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  • Vogue Says: Our Favorite T-shirts

    The $1,000 T-shirt has its customer, but many women wouldn't think of spending that kind of money on a piece of cotton unless it had a round-trip ticket to Europe pinned to it-in which case it'd be considered a bargain. For those stylish shoppers, above we offer the best tees to buy for about a tenth of the cost.

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  • Dressed Up For Easter: 18 Designers and Their Prized Eggs

    Blame it on the House of Fabergé. Ever since the company crafted its first luxuriant egg back in 1885 for Tsar Alexander III (it was a gift for his wife, Empress Maria Fedorovna), there's been nothing more covetable at Easter than an over-the-top, extravagant egg. And for anyone eggs-ercising (sorry!) restraint against all things sugar in the lead-up to the big day, an unimaginative chocolate mold, just doesn't cut it. That's why scoured the shops for our favorite incredible eggs-edible and otherwise-and asked a crop of créateurs to offer up their vision of how a decadent Easter egg should look. Whether space-age bijoux, hand-painted, glitter-sprinkled, paper-covered or femme fatale-personified, we're sure you'll agree the delicious options out there are far too good to eat.

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  • Earth Day Style: The Best Bag for Your Bike

    By Lindsey Botts, Vogue magazine

    With all the cycling that accessories designer Hillary Taymour does, shuttling samples of her Collina Strada collection from her home in Brooklyn throughout New York City, it's easy to imagine why she'd want a simple, safe carryall. "I got sick of having the weight of a bag on my shoulders while riding," she says. "I figured I'll design one that works accordingly."

    The Moto bag she created takes into consideration both the user (the straps fasten to the seat or handlebars of the bicycle so that it carries the weight) and the Earth (Taymour uses organic cotton and non-chrome dyes). Beginning on Earth Day, this Friday, April 22, the Moto will be available in five nature-inspired colors on, and 25 percent of the day's sales will benefit the Japanese Red Cross Society.

    As the weather begins to turn, asked Taymour to share her favorite cycling spots.

    In New York:

    "I love biking from South 4th Street along Kent Avenue in

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  • Street Style: The Scene at Coachella 2011

    Photographed by Cara Stricker, Vogue magazine

    Revelers descended on the Palm Springs desert in droves for this year's Coachella Valley Music Festival. Decked out in the essentials-a pair of sunglasses, light and airy clothes, and concert-ready cross-body bags-the crowds enjoyed live music from Arcade Fire, Cults, The Strokes, and more, while also partaking in the many weekend after-parties, including Mulberry's barbecue bash and Phillip Lim's poolside party. As usual, the California sunshine led to fun and a fuss-free, bohemian style prevailed. From knit dresses to vintage T-shirts to studded sandals, above are the hits from Coachella.

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  • Vogue Says: The Skirts-Over-Pants Trend

    By Esther Adams, Vogue magazine

    A fresh fix for perhaps the most classic fashion conundrum-how to glamorize a day look for evening-is the skirt-over-pant trend, a runway revelation that started with the seemingly relaxed yet stunningly embellished pieces that drew tears (yes, tears) from the audience at Chanel Haute Couture and continued with the more casual versions Haider Ackermann and Balenciaga's Nicolas Ghesquière designed for fall. It's a younger, easier approach to black tie, and an invitation for the Art Production Fund's spring benefit promised the perfect party to debut this layered look.

    Who better to opine on a novel ensemble than New York's coolest art aficionados? In an effort to dress and dash, I threw a stone-studded lace H-line skirt from Dolce & Gabbana over the pair of simple Céline trousers I'd worn to work that day.

    "I've done that before!" Amanda Brooks said approvingly. After a quick discussion of proportions and aesthetics, she decided a skinnier pant was

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  • Vogue's Guide To Dressing For Success

    By Emily Holt, Vogue magazine

    Edith Head's 1967 book How to Dress for Success, a 180-page guide to the perfect ensemble for every occasion, is back on shelves. While it's a light, nostalgic read-"Looking like a super-efficient executive secretary may help you get the job, but it won't help you punctuate the letters."-some of the particulars felt, thankfully, a little outdated.

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  • Reese Witherspoon Most Memorable Red Carpet Moments

    Reese Witherspoon knows her way around a red carpet. The Oscar-winning screen veteran has been acting since the ripe age of fifteen after all. Her career has included memorable roles like perpetually-in-pink Elle Woods in Legally Blonde and country-music icon June Carter Cash in Walk the Line. Her success has meant that she's attended more than her fair share of premieres and awards ceremonies-somehow always able to put together a completely polished and poised look despite the fact that she's a working mother of two. So, in honor of her May cover and her recent turn as Marlena in the forthcoming Water for Elephants, we've picked our favorite Reese Witherspoon red-carpet moments.

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  • Style Ethics with Alicia Silverstone

    By Christine Lennon, Vogue magazine

    "I have some guidelines when it comes to clothes, or anything really," says Alicia Silverstone, celebrity authority on the vegan lifestyle. "First, I try to find it used so I'm not creating more waste. If I can't find it used, I'll make sure it's made with an eco material. If I can't find it in either of those categories, I'll buy something regular. But I rarely have to do that."

    Her no-waste philosophy is shared by Gregory Parkinson, who designed this dress made from recycled silk that's hand-colored with environmentally friendly, water-soluble dyes.

    Silverstone's book, The Kind Diet, is a New York Times best seller; her blog,, has become a forum to discuss everything from Umeboshi plum vinegar to the best places to buy leather-free sneakers.

    In the meantime, she's found a comfortable balance as an actor, performing to rave reviews on Broadway (most recently in Donald Margulies's Time Stands Still) and finding small but

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  • Five Questions for Nicki Minaj

    Right in the middle of her big U.S. tour-she played New York Monday with Lil Wayne and had the sore throat to prove it last night-Nicki Minaj surprised the packed house during Bid To Save the Earth Tuesday night at Christie's Auction House in New York with a performance. Sitting in the green room about an hour before her super-secret set was scheduled to begin, we talked with the singer about everything from preshow jitters (she gets them) to preshow routines (green tea and honey)-and how she's making her own bid to save the Earth.

    1. What are you wearing tonight? Is it one of your favorite designers?
    Yes, it is-it's Alexander Wang. It's all black, of course, and I knew I needed to get my green on, so that's how I came up with the green-and-white hair. I have a lot of designers I like right now; I really like Donatella Versace. She sent me a few beautiful things recently to consider wearing to the Grammys and, even though I ended up wearing Givenchy, I believe in supporting women. I'm

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  • Body Language: How You Hold Your Bag Says A Lot About You

    By Lynn Yaeger, Vogue magazine

    "They're holding those bags like they're holding a puppy!" exclaims body-language expert Lillian Glass, Ph.D., when she's confronted with a series of runway images from the Prada fall 2011 catwalk show, in which the models are snuggling up to their purses, clutching them like something soft and warm you'd like to nestle near your bosom.

    The Prada show wasn't the only runway extravaganza that featured models brandishing handbags in new and striking ways, which is what prompted us to seek out Glass-a communications pro and media personality (she's been on Oprah! Nancy Grace!) who has authored more than fourteen books on the subject-and ask her to reveal the subtext, the subliminal messages that may be lurking behind this phenomenon. Glass, who herself currently covets a giant Donna Karan satchel she encountered recently and who admits to a weakness for soft Italian leathers, warmed to the task.

    First off, she offers that the Prada ladies may be cozying

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