst of modernizing egalitarianism, he ditched the pragmatically ruthless English system of royal primogeniture, which for centuries has meant that the heir to the ruling monarch's throne is his eldest son, and his heir in turn is his eldest son, and so on. Though these islands have had three particularly brilliant-and long-reigning-queens (Elizabeth I, Victoria, and Elizabeth II), the only reason female persons ever became heads of state was if the royal family ran out of boys. Queens who could not produce boys were nothing but nuisances and dealt with variously:

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  • Free Kristen Wiig! Why Her New Film Isn't What You Were Expecting

    John Powers

    Kristen Wiig and Darren CrissKristen Wiig and Darren CrissSaturday Night Live has been around since 1975, and over the decades several of its cast members have wound up having big movie careers-Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell. What you'll notice about this list is that they're all men. Although the show's female cast members have gone on to do well on big TV shows-like the trio of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus-none of SNL's women has ever become a movie star. But almost from the moment she first appeared, the one who seemed most likely to do so was Kristen Wiig, whose ability to morph herself into mad or frenzied characters possessed a grandeur worthy of the big screen. When Bridesmaids became a hit, Hollywood may have been surprised, but not us fans.

    Of course, if there's anything harder than making a hit comedy, it's catching lightning in a bottle twice in a row. Sad to say, the bottle explodes in Wiig's new comedy, Girl Most Likely, directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini.

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  • Royal Baby Countdown: A Buckingham Palace Photo Album

    Evelyn Crowley

    With the Duchess of Cambridge's rumored July 13 due date just one day away, the countdown to the royal birth has officially begun. In London, paparazzi are vying for spots outside of St. Mary's Hospital where the Duke and Duchess have reserved their private delivery suite while bookkeepers are placing bets on everything from the baby's gender (odds favor a girl) to hair color (our money's on Kate's rich chestnut hue). High street shops are also fueling the fanfare, stocking their shelves with commemorative souvenirs including mugs, dish towels, and coins. There's even an illustrated children's book entitled Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby wherein noisy palace guards and the Queen's barking corgis conspire to prevent the newborn from sleeping.

    Of course, while such hullabaloo might suggest the contrary, this is hardly the first House of Windsor tot bound for Buckingham Palace (it's just been a while). Here, we take a look at the family's past bundles of joys, from a

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  • The Easiest Addition to Your Summer Wardrobe

    by Patricia Garcia | edited by Chelsea Zalopany

    Overalls, once the domain of farmers and factory workers, have made a surprisingly fashionable comeback. After turning up on the spring runways-color-blocked at 3.1 Phillip Lim, as elegant eveningwear at Chloé-the uniform really caught fire outside the shows, where street-style favorites like Anya Ziourova sported modern takes on the once-utilitarian-only one-piece. Inspired by their risk-taking approach, we spotlight five ways to wear overalls the right way, right now.

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  • Katy Perry's Beauty Routine

    In this week's behind-the-scenes video, the irrepressible Katy Perry reveals her big-night makeup ritual-a transformational affair that involves the use of tweezers, brow pencil, lip liner, lipstick, mascara, and the flutter of false eyelashes. The result? Pop perfection at its best. Here, Vogue's guide to the products you'll need to re-create the look.

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  • Wimbledon-Inspired Fashion

    Katherine Bernard

    "Half the fun of sports-or is it really all the fun?-lies in wearing just the smartest possible type of sports clothes." This statement was made in Vogue in 1919, and since then, fashion and sports have been engaged in what can best be described as a lively tennis rally: Designers are constantly serving up clothes based on uniforms while players' on-court choices increasingly show that style matters. And it just so happens that the tennis dress-a sleeveless short tank style-is one of the most adaptable silhouettes for high fashion. Consider a pale blue Band of Outsiders dress that looks lifted straight from a vintage photograph, or Proenza Schouler's printed wrap dress that echoes some of the more performance-based ensembles we've seen in play. One thing's for sure: Pleated skirts work whether you're returning a volley on the court or a clever bon mot at a party.

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