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  • home find: cutest honey bee ever!

    how adorable is this honey holder. i found it at for $39.50.

    i think this would make such a great gift! you might as well start your holiday shopping early! buy it here at

    I might need to buy this for my soon-to-be mother in law! - carolyn clark

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  • not your average coasters

    i fell in love with johanna anderes's work a few months ago. she has a company called 12fifteen paper goods and i am obsessed. she has been written about in many places but i wanted to share her incredible work with my readers.

    i checked her work out today again when i was looking for coasters for a friend. i never had coasters in my house growing up. i never really understood the point of them as a kid. but now i totally get it and fully see coasters as an opportunity to extend table decor to new surfaces.

    check out these coasters.

    she is so incredibly talented.

    you can check out more of her work here. she also sells notecards and prints. -- carolyn clark

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  • pillows by sharon spain

    i love these pillows by designer sharon spain. i love the muted colors and the freshness of them.

    on sharon 's website she sells pillows, purses, notecards and t-shirts.

    (all images from sharon spain website)

    check out her designs
    here. -carolyn c lark

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  • a closet that isn't a closet

    for most people who don't live in new york city (or another big city) closet space isn't a major problem, some of you even have basements (sooo jealous). one of the challenges with living in a big city and tiny apartment is where to put everything. and by everything i am including clothes, the martha stewart wedding magazine collection i have, the 50 scarfs i can't part with and more.

    my bedroom doesn't have a closet so
    i basically created a corner in my room and used a screen to separate doesn't look amazing but it does hide the ugly lilac plastic containers.

    there are some really gorgeous screens out there that could be used to "hide" junk in your room. you could even create your own closet by buying a clothing rack to hang things on.

    my screen was purchased at home decorators. they have quite a few options. here are some:

    this screen would be a great option because the mirrors would open up the roomand if you have white walls the wood

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  • home find: koi pitchers

    i saw this adorable pitcher at anthropologie over the weekend and of course in my daily check of found it again!

    how cute are these pitchers,
    which could also serve as vases.

    you can buy it in any of these colors over on delight for $42.50. these would make a great gift for a housewarming party.

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  • hunt for bedding - a guest blog

    ***occasionally i will be featuring a guest blog. this comes from becky auslander who is on the hunt for new bedding in her new nyc apartment***

    i recently moved into a new "grown-up" apartment and have been on the hunt for new bedding to decorate my bedroom. i want the bedding to add color into the room but also be comfortable (and soft). anotherchallenge i'm facing is finding a pattern that not only fits my style but also is 'acceptable' to my boyfriendwho I'm sharing the space with. in my search i discovered my style for home furnishing and décor to be VERY MODERN. i love this print, Amentiy Bloom, that carolyn shared a few months back, but unfortunately it's way out of my price range.

    this biggest find was this website where you can DESIGN YOUR OWN BEDDING. you can design the bedding and then change the room around to match. here is an example of something I designed (without designing the room). in addition to being very personal the bedding is affordable!

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  • who says business can't have style

    my friend monica is on the hunt for a new business card holder. it got me thinking about some fun ideas.

    looking for a more funky print? check out these fun holders from amiejdesigns etsy shop. they are only $8!!! such a great price for handmade art.

    feralgirl has some really fun leather business card holders. they are around $22 each. i think they are super fun!

    acme studios has some fun business card cases that were designed by different artists. here are some of my favorites.

    designed by
    ayse + bebe - this hello card case is great.

    i like this blueprint design by constantin boym

    i also really am drawn to this eames chair designed by the eames chair designers themselves charles and ray eames.

    you can buy these for around $31 at
    acme studios website. -- carolyn clark

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  • fun home find: tree trunk vase

    sometimes target really pulls it out. check out these awesome tree trunk vases. they are so modern and sleek. i need the black one!

    i love them! i am trying to think of a way to incorporate them as a wedding decoration.

    what do you think?

    you can buy them at target for $24.99. -- carolyn clark

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  • a great way to say hello - fun notecards!

    i always find the best things on supermarket's website. these amazing note cards from night owl paper goods make me smile.

    they are so simple.
    check out this thank you card, how incredible would it be to get this in your mailbox.

    i am loving this owl card.

    i can't stop writing about birds!

    a fun way to say hello!

    night owl paper goods tag line makes me love them even more "modern yet folksy eco-friendly goodness". be sure to go to supermarket and support these great artists! - carolyn clarkRead More »from a great way to say hello - fun notecards!
  • chelsea flea market - exciting finds!

    when my friend clayton came to town a few weeks ago we happened upon the chelsea flea market. i only spend about 30 minutes perusing but i could have spent hours.

    i found some fun things and tooks some pics. check it out.

    first things first.
    why i didn't buy this amazing bird cage i am not sure. I WANT IT! i am going to try to find one soon. it would be great for a wedding (to put cards/notes in) or to have at your door for mail. imagine the possibilities.

    there were amazing hats. here is one that i almost scooped up!

    how gorgeous is this sewing machine. another collectors item.

    my obsession with buttons is still going strong. there was an entire box full of buttons.

    if you are in the area check out the market. every saturday and sunday in chelsea on west 39th street .

    what are some of your favorite flea market finds? -- carolyn clark

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