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  • Office politics get a bad rap, but playing the game doesn't have to mean succumbing to cattiness or becoming an apple-polisher. Instead, by mastering the politics of your organization with professionalism and respect, you can spin situations to your advantage, says Donna Wyatt, PhD, SPHR, a human resourcesinstructor in the University of Phoenix MBA program who has worked in human resources for more than 30 years. The first step, Wyatt says, is to reconsider the definition of office politics.

    "If I didn't use the word politics, but said 'Use techniques or tools to drive positive results for yourself or your organization,' most employees would agree that it's a good idea," Wyatt says. Another helpful way to think of office politics, Wyatt notes, is to focus on the fact that they use emotional intelligence and show your ability to have influence, which are good things.

    1. Build multiple alliances.

    Some offices can feel as gossipy and cliquey as high school. Instead of

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  • It's time to stop believing the myth that females in business, including those with MBAs, don't apply the same career strategies as their male counterparts when climbing the corporate ladder. According to a recent Catalyst study, women do proactively negotiate salaries, prioritize family obligations and calculate career advancements just like their male coworkers. Unfortunately, the study finds that because of gender inequality in the workplace those same strategies don't prove as effective for women as they do for men.

    But women should not despair, says Dr. Dulcelina A. Stahl, PhD, campus college chair for the University of Phoenix School of Business at the Chicago Campus. According to Stahl, a former executive and corporate business leader, women need to layer their advancement strategies with other ambitious tactics. "You must market yourself," Stahl says, "and this kind of marketing entails several other strategies." Here, her best advice for working women.

    1. Step up.

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  • The importance of ensuring that students are reached by educators in the classroom at a level in which they can understand and take in the information being given to them is critical not only to their success, but also to reaching President Barack Obama's goal of having the highest proportion of high school graduates in the world by the end of the decade as well as the best-educated workforce by the year 2020. In order to reach those goals, it is imperative that educators incorporate various types of teaching methods in their classrooms so as to accommodate the various learning styles of the students they are instructing.

    At University of Phoenix, educators and administrators understand how important it is that a student know the ways in which they individually learn best. As such, they have culled together a highly-interactive Learner Profile Assessment that is available online and also a component of the 2011 NBC Education Nation Road Tour, which University of Phoenix is

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  • Everyone knows that starting a new business is tough in any economy. But what about in today's very challenging economic conditions? The American entrepreneurial spirit is the engine that drives the American economy, but can that spirit also be the thing that turns the American economy around? Here are some profiles of University of Phoenix graduates and faculty who are also successful entrepreneurs.

    Jonathan Nowling, MBA, graduated from the University of Phoenix School of Business in 2006. An entrepreneur from California, Nowling translated his love of California wine country in the Napa and Sonoma valleys into a business - but not by starting a vineyard or opening a gift shop. Instead, Nowling is in the lavender business.

    "I was originally planning to open a high-end gift shop," Nowling says. "But as I was driving through California wine country touring vineyards and tasting wines, I kept noticing how the vineyard owners planted lavender and mustard in between the rows of

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