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  • 6 Eye-Catching Treillage Wallpaper Designs to Add Pattern to Your Home

    From glamorous to nature-themed, latticework has never looked as exciting as it does in this roundup of unique designs.

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    Beautiful Designer Bedrooms

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  • Miles Angelo's Duck Capelletti Forestiere at Kitchen of the Year

    Miles Angelo of the Caribou Club was one of the guest chefs at House Beautiful's 2012 Kitchen of the Year. Check out the delicious recipe he shared with us for hat-shaped, confit-filled pasta in a sauce of black forest ham and trumpet mushrooms with a poached farm fresh egg. You'll want to try this one at home.

    Ingredients for the pasta dough

    15 egg yolks

    1 whole egg

    500 grams all-purpose flour

    1 tablespoon extra virgin olive olive

    Directions for the pasta

    Put flour and oil in large mixer, and with the paddle attachment, mix 1 minute. Remove paddle and attach dough hook. Add all but 1 or 2 of the eggs to the mixer and start it running at med. speed. Once most of the egg has been absorbed, but a little flour remains at the bottom of the bowl, add the remaining eggs. Allow dough to come together into a ball, then mix 1 minute more. Remove dough from bowl, wrap it in plastic and allow to rest at least 20 minutes prior to use. Keeps 2-3 days in the fridge.

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  • Todd English's Surf & Turf Recipe at Kitchen of the Year

    Todd English wowed the crowd at House Beautiful's 2012 Kitchen of the Year with his recipe of Korean-style grilled skirt steak, corn raita salad, pan-roasted lobster and corn spoon bread, and white peach and feta salad. Check out the recipe to try it at home.

    Korean-Style Skirt Steak


    8 ounces skirt steak

    1 cup soy sauce

    1 teaspoon ginger, chopped

    1 teaspoon garlic, chopped

    ½ teaspoon sugar

    1 teaspoon sesame oil


    Whisk the soy sauce, ginger, garlic, scallions, sugar and sesame oil together and pour over the steak. Let marinate for about 2 hours, but not much longer as it will start to cure. Season the steak with salt and pepper and place on a hot grill. Cook for four minutes on each side for rare. Slice and serve on top of your favorite flavored rice.

    Plus: A Zesty, Juicy Vegetarian Summer Sandwich

    Pan Roasted Lobster and Corn Spoon Bread

    (Serves 4 appetizers or 2 entrees)


    For the Spoon Bread:

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  • 6 Colorful Striped Rugs to Transform Any Room

    Energize a traditional room, or add a pop of color and pattern anywhere you want it.

    colorful rug

    As colorful as candied fruit, it will cheer up any space. Flat-woven cotton, 3'5" x 5'5", in Tutti Frutti, $325.

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    Beachy and casual--you'll want to set sail. Flat-woven PVC, 6' x 9', in Navy/Ivory, $265, by Thom Filicia for Safavieh.


    Like modern art for the floor. Flat-woven wool, 6'6" x 9' 8", in Model Medina 1, $3,352.

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    Thyme Ticking

    The varying shades of green - all taken from a sprig of thyme - give this rug wonderful depth. Flat-woven cotton, 4' x 6', $104.

    Martine Stripe

    Vertical? Horizontal? You can have it both ways. And we fell for the Tuscan palette. Hand-hooked cotton and jute, 6' x 9;', in Harvest, $2,940.

    Plus: 6 Bright Floral Rugs »»


    How do

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  • 7 Space-Saving Tricks for Small Kitchens

    A well-designed kitchen has minimal clutter and maximum efficiency. Whether you're redecorating or totally remodeling, here are the best ideas for small spaces.

    white kitchen1. Mirrors Work Magic

    A mirrored backsplash in this shabby-chic Manhattan apartment gives the illusion of more space. "The kitchen opens up to the living room on one side and the family room, where we eat and watch TV, on the other," says designer Faye Cone. "The idea was that it should be an extension of both these spaces."

    Amazing Outdoor Rooms

    2. Think Upward

    Home Depot designer Emily O'Keefe added cabinetry with period charm to this small kitchen. "Since space was tight, I went up, stacking the cabinets," she says. "The ceilings are 11 feet high, but not every cabinet touches the ceiling - that way they look more like furniture."

    Plus: The Biggest Kitchen Design Mistakes

    3. Choose Chairs Without Arms

    Designer Suzanne Kasler reinvents the eat-in kitchen by mixing formal Louis XV-style dining

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  • 10 Cheery, Colorful Rooms

    From the use of bold and bright pattern to walls painted in zesty colors, these joyful designs will make your home happier.

    1. Welcoming Entry

    A strong color-Benjamin Moore's Fresno-keeps the mudroom of this New Jersey home by designer Mona Ross Berman alive. Bright accessories and a yellow light fixture add warmth to the room. The anchor pillow is by Jonathan Adler.

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    2. Mix of Patterns

    For a Wisconsin lake cottage, designer Carleton Varney mixed pattern gaily and deftly. The sofa is covered in Lysette Reverse in magenta from China Seas, with pillows in pink-and-white Lysette and green-and-white Lysette. The walls are painted Farrow & Ball's Calamine.

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    3. Lively Red Accents

    Red chairs and a wall accessory add the perfect amount of punch to this white dining room in Bridgehampton, New York by design consultant Ellen O'Neill. The walls are painted Benjamin Moore's Linen White. Red chairs from Design Within Reach. Curtain

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  • Gabrielle Hamilton's Salt-Crusted Beef Tenderloin Recipe

    If cooking a prime cut of beef in a cocoon of salt sounds a tad crazy to you, hang on. You'll be amazed at the result. Chef Gabrielle Hamilton shares her recipe.

    I've been packing foods in salt crusts for years now, and I never tire of the pleasure of the process, nor the savoriness. My first foray with a salt crust gave all of us at the table the thrill of an archaeological dig when we cracked it open and unearthed perfectly cooked, and seasoned, little new potatoes. I have since cooked birds, beasts, and beets this way, and have had memorable successes with pork roast, chicken, sea bass, and celery root.

    As salt crusts go, this one is the most primitive; it's just salt dampened with water. You simply brown the meat, bury it in the moist salt, and bake. The salt forms an airtight shell, sealing in the juices and letting the pure and clean flavor of this prime cut of beef remain unobscured.

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    There are many delicious

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  • 10 Soothing Paint Colors

    Color has the power to heal your spirit: It can be soothing, healing, and make you feel reborn. In shades of soft green, blue, and pink, professional interior designers share their favorite feel-good colors.

    Stillwater 16-4610

    "There's something in the color blue that triggers a relaxation response. It makes me feel as if I'm floating in a boat, looking up at the sky. Everything about it speaks of a gentle, tranquil, Zen state of mind. This is not an aloof blue. It's a blue that gathers you in." -Leatrice Eiseman. Paint by Pantone.

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    Delicacy 11-2409

    There's a softness to this cream, with a touch of red, that attracts me. That bit of warmth makes it more uplifting. It's like a blossom in spring. I would do it in a bedroom with olive, navy, or eggplant. It's gentle and clean and optimistic - a fresh way of being Zen." -Brett Beldock. Paint by Pantone.

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    Step Inside a Palm Beach Condo

    Sensible Hue SW6198 and

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  • Top 10 Designer Secrets for Small Spaces

    From painting in light colors to putting a sink outside the bathroom, here are 10 clever decorating ideas and tips for small spaces.

    1. Choose a Light Palette

    For his 1,450-square-foot California cottage, designer Stephen Shubel created the feeling of more space by selecting a warm "French vanilla" color scheme. The walls and ceilings were originally dark redwood, and the floors were oak. "The first thing I did was paint everything white to open it up and make it feel better," he says. Interior columns create the effect of an enfilade toward the balcony, glimpsed between curtains.

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    2. Place a Table Lamp on the Kitchen Counter

    "Having a lamp on the counter makes the room more intimate," Shubel says. "And when you live in a house this size, you want the kitchen to be more than just utilitarian." Giallo Siena marble counters, an antique gilded lamp, and a pilastered Edwardian china cabinet exude intimate elegance. The photo is by Maryann

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  • Adorable Wallpaper for Kids' Rooms (That Adults Will Love Too!)

    From elephants to Winnie-the-Pooh, these are sure to cheer up a child's room - or the child in you.


    Quentin Blake translates the zany humor of his classic children's books into wallpaper. Paper in Color 05.

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    A surreal print that brings a touch of nature and an abundance of whimsy to the room. Paper in Tapioca.

    Dandelion Creatures

    This little piggy got made into a stylish, damask-style design. Paper in Sunny Valley, by Flat Vernacular.

    Plus: Book Wallpaper Designs »»


    Blue elephants in green boots? Bound to fire a kid's imagination. Nonwoven paper in Blue/White, by Marimekko.


    Funny monkeys are sure to inspire laughter--and a few antics. Paper in Murray's Blue, by Brett Design.

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    One Hundred Acre Wood Map

    Get lost in the wonderful, wise world of

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