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  • tell her(poem)

    The shine of the sunset I hold in my hand,
    each breath that I breath filled with love.
    The strength of the ocean my promised devotion ,
    needing the joy of your touch.

    My smile you provide with a gleam in your eyes,
    flying so high and free.
    all that is beauty your love has brought to me,
    loving you so faithfully.

    keep me forever in your heart and soul,
    hold me as close as a wish.
    take me to eden where only loves breathing,
    leave me each day with your kiss.

  • SHINE Island

    from out of the wreckage and endless storms,
    a rainbow forms in light.
    The skies all clear as the seas calm to sheer,
    sails again pillow in flight.

    dolphins are spied playing aside
    gliding and jumping along.
    the islands are spotted like tropical gardens,
    palm trees all bending so long.

    in coconut bay there's a party,
    dancing and drinking with song.
    all Shine is there with loves banner to share,
    finally our ship is home.

  • That look

    From the gleam in her eyes,the passion spills.
    every movement becomes slightly cute.
    closer the brushes,softer the touches,,
    whispering love into bloom.

    Her essence cries touch me and love me,
    her scent pulls me in to its sweet.
    wet cherry lips just budding to kiss,
    bitten back fighting the heat.

    tugging at every last heart string,
    gleaming with playful intent.
    down to three buttons and needing my loving,
    one hug and magic begins.

  • Go East young man , go East

    I grew up along the golden coast,
    a cowboy hippy kid.
    I went to school bell bottom cool,
    high school one big trip.

    The youngest of three boys,one girl,
    the world one big playground.
    Then the mountains called high above it all,
    and peace on earth I found.

    Three years of meditation,
    hard work and chopping wood,
    I continued my education,
    and did the best I could.

    Then I met a girl at the bottom of the hill,
    played house and had a son.
    but her bedroom eyes turned into lies,
    and child support begun.

    That first heartache would devastate,
    for years it took its toll.
    a lot of why me's and torn up dreams,
    the need for love to hold.

    In a thankless job like prison,
    with the new girlfriend I met.
    I set out on a brand new mission,
    and moved out East from West.

    In a cozy little town new life I found,
    the kids in real nice schools.
    They grew up fast, but her love didn't last,
    the world can be so cruel.

    an alcoholic stage,mental stress
    and heartburn chest,
    choices poorly

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  • just a thought(POEM)

    In the air there's an energy,not felt or seen,
    like nothing that's happened before.
    A rift in time changing our life,
    shaking the Earth to its core.

    Cloaked to the world so subtle,
    yet grows in the hearts of men.
    you can feel that it's out there yet we're all unprepared,
    with no way to protect or defend.

    It isn't an army, a quake or a flood,
    flames wont devour the Earth.
    it isn't a plaque or a chemical made,
    but a slow fade to something much worse.

    Its time not defined by day or by night,
    in fact they will both become one.
    no more stars in the sky and the moon will subside,
    losing the light of the sun.

    there will be no emancipation,
    no hiding or pleading your case.
    the young and the old will be taken,
    so pray for the whole human race.

  • wishes

    Within a wish our dreams are felt,
    sheltered in our hearts.
    a special place where rainbows play,
    whisked unto the stars.

    we asks for things with all our heart,
    and start to visualize.
    and when we get our wished for wish,
    it comes as such surprise.

    yet wishes filled with hopes and dreams,
    seem to never come.
    until you pray and thanks is gave,
    that's when they become.

  • mornings promise

    However far the black pearl sea,
    on shores of ever after.
    however long the river Nile,
    my heart you'll have long after.

    when the rain gently falls in the dark of the night,
    I'll be there to keep your heart warm.
    I'll kiss all your fears away to a safe loving place,
    and hold you in the eye of the storm.

    In the twinkle of morning light I'll wake by your side,
    holding you ever so close.
    caressing the day in, with kisses on skin,
    whispering I love you so.

  • 8AM

    her sleepy smile a little sly,
    morning yawn and stretch.
    hair all tangled in her eyes,
    sheets all off the bed.

    sheer untamed true beauty,
    naked in it's truth.
    calling me to come and see,
    stay till afternoon.

    so soft demure and innocent,
    heaven sent for me,
    a goddess woke at 8am,
    born from last nights dream.


  • one moment in forever

    Outside they danced beneath moons glow,
    holding each other so close.
    The star filled sky to fill their eyes,
    each other was all that they known.

    pleasure and passion, the way that they felt,
    melting in each others arms.
    swaying to palm trees on tropical breeze,
    feeling the warmth of loves storm.

    inch by inch they succumbed to a kiss,
    trembling, tasting the sweet.
    soft and long till the whole world was gone,
    feeling their hearts as one beat.

    the night stars gave way to the suns blinding rays,
    stealing the moons magic light.
    but a love was born where the sand and seas formed,
    lasting the rest of their lives.

  • crowned in love

    As endless as the oceans vast,
    from sea to shinning sea.
    With every breath as sails wind swept,
    my love belongs to thee.

    Thy waken hours her love devours,
    till flowering to dream.
    Then once again my thoughts all swim,
    to love eternally.

    Tis her eyes that I see through,
    where only beauty reigns.
    She fills the skies with stars each night,
    and rainbows without rain.

    Her every touch brings magic floods,
    with passion born soft skin.
    silken smooth enchanting,
    panting deep within.

    Her kiss is a gift only angels give,
    sharing heaven with each one.
    Lost in the clouds when she lays me down,
    crowning me in love.


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