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  • cool spark: clutches by redrubyrose

    these clutches spark!they are incredible and are from etsy seller redrubyrose. she was a featured seller today on and she stole the show. she is amazing.

    check out her work:

    the fabrics she uses are brilliant.

    they are pricey, ranging from $75 to $85 but would make an amazing gift or a wedding clutch.

    check out her shop here.

    (all images from redrubyrose's etsy shop) - carolyn clark

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  • User post of the day: Going ga-ga for pillows

    i am nowhere near having a baby BUT i found these great baby pillows, sheets etc and have to write about them. typically i see the cheesiest baby bedding but this is fresh and cool.

    i love amenity's stuff for adults.
    here is some of their stuff for babies.

    how adorable are these bunnies!!

    here are some fun kids' pillow choices that can spice up any baby's bed. these are by dwell linens.

    check out to buy these creative baby bedding items. Carolyn clark

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  • the placemat least for today

    i was thinking about placemats today. i think they are interesting and odd! i wonder whose idea it was to create these. for me it is more about design/look then function. i don't mind getting the table dirty!

    here are a few fun placemats that i found. typically when i think of "placemats" i think of cloth so i tried to stay away from cloth today and find some other cool choices. these are dainty...made in france and found on for 4 they are $21.99.

    i love these wood placemats. they are pricey at $48. you can also buy these at

    over at cb2 there are some great, inexpensive choices! i love these leaf mats which are around $4 each. buy them here.

    quite a few blogs have featured these popmats. they are so adorable. i think my favorite is the tree with bird...big suprise! you get 10 for $24.75. they are created by publique living and you can buy them at the awesome site called

    these handmade

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  • commercial song: GE moved me

    well GE has made a great commercial and it has been playing during the olympics. i love the concept and the song is incredible.

    the singer is
    cao fang and it called"in summer". you can hear more by cao fang here.

    and check out the commercial:

    i have to say that all of the commercials during the olympics have been pretty great! - carolyn clark

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  • User post of the day: Eye-catching plates

    how awesome are these plates! they are by MayLuk. they would make amazing wall decorations. they are handmade in brooklyn.

    i love the vaccum lady! is it bad that it reminds me of jessica simpson's rolling stone cover? gross!!! but i would still buy it! - carolyn clark

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  • User Post of the Day: shadow lamps - the cheaper version

    i found these great tord boontje lights at pop deluxe. i think they are super cool but also are super expensive at $175 each.

    while these lights rock, i found some at ikea (when i ventured there a few weeks brooklyn!). i think these are very similar and give the same feel. this is called the smart table lamp and is only $19.99. Check them out here. this is the twig.

    this one is called snowflake.

    the knubbig table lamps were really cool in person. my favorite was the black. i think it would look cool as a centerpiece on a dinnertable or for a wedding. or on your bedside table! the small version is only $8.99 and the bigger is $16.99. find them here. - carolyn clark

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  • a moment of spark

    this moment of spark is in honor of my friend becky's birthday. becky has been a huge reader, support, champion and cheerleader for serendipity & spark.

    today is her birthday and she is like a human sparkler...therefore she is today'smoment of spark! she is a dear friend and today she turns 25!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - carolyn clark

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  • User Post of the Day: inner rockstar home decor!

    guitars are awesome. i think they make for some fun home decorations! check out these awesome bedding items that have a "guitar theme".

    this is from
    pottery barn kids. a little pricey at $24 and up. check it out here.

    also at pottery barn kids is
    this kick butt rug. i love it! i would put it in my room. this would look so awesome in my roommates room. you can find it here. and it is on sale.

    urban outfitters always has awesome music themed bedding. check out these pillow cases that are guitar and amps! you can buy them here. and they are only $28.

    in my hunt for some awesome guitar stuff
    i found this site designs lamps from old guitars. it rocks!

    to round things out i love these pillows that i found on the land of nod's website. they are fun. you can get them

    rock out this monday!! - carolyn clark

    IMAGE SOURCES: Pottery Barn Kids, The Land of Nod ,

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  • commerical songs: it's an ice cream world

    my love won't be very happy about this post because he isn't the biggest friendly's ice cream fan but the commercial is adorable and the song rocks!

    i can't find who sings the song though :( but
    it sure is catchy!

    check it out:

    does anyone know who sings it? let me know!!

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  • User Post of the Day: Cool Spark of the Week: Norajane's pillows

    when i discover new pillows my heartbeat speeds up! lately i have been finding so many amazing etsy artists. today i discovered norajane's etsy shop. reading her profile i found out that she is a fellow north carolinian. i knew we were kindred spirits.

    here are some of her incredible pillows. this is my favorite, called
    scarlet bee balm:

    i love these tree pillows.

    i think this lion pillow is super fun. it would be great for a kids room.

    i love the bright colors that she uses. this pillow is called japanese blossoms.

    you can see her shop here. the prices are great from $16 to $25. - carolyn clark

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