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  • Diane and Marie

    With a new found solace and a vibrant new strength,
    the dawn arose in their eyes.
    starting out west back east was their quest,
    taking the world by surprise.

    from the ferns and the pines they'd twist and wind,
    dieing to see the next curve.
    freedom they found on the path they laid out,
    excitement lay round every turn.

    From evergreen trees high atop mountain peaks,
    to the plush green valleys below.
    through badlands and wastelands to bleached desert sands,
    embracing the heat and the cold.

    With every days sunset they'd stop and reflect,
    a new found breath in the stars.
    inquisitive and child like with each new sunrise,
    keeping each one in their hearts.

    through the little quaint towns of a time long ago,
    to the freeways of cities and lights.
    across bridges and meadows where sweet water flowed,
    meeting with all walks of life.

    Familiar never seemed so far away,
    each mile a new smile arose.
    lost in the first time of the wonders they'd find,
    a little farther down the road.

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    to heaven I race in your arms precious arms,
    all the clouds part with your touch.
    electric each sweet kiss I taste on your lips,
    filling my heart with pure love.

    Your beauty it brings me wings no one sees,
    whisking my feet of the ground..
    floating in pleasures no man deserves,
    never the want to come down.

    Higher and higher like flames from a fire,
    quenching desires untamed.
    No longer needing the world that I'm leaving,
    heaven to hold once again.

    What will you give your sweetheart this Wednesday?

  • In My Lovers Eyes

    Her flaws and imperfections, reflected from the mirror, looking back through tinted glass , forty now appeared. so much time forgotten, trapped inside the glass. a little girl in a great big world, beauty's all she had. now the lines have grown much bigger, and her hair has strands of gray. and her eyes once bright have dimmed their light, yet inside she's okay. for she's met someone who's hung the sun, the moon and all the stars. and he doesn't care about gray hair, but how long their apart. He sees the girl of seventeen, and thinks she's still the one. and in his eyes the mirror lies, she only gets more young.

  • Sleepy Smile

    She woke with the sun feeling sexy,
    caressed in her clean cotton sheets.
    the scent of his body brought images naughty,
    wanting to wake him from sleep.

    so she nuzzled in closer and felt his big arms,
    hair brushing light on his chest.
    massaging his shoulders and getting much closer,
    kissing the nape of his neck.

    Still not awake for heavens sake!,
    what does it take for a kiss?
    all of her wanting him and he wants to sleep in,
    but a grin slowly grew on his lips.

    Laughing with closed eyes he pulls her in tight,
    rolling then pinning her down.
    head to toe kisses non stop and relentless,
    who's the one all sleepy now.

  • Tonight We Ride!

    The elfin fortress sprawled throughout emerald forest,
    The owl overhead for their eyes.
    Spanish moss pillows weep down from the willows,
    Pixis all take to the skies.

    The rumble and thunder of hooves in great numbers,
    shatter the silence that's found.
    lightning fast steeds snorting smoke as they breath,
    in the lead are the knights of the crown.

    To wars not their quest on this good day,
    to race not the prize that they seek.
    yet glory still awaits in a land far away,
    pity the fool who still sleeps.

    riding by moonlight the stars now their guide,
    high above arlington pass.
    they look to the coastline where the lighthouse still shines,
    just as its beams hit the mast.

    the galley they cheer! then in dust disappear,
    winding down paths ever steep.
    at the edge of town they stop and step down,
    beating the dust from their feet.

    the peer's all a bustle and lit up,
    as passengers gather their leave.
    then angels appear there as sighs fill the air,
    promised as brides to be.

    in the

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  • The Edge of the World

    At the edge of the world he sat and he thought,
    pondering things of this life.
    what was he here for, why was he born,?
    how long until he would die?

    was there life after death, was this life a test?,
    was the best things in life yet to come?
    did anyone love him, unconditionally love him,
    would they miss him when he's finally gone?

    all of his thoughts seemed confusing,
    thinking of what ifs and whys.
    only God knows what he's doing,
    he's just along for the ride.

    so he picked his self up and brushed his self off,
    and climbed from the loft of the barn.
    leaving his deep thoughts at the edge of the world,
    and went back to his chores on the farm.

  • User Post: The Luck of the Irish

    With the luck of the Irish, Saint Paddy's day stylish,
    emerald green locket and rings.
    she met with her laddie with blessings from daddy,
    and strolled to the pub for a drink.

    Sweet talk and dancing then dinner out fancy,
    then a walk to the park,under stars.
    overlooking the ocean were she'd kiss him and hold him,
    feeling the love in her heart.

    They'd only been courting three months and two days,
    this date would make it day three.
    but tonight it felt different when he hugged her and kissed her,
    then he bent down and got on one knee.

    My sweet bonnie lass love,I love you so much,
    such is the thoughts in my mind.
    I beg and beseech you to make my dreams true,
    and honor me by being my wife.

    The ring that he held,shined like stars that just fell,
    heart melting deep she said yes.
    now seven years later with love so much greater,
    the seventeenth greens still the best.

    for why have a pinch of luck,when you can have love,
    diamonds shine bright against green.
    and the luck of

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  • The Smell of Friendship

    His face in his hands,little Skunkster was sad,
    none of his friends wanted to play.
    off in the forest, they'd run and they'd forage,
    leaving him lonely all day.

    He didn't think he was so different,
    he had the same fur and same tail.
    he even had a stripe he thought real nice,
    the problem was sometimes it smelled.

    As he sat there and sighed, he heard his friends' cries,
    loudly they cried out for help.
    the old Grizzly bear had them cornered and scared,
    Skunkster was scared as well.

    But these were his friends, and they needed him,
    so quickly he went on his way.
    old Grizzly met him and the fight soon began,
    but Skunkster was armed with his spray.

    A hero to all with his powers,
    hip,hip,hurray all went out.
    to thank him they all gave him flowers,
    he wears round his neck,oh so proud.

  • Succulent Silence

    Kiss me ,she pleaded with soft big brown eyes,
    touch me she said with each move.
    without even speaking she said what she needed,
    dimming the lights in the room.

    Satin and silk on her body so smooth,
    each move with playful display.
    hair down and red lips bitten a bit,
    taking his last breath away.

    Her soft tracing touches and breath on his neck,
    send him to pleasures vast realm.
    his whole body loving each inch she was touching,
    losing his self in her spell.

    straddled by sexy eyes wide and vexing,
    inches from sweet perfect lips.
    slowly at first then deeper the thirst,
    feeling the urge in her kiss.

    with a frenzy of frolic and foreplay,
    a heat wave had started to build.
    passion and pleasures deep and untamed,
    flames for their bodies to feel.

    Lost in the melt, only them no one else,
    smelted and cast in one piece.
    in that moment of golden only three words were spoken,
    I love you never sounded so sweet.

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  • Thankful Script

    Be it about Plato or Barnabas or Greece,
    be it of Egypt or Rome.
    The ink that's created on papyrus or paper,
    takes me to where I belong.

    The stories of glory spilled out before me,
    warriors and kingdoms and realms.
    ancient yet timeless kings in their finest,
    your highness and lady as well.

    the poor and the humbled severely out numbered,
    still yet the victories won.
    good verses evil below lofty steeples,
    deserts outlasting the sun.

    their cries and there courage I see as I read,
    keeping each image so sharp.
    the trials and hardships each page I relive,
    holding the love in my heart.

    Masters of ink and of feather,
    tethering years into place.
    History handed down to me, who reads now,
    thankful for each scroll they made.


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