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  • Queen of the shire.

    She sat overlooking the shire,
    high on the hillside of green.
    A young freckled lass, with red hair to match,
    pretending that she was a queen.

    Her two dolls she called loyal subjects.
    her teddy bear faired as her knight.
    Her kingdom the flowers that gave her the powers,
    her tower the hill that she climbed.

    Her prince was a puppy that kissed her,
    her carriage a wagon of red.
    Her bonnet of blue was magical too,
    but to her was a gold crown instead.

  • Where Dolphins swam.

    Where there once was abundance of beautiful blue,
    desolate sands lay in waste.
    Where hearts once swam vibrant and souls where renewed,
    emptiness now takes the place.

    Where once there lived dreams of magical beings,
    the magic has laid way to dust.
    and the Dolphin that once swam throughout this great land,
    has left us and took all the love.

    The Shine in our lives fell to bleak overnight,
    the wonders and joys quickly fled.
    the world we call shine has been left beauty blind,
    tears we now swim in instead.


  • The Middle Man(POETRY)

    The economies sickened to sadness,
    the middle has sank to new lows.
    The poor are now classified tragic
    the bottom has found a new hole.

    Milk and gas are now rationed,
    fashion and China the same.
    Morals and pride all abandoned,
    nothing says American made.

    The bills and the payments get later and later,
    the hours at work cut in half.
    Insurance gets higher and no one retires,
    spending what little they have.

    Theft in the streets way more common,
    common class criminals made .
    The neighborhood kid that once mowed your lawn,
    now pushes your mower away.

    Utility bills to take half your check,
    the government takes their one third.
    phone bills and tv and internet fees,
    the mortgage and fees cards incur.

    Grocery lines are twenty items or less,
    only one checkout you use.
    Trying your best takes two now at best,
    Praying one don't get the flu.

  • The beginning to the end.

    summers sweet memories drift in the breeze,
    turning the green leaves to brown.
    The heats final follies give way to fall days,
    calling back all the gray clouds.

    the dew drops of magic,form on each grass blade.
    the harvest moon covets the night.
    windows left open and covers are stolen,
    smoke slowly fills the chilled skies.

    all the worlds painted in color,
    lovers take long walks at dusk.
    school bells all ring out with pumpkins about,
    summers swept under the rug.

  • night dreams

    Her dreams come back each night to haunt her,
    taunting her to wake.
    memories of things she's seen,
    some she's yet to make.

    nightmares unfold and creep in,
    weird ,unnatural ,things.
    then all at once she rides the wind,
    taking back her dreams.

    dragons turn to candle light,
    brimstone turns to snow.
    knights ride white steeds by her side,
    love blooms in her soul.

    kisses overcome her,
    showering her heart.
    she wakes in arms that hold her tight,
    bringing light from dark.

  • Love me awake

    His every soft touch feeds her wanting,
    closing her eyes she just sighs.
    Little wet kisses on the nap of her neck,
    a nibble every once in a while.

    Magic he moves, hands strong and yet smooth,
    so soothing and sensually slow.
    Her eyes are still closed but inside she knows,
    his eyes are trained where to go.

    Every inch of her skin caressed and relaxed,
    her heart beating wildly inside.
    The warmth of his body against hers is calling,
    needing the one touch denied.

    She wakes to his lips, so deeply they kiss,
    hands running through tangled hair.
    His tongue on her neck trailing down to her breast,
    placing each kiss with such care.

    Her torso and thighs his kiss brings to life,
    eyes closed and lip bit to dream.
    Soft velvet kisses to engulf just the tip,
    then deeper his kiss to the cream.

    Wanting him nonstop,her mind spinning lost,
    head back and pleasure induced.
    Her hands help and guide him,when tense they deny him,
    trying at least but no use.

    Her bodies now his with each

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  • User Post: She needs(poetry)

    She's a bit past twenty and responsible,
    grownup and climbing that hill.
    A house and a job with bills nonstop,
    yet lately she needs to feel.

    She needs to feel like running,
    breathless fast and free.
    She needs to feel like a little time off,
    Time for some make believe.

    A little needed time for some sweet red wine,
    lieng outstretched in a field.
    A romantic lunch with her romantic love,
    she needs to be just a girl.

    She needs to be pampered and not have all the answers,
    spontanious, dangerously free.
    To dance in the rain and be young again,
    to do things she really dont need.

  • Just a little love.

    So much in life that I want to do,
    my heart inside cries give.
    So many in need every breath I breath,
    speaks of granting their wish.

    Just to help someone out when they need it the most,
    or encourage them when their in doubt.
    my heart cries help when they have no one else,
    isn't that what loves all about.

    A jump when their car isn't starting,
    or a ride when they haven't a car.
    when they stand at the counter with not enough change,
    A quarter can really go far.

    Is their lawn really high, when yours is all done,
    does their porch or roof need repair?
    A table for two instead of dinner for one,
    Love is much better when shared.

    Just to open a door when their hands are all full,
    Truly a small little thing,
    then a ring on the phone just to see how they do,
    or sponsor a little league team.

    Buy some extra supplies for the teacher who tries,
    or donate a an hour or two.
    You'll make someone happy and be happy inside,
    just let a little love shine through.

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  • Midnight train

    The train came out of no where,
    appearing from the fog.
    the smoke and steam and engine screamed,
    the ground begin to rock.

    the tracks wound through the blackness,
    as its haunting whistle blew.
    the engineer with eyes of fear,
    laughing, bones see through.

    the rails all glowed electric,
    sparks from wheels of steel.
    into the air the tracks both bent,
    like climbing up a hill.

    up and in to the midnight wind,
    vaporized to smoke.
    then vanishing to the sea of dreams,
    as the thunder rolled.

  • The dark knight and his mistress

    His pants hung down to new lows,
    her eye pierce matched his lip.
    She had a diamond in her nose,
    the one in his ear was big.

    black shirts, black pants, black shoes and socks,
    exaggerated eyes.
    The cuts on her wrist matched the cuts on his,
    tattooed tears they cried.

    Their parents had disowned them,
    alone at seventeen.
    The walked the streets where they felt at home,
    love was all they'd need.

    The dark night and his mistress,
    clueless in this hell.
    Till one night cold and hungry,
    heard the mission bells.

    The rain had washed her darkened eyes,
    their diamonds long since sold.
    pouring as they stepped inside,
    crack and the thunder rolled.

    The church began to shake and quake,
    the wind howled and slammed the door.
    The alter seemed so far away,
    but they couldn't turn their backs no more.

    They prayed for truth and guidance,
    then inside they both knew.
    On that night they found a light,
    and life would be renewed.

    now Grandpa and Grandma visit,
    on Sunday watch the kids.

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