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  • totes to dote over

    thomas paul has done it again. he has taken his incredible designs (remember the pillows that i sooo adored) and turned them into totes.

    i am loving this tree tote!

    how fun is this crab tote. it would make an amazing out of town guest bag for a wedding at the beach.

    cute little puffer fish pouch.

    the prices are pretty reasonable. ranging from $20 to $36. You can buy them at a number of stores online. here is a link to design publicwhich has them.

    and finally...
    one that makes me think of my mom. we used to have a russian matroyoska doll/figurine at home that i loved playing with!

    (images are from the design public website) - carolyn jordan clark

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  • more than your average dinnerware

    i am a big jason miller fan and love these creative plate & bowl sets.

    they are very pricey and probably not for every day use. i would use them more for decoration but they are fun to look at! and i think make a statement.

    you can buy these at lots of online stores including: velocity, design publicand more.

    check out this video of jason talking about his project:

    ***if you have trouble viewing the video. CLICK HERE.
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  • pillow perfection by joom

    days like yesterday make me want to crawl into my bed and surround myself with bright and beautiful pillows to distract me. i discovered joom klangin's unique pillow designs this week. she has a great website and a shop on etsy. her designs incorporate birds and flowers and the colors she uses really pop.

    she was born in thailand and this influence comes into her art. the prices are reasonable at around $28. I really think that throwing some of these pillows on a couch could change its entire design.

    check out joom's website
    here. and her etsy shop here.

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  • spice up the dinner table - fun napkins

    a dinner table doesn't have to be also doesn't have to be over the top. i am loving these hand-painted napkins from the etsy shop on yunny.

    the designs are modern and fresh. i imagine them all on a dark wood table with plain plates and a gorgeous centerpiece.

    this is probably my favorite.
    i think it is a little tree!

    i also love these!

    these would be super fun to get kids excited about actually using napkins!

    yunny shop sells them for $20 for a set of 4. you can also buy adorable baby clothes, fun shopping bags (that are green) and even cute t-shirts for yourself. buy them all here. -carolyn clark

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  • i like this!

    this caught my eye this morning. i think i might need this for my desk. it is only $4 (sooo cheap!). it is a paperclip holder.....clever!

    I found it at the cute store called One Good Bumblebee.They have run notecards, mousepads, accessories etc.

    check out their site
    here. - carolyn clark

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  • not your typical "nerdy" laptop sleeves

    i have this weird love of laptop sleeves. i think they are so interesting. i discovered the etsy shop offernfiddlehead and just love what she has created.

    check out some of these great laptop sleeves,
    they are padded for laptop safety. she uses great fabrics.

    walk into a meeting with one of these!

    they are only $25 and you can buy them here. --carolyn clark

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  • envelope magic from supermarket

    i am loving these cards that i found on supermarket. i have found great things on supermarket before and shared them here. supermarket is based in brooklyn and offers a place for designers to sell their goods online.

    how amazing are these.
    designed by orangebeautiful out of chicago, il. they are sold in packs of 6 for $18. they could be used as save-the-dates for a wedding.

    orangebeautiful has other amazing papergoods. check out these folded gift tags. they are only $6 for 6 tags.

    you can check out more of orangebeautiful's work on supermarket here. -carolyn clark

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  • hand painted children's furniture

    how adorable is this furniture. it would be make such a great baby gift to a new mom.

    my friend blake introduced me to the
    great work of stephanie peasley from "three little pumpkins". stephanie has has been designing and hand painting children's furniture for about 10 years.

    i love these little chairs!
    she incorporates great sayings into her designs.

    "The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, and all the sweet serenity of books."

    she also makes adorable stools.

    she custom designs special pieces for folks.

    check out stephanie's work at her website: so adorable! - carolyn clark

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  • commercial song: new nano!

    i am loving the new ipod commercial. the song is adorable and so catchy. it is by a band called chairlift. the song is called "bruises" and is soooo good!

    you can check out more of their music

    the song is for the apple ipod nano chromatic. you can check that out here. - carolyn clark

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  • planet friendly office set

    i am loving this eco-chic office set. i found it at see jane work's website. it is environmentally friendly.

    this is a calendar set and is $23. the actual calendar is made from recycled paper and the wooden block is made from reclaimed lumber.

    you can buy it here.

    For more cool, sparking things check out: -- carolyn clark

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