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  • How to Keep Men Away from Cheating

    Stay Sexy.

    Ladies, if you don't want to hear this, too bad: If you weighed 150 lbs when you started dating and then weigh 250 a few years later for reasons unrelated to a medical condition, you have changed significantly. Sexual attraction is very important in a relationship; it's basic biology. I am not saying you have to look like a supermodel, but you should feel obligated to at least maintain the original shape that attracted your man in the first place. Yes, you can love anyone no matter their size -- but wanting to be physically intimate with that same person is another matter entirely, and if a man is no longer physically attracted to you, he may well seek out someone else who appeals to him on that level.

    Trust him.

    No one finds paranoia sexy. If you're snooping around your man's bedside table, going through his

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  • User Post: When people say, "I wouldn't lose more weight if I was you."

    Yesterday I met with two people whom I hadn't seen in a while. Both of them told me that I was getting small.....too small.....and that they wouldn't lose any more weight if they were me.

    Not that it really matters to me, what other people think, but I wonder what that is all about. Is it that they are so used to seeing me larger, with a fuller face, that they think I am too gaunt now? Or am I really losing too much weight? I put 120 as my goal weight, and for the longest time I have been hovering around the 125 mark.Related:Oranges' 11 kind of beauty effectiveness

    Maybe my body is telling me that that is enough weight to lose, that now it is time to tone it up. So if 125 is good for me, should I now be eating a maintenance diet? Not too sure right now. Maybe I will focus on the strength training and see what happens when I start to build muscle.

    At the dinner table last night, I took a poll -- my husband and step-son told me that they both thought I "wouldn't want to lose any more

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