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  • Beware of jealous people now that your famous now

    The more you become popular or should I say famous. More jealousy arises.
    Its in your blood now. You worked your butt off to get where you are at.
    My pain started after I won an Olympic GOLD
    I can not say what year for I have many many Olympic medals.Most of them GOLD.

    People didn't treat me any different then before.. People admire me. But most people want to take advantage of me now. They want to be seen with me . They want free lessons and advice .
    Some want to kill me. And go to great measures to follow though. Their nasty scheme..
    So when you become more popular watch out for signs
    .More people around you. more often.
    These are the people you should look out for the most.
    Still beware of your surrounds
    They become very quiet then usual.
    They will try to put in a mental hospital. So you can take drugs, They don't want you to make money off of your accomplishment. . Heaven forbid if you make more money then them.. Exspecially now since you made it well known your the best

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