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  • Hurry Summer

    It's on a slow roll yet coming I know,
    somewhere it's building up strength.
    in Russia or Japan or maybe Thailand,
    out past the vast Bering sea.

    It's burning a path and building up mass,
    pushing clouds back in its wake.
    taking no prisoners born just to burn,
    scorching the gray clouds away.

    Its entrance will be brilliant and welcomed by millions,
    children and elders alike.
    its warmth slow and subtle as it breaks through the cold,
    yielding its life giving light.

    nothing can stop it when it reaches its peak,
    snow flees and raindrops bow down.
    oh how I wish it would come rushing in,
    I want it to be summer now.

  • User Post: Happy Valentines Day Shinning Women of the World

    I wish you all the very best on this day of love and sweetness,
    To the women of the world I pray that happiness finds you all and love fills your hearts to overflowing measures.
    There are some poems of love and passion here if anyone would like to read.
    may you all have a sweet Valentines day.

  • Letting Go

    She hid in the shadows and fed on the gloom,
    her tomb built of fear from the past.
    lonely her lease on life bitter with time,
    wanting the love she once had.

    The shackles that chained her where invisibly cursed,
    hurting while holding her down.
    no longer sharing the emotions she carried,
    wearing the new mask she'd found.

    No one let into her pain room,
    silently saving her tears.
    she held on for weeks and months wanting back love,
    but the waiting had turned into years.

    She clung to the night where dreams came alive,
    breathing the breath from the past.
    just to wake tired when her dreams would expire,
    searching to find love that last.

    but her love wasn't love but a moment of lust,
    a passing quick touch just to feel.
    and a life time of sadness arose from one act,
    never to let love be real.

  • The Coming

    Legions of angels the morrow will bring,
    seen for the first time in years.
    With wings of the eagle crowned silver and gold,
    holding whats left of Gods tears.

    they'll pour out starvation and feed all the nations,
    quenching the parched evermore.
    then pour out forgotten and raise the downtrodden,
    trading out peace for all war.

    All sick will be healed and their hearts be all filled,
    wielding the blood of the lamb.
    all sin will be washed by the truth of his word,
    heard in the hearts of all man.

    all evil will perish leaving only the cherished,
    the fairest of fair clothed in white.
    then behold heavens temple and his majesty's throne,
    oh! what a beautiful sight.

    Some will see shades of nothing,
    for nothings what their hearts believe.
    some will be blinded by deception they hide in,
    can't see the forest for trees.

    Some will cry know me with voices unholy,
    souls breached with mammon and lust.
    but only Gods children will be called within,
    written in the book of Gods love.

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  • Xrated Kisses

    Kisses so intricate quenching her skin,
    nuzzling hard gainst his lips.
    feelings incredible beg her let go,
    feeling the warmth in her hips.

    His hands trace her torso, kisses now bold,
    eyes closed and low moans escape.
    in feverish frenzy the pleasure unending,
    hands through his hair keep her sane.

    Her body now screams for pleasures release,
    teased by his lips and his tongue.
    for passions relief there bare bodies meet,
    feeling the need to be one.

    His muscles so strong so firm and so taunt,
    her skin silky soft as they move.
    slow and seductive his kisses and touches,
    lost in the rush so consumed.

    Hearts beating faster as drops of sweat gather,
    faster and faster the pace.
    then endless explosions of pleasure unfold,
    holding in loves sweet embrace.

  • Valentine Time

    It's not the dinner the diamond rings or bracelets made of gold,
    the big bouquets or teddy bears, but just be there to hold.
    its not the chocolate in heart shaped boxes,
    but talks and listening.
    it's the little things that valentines brings,
    that makes her feel like a queen.

    tell her you love her and there's no other
    hug her and hold her hand.
    wake her with kisses and undercover loving,
    take her to a dance.

    she wants and needs some time to sleep,
    so sneak the kids away.
    wake her with coffee and breakfast in bed,
    let her dreams escape.

    she's still a girl inside her world,
    so build her world with wonder.
    she wants the things that valentines brings,
    but needs to feel the thunder.time together

  • Romance

    The need to feel the magic,
    to have the make believe.
    the velvet touch a notch above,
    what love could actually be.

    The scents and sounds that make hearts pound,
    the lace and bows untied.
    the two days off to just get lost,
    and sleep under the stars at night.

    the bedroom spread in petals,
    with candles all a glow.
    the bathtub filled with bubbles,
    music soft and low.

    little notes left to form a path,
    to a letter on the bed.
    confessing all the love he shares,
    and dreams inside his head.

    the text to say I love you,
    and flowers left on her desk.
    the coffee and car warm in the midst of a storm,
    kisses so soft on her neck.

    to just hold her hand or in the rain with her dance,
    a little romance in her life.
    a whisper of thank you for all that you do,
    I love you for being my wife.

  • Lovers Pier

    there's a pier outstretched cross the vast oceans edge,
    its timbers in sand planted deep.
    the strength in each plank stands strong against the waves,
    even when tides hit their peaks.

    the morning sun paints away all its grays,
    the moon bathes its length solid gold.
    the ocean breathes life in the ropes long the side,
    giving the seagulls a home.

    The dolphins swim under the shade of its wonder,
    starfish cling tight to its side.
    colored fish dance in and out of its span,
    whales sing beneath lullabies.

    at sunset its magic shined brilliant,
    filling the hearts of all touched.
    hand in hand strolling souls out of control,
    out on the pier they find love.

  • Lonely Shine

    In the darkest realms of lonely,
    nothingness appears.
    when all alone is at its best,
    with friends that disappear.

    emptiness the only sound,
    hollow echoes fly.
    sickness started forms an empty heart,
    no one hears the cries.

    It starts and spreads like wild fire,
    yet cold without the flames,
    no real heat or flames to fan,
    but burns inside the same.

    its cold conceals the love one feels,
    killing joys and glee.
    calling out in angry shouts,
    why did my friends leave.

  • Sunrise Battle

    seize the day oh great one,
    cast the gray to ruins.
    scorch with heat the clouds you seek,
    sleep not less you burn.

    steal the skies in which you hide,
    do not hide your strength.
    rise above the cold gray touch,
    shine the star in thee.

    Burst out into brilliant hues,
    take back all that is yours.
    shine with fury defeat the dreary,
    open heavens doors.

    Time has set your chains free,
    no longer having power.
    cast the shroud of night from thee,
    shine for thee thus hour.

    Thee glory of gold behold us,
    hold thy crown on high.
    warm thy heart, thy body and soul,
    take back your thrown,the sky.


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