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  • 15+ Things Vogue Loves from Milan Fashion Week

    Catherine Piercy, Vogue

    It may be the start of Milan Fashion Week, but regardless, the Italians are clearly having a moment. From fantastic ideas in their fall collections-on sale now-to touching tributes and can't-miss art exhibitions, here are some of the very best things coming out of Italy right now.

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  • Vera Wang Talks "Vogue"

    Catherine Piercy, Vogue

    Before she launched the collection that bears her name, Vera Wang spent sixteen years working behind the scenes at
    Vogue, first as a rover and eventually as a fashion editor.

    My Vogue story is a little bit of a Lana Turner story-not that I'm blonde and buxom, but you get the idea. I really lost my way when my figure-skating career ended. I was nineteen, and I was in a panic because nothing had played out the way I'd hoped, after years of hard work. I ended up living in Paris for a while, which was truly the center of fashion then. The French women were so elegant and so chic; they had defined how to knot a scarf. This was the era of the Hermès bag-the Kelly-and everyone was wearing wonderful colors of nail polish, which was suddenly a very big deal at that time.

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    Back in New York, I tried to carry a little of Paris with me. I was working as a salesgirl and doing windows at Yves Saint Laurent on Madison

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  • The Best Virtual Workouts

    Catherine Piercy, Vogue

    A few months back, I had my first extended training session with Ramona Braganza, the dynamic L.A.-based pro behind the sculpted bodies of Halle Berry and Jessica Alba. After a quick face-to-face consultation, she put me through a series of crunches, cardio, and serious circuit training that proved truly exceptional-particularly if you stop to consider the following facts: For the duration of our 45-minute session, Braganza was based in a small beach town off the coast of Mexico, where she'd headed for a weekend of deep-sea diving; I was stationed at a friend's house upstate in the Hudson Valley, where I'd headed for a weekend of couch surfing. Our primary form of communication? A pair of laptops.

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    In recent months, virtual workouts have emerged as the next big fitness phenomenon-and with good reason. Harnessing the power of real-time web applications like iChat and Skype, they offer much in the way of

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  • Fashionable Working Women in Film

    Lynn Yaeger, Vogue

    Summer may be ending, which is always a little sad, but on the other hand the new season, so exciting the French even have a special word for it-le rentrée-is just around the corner. In the United States, this time of the year is heralded by Labor Day, a holiday meant to celebrate working women (and, OK, men too) in all their glory. To mark the first week in September, we thought it would be fun! educational! edifying! to see how our chicest cinematic sisters dress for a day on the job.

    And here is what we found: At least in the movies, certain professions-espionage prominent among them-offer the opportunity to parade around in the most stylish outfits. Other careers rank high in our survey too: bohemian-bookstore clerk turned supermodel, viciously amoral TV executive, and even kleptomaniac clerk. Here, we pay Labor Day homage to some of the most fashionable women in American film history:

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  • Modern Manners: Travel Etiquette

    Illustration by Rovinsky, Vogue, December 1932Illustration by Rovinsky, Vogue, December 1932William Norwich, Vogue

    This time of year brings a lot of travel, and where there is travel, there are occasional lapses in etiquette. Here's hoping your return isn't-or wasn't-bumpy, and here are seven simple, often ignored rules for making all your future in-transit travel-be it by plane, train, bus, or automobile- more agreeable.

    Mind personal space.
    With the exception of the outrageous incidents that make the tabloids, what disturbs most when traveling is anything that infringes on our personal space, like the lady piloting the armrest or the gentleman whose bags crowd at your feet, the contents spilling all over the place. There's the woman (sometimes it's a man) who has flipped their long hair over the seat so it hangs in front of you like a hirsute doily, the person reading a broadsheet newspaper, widely opened within a millimeter of your nose, or the seatmate who has fallen fast asleep on your shoulder. And we've all seen those arguments that erupt when

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  • Vogue's Custom-made US Open Tennis Balls

    Catherine Piercy, Vogue

    In honor of the U.S. Open, which begins today, eleven designers-and one tennis legend-embarked on trademark customizations that hit the classic tennis ball into a new and glamorous realm. And as tradition would have it (remember our designer-decorated Easter eggs and Halloween pumpkins?), the results aced expectations. Let's just say pearls, rhinestones, spikes, lace, and a ruby-red pout were some of the techniques in play this season. Click through our slideshow above and meet us at match point.

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  • Tattoo Erasers

    Dermablend Tattoo Primer, $25Dermablend Tattoo Primer, $25Catherine Piercy, Vogue

    Perhaps fashion's love affair with ink can be traced back directly to
    Freja Beha Erichsen: In less than a decade, the Danish supermodel's eighteen tattoos-from the swirling letters that spell float on her neck to the blazing bolt of lightning on her rib cage-have propelled the trend from the realm of counterculture into the arena of personal identity.

    These days, the right tattoo has emerged as a brilliant extension of signature style-see
    Miki Zanini's ivy-etched earlobe or Pamela Love's irrefutably cool tribal markings. Still, lately we're beginning to wonder: What if you're not so lucky? What if, like an ill-fated seasonal impulse buy, you realize you've made a mistake?

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    Such was the case for
    Vogue's Associate Accessories Editor Jorden Bickham, who spontaneously ducked into a tattoo parlor nine years ago. "I was seventeen. I was young and dumb," she says, sweeping her blonde hair off her neck to reveal a faded infinity symbol

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  • Classic Nail Polish Makes a Comeback

    Courtesy of Courtesy of Katherine Bernard, Vogue

    Nail polish is now an accessory in its own right, and every season outside of the shows, hundreds of lenses hone in on bedecked fingernails as they carry invitations or tap iPhones. In many shots of stylish handbags, it's hard to know what caught the photographer's eye: Phoebe Philo's sleek leather design, or the hand that clutched it, decorated with miniature sculptures, scales of glitter, or even the Céline logo (rendered in gold polish).

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    Bright nail art was an excellent complement to head-to-toe printed looks this spring, and offered a perfect, feminine balance to the athletic-inspired gear we wore this summer. But come fall, fashion looks best with a nail that's more demure. Returning to classics like red and nude seems natural when you consider the major embellishments on the runways, like oversize coats dotted with baubles (Prada) and dresses defined by their ornate texture (Marc Jacobs). What could be cooler than

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  • The New Fashion Basics

    Emily Holt, Vogue

    Jeans and T-shirts are the No. 2 pencils of a fall wardrobe: not as flashy as other elements on the back-to-work/back-to-school shopping list (be it a shocking-pink Comme des Garçons coat or a shocking-pink spiral-bound notebook) but no less essential. Here, we highlight four new labels specializing in the all-American classics.

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  • Vogue's Fall Bag Guide


    The highly anticipated transition from summer to fall heralds the arrival of crisp weather, crunchy leaves underfoot, and shopping for the new season. On the fashion front, it's almost time to break out the brand-new sweaters, trench coats, and boots you've squirreled away during the last heat wave's dog days. But above all, it's the season to buy a new bag, and the options this autumn are endless. We've raked through what's out there and devised a guide that highlights the six most important trends on tap. Fur is updated with color-blocking; evening clutches have heavier, chunkier embellishments, while work carryalls are streamlined. Totes are supersized, carrying you through from morning to weekend; animal print is back, but in new shapes and silhouettes; and mixed textures are the rage in a rich palette of burgundy and forest green. Clearly, the It bag is long-gone, and these chic and shoppable alternatives have arrived in its place; see the slideshow below for our

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