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  • lotus + poppy quilt

    on sunday i made my weekly stop into urban outfitters to check out the latest. i found this awesome comforter/quilt called the lotus poppy guilt. i almost instantly purchased it per the nudging of my good friend becky but decided to wait.

    what do you think? Should I buy it? it seems pricey to me at $100.

    you can find it here. - carolyn clark
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  • annie and olive - a fun discovery

    i discovered the lovely etsy shop of annie and olive and just adore creative products . they incorporate buttons, felt and fabrics .

    they are
    childlike yet classy. i think that these necklaces would be so fun to wear .

    They also
    create broaches and hair bands .

    the prices are incredibly reasonable. they range from $5 to $10. Find them here: annie and olive etsy shop - carolyn clark

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  • something blue VI

    this weeks something blue is well…..sort of teal... but isn't teal in the blue family!

    after work one day this week
    i made stop at the manhattan mall….yes there is a mall in manhattan and you should avoid it at all costs. the one benefit to the mall is the steve and barry store where they sell "bitten" by sarah jessica parker.

    i found a gem there this week with these adorable teal/blue heels. and the cost $8.98.

    i also had to buy this
    adorable and clever clutch with the same color. It also was only $8.98. it is a really cool design. you open it up and it has pockets on the inside!

    check out bitten and
    buy some teal shoes!! - carolyn clark

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  • Cool spark of the week: summerbelle

    [Ed. note: Another fun find from user Carolyn Clark. Good, one, CC!]

    this week's cool pick is sweet!! they are adorable pillows from famille summerbelle based in london.

    these pillows are intended for children but i would totally put them in my room.

    this one is called bluebird 'tongue twister' cushion. soooo cute.

    i also adore this one called "tree".

    this is another called "branch"

    check them out here: - carolyn clark

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  • ridiculously expensive dinnerware - but i love it!

    how interesting is this dinnerware? i have to be honest it has a slight creepy feel but matched with a bright red charger it could be a unique place setting.

    i love this teapot.

    you can find this "black forest" dinnerware at tart. Prices range from $30 to $335.

    tart has some other fun and "pricey" dinnerware here. - carolyn clark

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  • stuck in my head: commercial songs

    in this "commercial songs" blog i am giving major props to AT&T. every time i see their "monkey" commercial I get the song in my head.

    the song called "sweet pea" is by the incredible amos lee.

    check it out:

    this is their most recent commercial out in time for mother's day. the song is by lupre fiasco and features jill scott. I think it is very unique.

    what do you think?

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  • not your dad's tie

    for christmas i bought patrick a really cool tie from this great company called cyberoptx. I know what you're thinking "a tie…how cliché" but this isn't just a plain, old boring tie…it is a unique piece of art.

    This is the tie that i got for Patrick:

    How awesome would these be for a wedding?

    this one is
    called coney island and features the famous ferris wheel:

    I really like this one called "cherry blossom"

    Check other ties out here: - carolyn clark

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  • zara - a website to remember

    today i made a stop at the zara website. i have never really shopped at zara although they are located throughout the country. Ironically the only time I have ever purchased anything from zara was in central America.

    But today I checked out their website and couldn't even be interested in the clothes because I was so excited by their website.

    check out their opening page…isn't it beautiful!!

    Here are some screen shots.

    First you see only the words "spring and summer"

    then the page fills with these beautiful flowers.

    And you end with the flowers swirling this dress.

    It is lovely!

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  • tuzani and rococo - plate collection!

    $5.50 and 2 great plates to add to the collection . my future husband (alan!) better get ready because there is a strong chance that our walls will be covered with plates !

    these are
    my latest purchases . i found them at tj maxx.

    this one is by
    roscher & c o. and it is part of the tuzani collection . it was $2.99.

    this one is by 222 fifth and is part of the rococo collection . it was $3.00. woohoo!

    they aren't a set but don't' they look good together . - carolyn clark

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  • birds on a wire

    [Ed. note: Shine user Carolyn Clark just posted these sweet, graphic planters-another great find, Carolyn! Nice job!]

    i love these mini planters from fish's eddy. they are fun and quirky.

    They have a "birds on the wire" cake plate too but these planters caught my eye! They are quite the steal at $7.95

    check out the site for these here: - carolyn

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