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  • Guilt-free snack tips from celebrities

    We love celebrity gossip as much as the next person... but we like it BEST when it's about food. Here are some of the guilt-free snacks that celebrities are noshing on...

    The Snack: Fat-Free Greek Yogurt with Berries

    The Star: Jennifer Hudson

    One of the newest poster girls for Weight Watchers, J.Hud has clearly been taking notes and knows how to pick a snack. This one is also an HG favorite -- but don't feel locked in to berries. Any fruit will do! Click here for tons more snack ideas involving Greek yogurt.

    The Snack: Apples with Peanut Butter

    The Star: Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Moving on to another Jennifer, here's one more very smart snack pick. When it comes to peanut butter, what we love is powdered peanut butter. It sounds weird, but it's delicious and super low in fat and calories. Mix it with a bit of water, add a little sweetener and/or salt if you like, and you have a great dip for apples and more.

    The Snack: Coconut Water

    The Star: Madonna

    Okay, so this is more of a sip than

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  • Diet-Friendly Bacon?! It's True...

    Bacon is one of those yummy things that makes almost everything better. But what if you want the flavor without all that fat? Check out Hungry Girl's slimmed-down recipes and fun product finds!

    Fast Food Makeovers

    BEFORE... Jack in the Box Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar Grilled Sandwich (647 calories and 30g fat!)

    AFTER! HG's Grilly Girl Cheesy Turkey & Bacon 'Wich (228 calories and 6g fat!)

    We were shocked to see the stats on Jack in the Box's grilled turkey 'n bacon sandwich. Our is just as delicious but FAR lower in calories and fat. Try it and prepare to be wowed!

    BEFORE... Taco Bell's Bacon Ranch Tortada (570 calories and 24g fat!)

    AFTER! HG's Flat-tastic Ranchy Bacon Wrap (233 calories and 8g fat!)

    This Mexican bacon wrap needed a makeover... BIGTIME. We cut the calories in half and reduced the fat by two-thirds. But the flavor remains 100% intact!

    Lean Bacon Options for All Your Meals

    Turkey Bacon

    Your average turkey bacon has about 35 calories and 2.5g fat a slice. It's pretty

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  • Easy Labor Day Recipes... Guilt-Free!

    Labor Day BBQs are WAY fun... but what if you're not much of a cook? Just throw together these super-simple, no-guilt recipes... No one will ever suspect how easy they were to make...

    Against the Slaw!

    Don't pick up the soggy -- not to mention super fattening -- pre-made deli slaw. Try these Hungry Girl recipes instead...

    HG's Slammin' Slaw - This one is classic and delicious!

    Crazy-Delicious Caribbean Black Bean Broccoli Slaw - An island-y vibe for your backyard bash...

    Cold Dog Slaw - A wacky way to enjoy your frankfurters!

    HG Hot Trio! Broccoli Cole Slaw + Garbanzo Beans + Fat-Free Italian Dressing - A super-simple way to whip up an unconventional slaw. Three ingredients, people!

    Grill Out!

    Fire up the BBQ...

    Grilled Go Fish! Soft Tacos - These seem fancy, but they're a cinch to prepare!

    Girl on Grill Veggie Wraps - Vegetarians and meat eaters alike will swoon when you make these grilly-good wraps!

    HG Hot Couple! Grilled Chicken Breast + Pineapple Salsa - A crazy-easy way to doll up

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  • 4 Ways to Dress Up Fruit & Veggies

    We all know fruits and veggies are good for us. But sometimes, eating an apple or chomping on cut vegetables just seems boring. Here are four ways to zazzle up those raw goods... plus recipes to spark your imagination. Now CHEW!

    #1: Dip It

    The simple act of dunking crunchy goodies into something else instantly makes them 50 percent more appealing. (Um, don't ask for the science behind that number!) Try dipping fruit into low-calorie pudding cups. For veggies, check out these guilt-free dip recipes...

    HG's Sweet Caramelized Onion Dip

    HG's Crazy-Creamy Spinach Artichoke Dip

    HG's Amazing ATE-Layer Dip

    #2: Blend It

    Even when you're not in the mood (or don't have time) to sit down and eat things, you can still get a fruity fix. Grab your favorite fruits, throw 'em into a blender with some ice and yogurt or soymilk... whatever strikes your fancy. Not feeling improvisational? Try these!

    HG's Chocolate-Banana Smoothie

    HG's Tropical A.M. Smoothie

    HG's Too-Good Two-Berry Citrus Smoothie


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  • The Five Best Low-Cal Foods You're Not Eating

    Eating the same boring foods over and over again? Maybe it's time to expand your horizons. Check out these Hungry Girl essentials and why we love 'em so much... We think you'll love them too!

    Fat-Free Greek Yogurt

    PER SERVING (One 6-oz. container): 90 calories, 0g fat, 65mg sodium, 7g carbs, 0g fiber, 7g sugars, 15g protein

    OK, this isn't just a yogurt upgrade, people. This is a serious multi-purpose ingredient. The main reasons we like this stuff so much? The high protein, the low calorie count, and the thick 'n creamy texture. Fat-free Greek yogurt has it all! Stir in some fresh fruit, low-sugar or sugar-free preserves, a little sweetener -- whatever you like! -- for a personalized and delicious snack. And use it instead of sour cream when making creamy dips for a protein boost. Marinate lean chicken with it for a super-moist and flavorful meal... like this kebab recipe!

    Broccoli Cole Slaw

    PER SERVING (3 oz., 1 cup): 25 calories, 0g fat, 25mg sodium, 5g carbs, 3g fiber, 2g sugars,

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  • Swap Out the Starch: How to Lighten up Your Favorite Foods

    Looking for ways to save tons of calories from all those starchy carbs in your life? Check out Hungry Girl's tips & tricks...


    Sure, sandwiches are a convenient way to eat on the go, but the carbohydrates used to get the good stuff into your face can be a source of excessive calories. Try swapping your tortillas, buns, etc., for fresh lettuce! At home, chop your sandwich fillers and serve in little lettuce "cups" -- like we do in the recipes here -- or simply use a large leaf as a lettuce "wrap." Out grabbing a burger? Many chains will serve your burger in a lettuce "bun." (If you ask 'em nicely, of course!)


    Thinly sliced broccoli... a swap for pasta?! If you're skeptical, read on. Here's how to do it: Cook some broccoli cole slaw mix until soft (in the microwave or on the stove), and then add your favorite low-fat marinara sauce. Season to taste with garlic and other spices. Then top with some reduced-fat Parmesan-style grated topping, mix it all up, and eat! You

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  • Chain Restaurant Shockers (and Better-for-You Swaps)!

    If you like to dine at chain restaurants, arm yourself with info! Most chains post nutritional information online, so there's no reason for you NOT to take a look and see what's in your meal. Here are some things to avoid and other stuff to seek out...


    Don't Get... the Admiral's Feast (4,400mg Sodium!)

    PER SERVING (1 order): 1,500 calories, 87g fat, 4,400mg sodium, 110g carbs, fiber n.a., sugars n.a., protein n.a.

    Apparently, the Admiral is obsessed with fried food. This combo includes fried shrimp, fried scallops, fried clams, and fried fish. Don't follow his bad example!

    Try... the Steamed Maine Lobster with Fresh Asparagus and Broccoli (350mg Sodium!)
    PER SERVING (1 1/4 lb. lobster with 2 sides): 150 calories, 0g fat, 350mg sodium, 0g carbs

    That's right; lobster itself is WAY low in calories. Just don't go drowning it in butter -- a squeeze of lemon is a very tasty seafood embellishment. YUM! And with stats this low, order an appetizer too!


    Don't Get...

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  • TOP ATE Tips to Trim Your Salt Intake

    Excess sodium could be hiding out in unsuspected foods you chew. Check out Hungry Girl's tips to help you cut back on salt. DO IT!

    1. Cooking at home? Try more herbs, less salt. It's a good mantra. "More Herbs, Less Salt" even has its own holiday. (Not kidding. It's August 29th.)

    2. At restaurants, steer clear of "seasoned" or "blackened" items.
    Those vague words can translate to a LOT of salt. Choose "broiled" or "baked" instead...

    3. With soups, spoon selectively. Use no-salt-added or low-sodium broth when cooking, and you'll save at least 400mg sodium per cup (compared to standard broth).

    4. Need tomato sauce?
    Get crafty in the kitchen. Ditch pasta sauces; use no-salt-added canned crushed tomatoes. Or crush canned salt-free whole tomatoes yourself. (Use your hands -- it's fun!) Simmer 'em, season 'em with herbs, and spare yourself about 500mg sodium per half-cup.

    5. Trade salsa for diced fresh tomatoes, onions, chilies, and herbs.
    It takes a bit of effort but will save you

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  • Party Food Shockers and Swaps!

    Tasty little snacks make a party more fun. And while you want the treats you serve to be delicious, you probably DON'T want to bog your guests down with too much fatty food. Here is some slightly scary info about popular party foods. Plus, Hungry Girl's easy recipes to help you skip the extra calories without losing the flavor!

    FIGHT IT! Pigs in a Blanket, Average (300 calories and 20g fat!)

    BITE IT! HG's De-Pudged Pigs in a Blanket (135 calories and 5g fat!)

    Tiny franks wrapped in yummy dough are pretty hard to resist, which is why we were so appalled to find that regular pigs in a blanket pack SO much fat and so many calories. Our slimmed-down version tastes -- no joke -- JUST as good. And it has less than half the calories and a quarter of the fat. BOOYAH! (Multiply the recipe to fit the number of people you plan to feed.)

    FIGHT IT! Jalapeno Poppers, Average (305 calories and 21g fat!)

    BITE IT! HG's Jalapeno Swappers (126 calories and 1g fat!)

    Whoa. Five little jalapeno poppers

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  • Cocktail Calorie Shockers... and No-Guilt Swaps!

    Before you beckon that bartender, you may want to take note of the shockingly high calorie counts of popular cocktails. Then check out Hungry Girl's low-cal recipes, and throw your own Happy Hour!

    SKIP IT! Dessert Martini, Average (360 calories and 10g fat!)
    SIP IT! HG's Kickin' Key Lime Pie Martini (129 calories and 0g fat!)

    Our sweet sipper is creamy, a little tangy, and a LOT delicious. For the person who likes to drink their dessert, we recommend this slimmed-down recipe!

    SKIP IT! Frozen Strawberry Margarita, Average (350 calories!)
    SIP IT! HG's Freezy-Fresa Strawberry Margarita (125 calories!)

    Fruity frozen drinks are a blast and give you an instant vacation vibe... but the crash upon discovering how many sugary calories you sucked down is SO not worth it. This version ROCKS!

    SKIP IT! Frozen Pina Colada, Average (530 calories and 17g fat!)
    SIP IT! HG's Pina Colada Freeze (156 calories and

    HELLO! The real thing is made with cream... and full-fat coconut milk... and tons of

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