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  • holiday cards for your inner diva

    i adore bonnie marcus designs. honestly, every holiday and event that comes around i look for unique cards/stationary. and love bonnie marcus's designs. can you believe it is already time to start thinking about holiday cards? check out some of my favorite cards by bonnie:

    she has a line of hanukkah cards too.

    she has some great sales happening right now on her website: but they usually run around $50 for 25 cards. - carolyn clark

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  • clutch this - a great gift

    i count "clutches" as one of my many obsession. there is something so mesmerizing about them. i think one of the reasons is that you can conjure an entire outfit from one clutch. i discovered LaVitaLola's etsy shop today and am in love with her work. with the holidays approaching i think these would be great gifts. they run about $45 each. i also think this would be a great bridesmaid gift! check out the etsy shop here. - carolyn clark

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  • books that say i love you

    my good friend cat sent this to me today and i wanted to share. with the holidays fast approaching it is time to start thinking about holiday presents.

    my love and i don't do presents...f
    or the last 5 years we write each other a handwritten note and give it to each other on christmas day. but this year i might splurge on this adorable book from rag and bone bidery.

    the book is a
    "twelve ways to say i love you" book.

    you fill it with your thoughts on different topics.

    the coolest thing about rag and bone is that
    you can create books with any cover you want.

    if you want to tell a friend
    12 ways you love them get the "twelve ways you made a difference" book.

    you can buy these books here at
    rag & bone bindery - carolyn clark
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  • hello target holiday plates

    i just found these holiday plates on and love them. i think they are so elegant. and check out that adorable bird!

    here is more detail:

    they are
    only $19.99 for a set of salad plates.

    they have platters too.
    i think this is a really great buy. get them here. - carolyn clark

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  • a great concept: 2009 calendar postcards

    more great goods from maiko kuzunishi. on her website she offers this great 2009 calendar. each month you receive a postcard with an original design. what a GREAT concept.

    it is a surprise each month. this would be such a great gift to a friend. i might do it for all of my bridesmaids! i might do it for myself!

    it is only $12 plus shipping. you can buy them here. this is definitely going to make it into this years gift guide. - carolyn clark

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  • watercolor magic

    today i discovered decoylab and i am in love. the watercolors are unbelievably beautiful. it makes me want to have a daughter and fill her room with these images.(and people who know me, know that kids NEVER cross my mind - at least not yet).

    decoylab is a design studio in kansas city, missouri. the owner is the amazing maiko kuzunishi. stand in awe of her talent:

    this is called "dream of flight"

    this one is "afternoon walk". this watercolor makes me feel young and hopeful.

    this is called "butterfly lady"

    and this is "amplified"

    You can buy these prints for only $20 on supermarket's website (one of my all time favorite places for fun finds).

    I am seriously in awe of maiko's talent. check out decoylab's website here.

    (all images are from decoy lab's website and supermarket site)

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  • home find: for grilled cheese lovers

    a fun find over on uncommon goods today. i think this is so cute, it is a soup and sandwich ceramic tray and for people like me that LOVE tomato soup and grilled cheese...this is a must. it is $30 for a set of 2.

    you can buy this fun home find here. - carolyn clark

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  • today i voted

    i voted today and didn't get a sticker. but if i could pick something to wear i would probably wear these:

    from the
    etsy site of dlkdesigns.

    or this fun cuff from the etsy shop of buttercupbloom.

    maybe this fun bag from the etsy shop of littlelily.

    whataever you wear cast your vote and believe in change. -carolyn clark

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  • lace on the floor?

    i checked out on of my favorite home decor sites blik and they have some great new decals by designer jan habraken. i am obsessing over these lacy floor decals. they have a great combo of colors.

    how amazing would your kitchen be with these decals!

    blik is so incredibly clever...look at this grandfather clock, so whimsical and fun.

    the prices are so great, ranging from $37 to $45. you can buy them here. - carolyn clark

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  • halloween-inspired jewelry (that isn't cheesy!)

    in honor of halloween i wanted to share this really cool necklace from nina jackson (who has the awesome etsy shop called beadsinthebelfrys).

    she also makes the spiders into a great pair of earrings. you can buy them here at her shop.

    check out these pumpkin earrings from milburnjewelry's etsy can buy them here. for only $6!!!

    owls are pretty halloween like - and i just love them. here are some cute earrings from etsy seller kalikadesigns. you can buy them here. - carolyn clark

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