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  • Gabrielle Hamilton's Salmon with Creamy Lemon Rice

    Chef Gabrielle Hamilton offers the simplest preparation imaginable that yields a fillet so succulent and sumptuous, there won't be one flake left over.

    salmon with riceAt Easter I am typically and steadfastly a roasted leg of lamb type, usually with a Greek bent - including baked orzo and the traditional egg-lemon soup, avgolemono, served alongside the asparagus and morel mushrooms that make the meal, above all, a celebration of spring. But due to an aberrant stretch last year in which I had roasted lamb nearly every night for the better part of three months (a story for another day), when Easter rolled around, I had the shudders at the prospect of lamb on the table.

    I had seen some fantastic Scottish salmon from my fish guy, firm and silvery and so fresh they had a still-piercing gaze. I ended up buying 35 pounds of the stuff, and when I cut into the flesh, a clean, melon-like smell wafted through the kitchen.

    I tied in Greek flavors by making a soupy, lemony rice dish instead of the lemony

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  • Gabrielle Hamilton's Celery, Fennel, and Radish Salad with Buttered Valdeon Toasts

    Chef Gabrielle Hamilton shares a delicious late-winter recipes for a celery salad.

    It's assumed that living in New York City brings you right to the altar of the finest foods the world has to offer. And in large part it does, particularly when you own a restaurant. The farmer, the butcher, the fish and cheese mongers - not to mention the dish suds guy - all file right up to my delivery door, making it effortless to have communion with the best of everything. But as a civilian, it can be surprisingly arduous to get my weekly home grocery shopping accomplished. I used to go to my local giant temple of organics in order to buy bread that looks like bread, not a foot pillow; and coffee beans that taste of coffee bean, not burnt roast; and lettuces that were grown by people who don't think of insects as pests. I then went eight long blocks in the opposite direction to the indoor vendors' market, where there is a very good stall that sells cheese that stinks of cheese. Then, still, I

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  • 15 Great Green Finds Under $50

    In shades of jade, emerald, and pine, these home accessories are just in time for St. Patrick's Day - or any day.

    1. French Press
    Add a little color to your caffeine fix.

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    2. Pop Handset

    No matter what type of mobile phone you have, it's compatible with this cheeky, rotary-style handset.

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     3. Hand Trowel

    A carbon steel blade that's meant to last - and surprisingly unexpected in forest green.

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      4. Bamboo Cutlery

    A trio of bamboo utensils that look as though they were dipped in a pot of paint.
    $9 for three-piece set,

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     5. Whisk

    Stand this whisk up on its flat base and your countertops stay mess-free.
    $26, by Normann Copenhagen.

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     6. Napkins


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  • 10 Daring Decorating Ideas

    From a surfboard that doubles as a coffee table to a canoe mounted from the ceiling, you won't believe some of these creative design ideas.

    Surfboard Coffee TableSurfboard Coffee Table

    1. Surfboard Coffee Table
    Purchased from a vendor who makes tables out of vintage surfboards and skis, the coffee table in the family room of this Cape Cod beach house gives the room a relaxed, lived-in feel. "Every room should have something that makes you smile," says designer Annie Selke.

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    High-Gloss Interior DoorHigh-Gloss Interior Door
    2. High-Gloss Interior Door
    The family who lives in this New York house entertains frequently, so designer Pat Healing wanted the dining room to be extra glamorous. "I think of dining rooms as candlelit evening spaces," she says. The door to the butler's pantry is painted an elegant and bold custom high-gloss plum.

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    Mirrored Cabinet DoorsMirrored Cabinet Doors
    3. Mirrored Cabinet Doors
    With a mission to transform a small and narrow Brooklyn townhouse into a family home fit for four girls, designer Jonathan Berger corrected the

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  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Stone Countertops

    Florence Perchuk - who's been designing kitchens for 38 years - shares her expert advice on countertops made of marble, granite, and other types of stone.

    spill on counterspill on counter1. Spills Should Be Wiped Up Immediately
    With her years of experience, Perchuk has seen stains from wine, cranberry juice, all citrus juices, salad dressings, vinegars, and coffee. Her advice? "The key is to wipe a spill up as soon as you see it: I can't emphasize that enough. If you don't let the spills sit there, they won't penetrate," she says. "Also, oils are less of a problem, once the stone has been sealed, and kids with sticky fingers are no problem at all."

    Photo: Maren Caruso/Getty
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    water dropwater drop
    2. A Proper Seal Is When Water Beads Form
    A supplier should seal the stone a few times as soon as it's installed. "You'll know it's sealed properly when water beads and forms droplets on the surface," she says. "Then have it sealed again a year later - that should do the trick." And while you can seal it

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  • 7 Ways to Sleep Better

    We asked an aromatherapist, a chiropractor, an insomnia specialist, and more experts to share their best, natural tips for getting a good night's rest.

    Long Island HomeLong Island Home

    1. Clear Your Thoughts
    "I like to keep a little yellow pad and pen next to the bed so that before turning the lights out, I can empty my head onto a to-do list. It keeps me from having racing thoughts all night long like 'Oh God, I've got to call about those lamps being rewired!' or 'I've got to make that dinner reservation!'" -David Kleinberg, interior designer

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    2. Stay on a Schedule
    "Establish a strict bedtime and awakening time. Expose yourself to bright light in the morning - within 5 minutes of waking, go outside and take a walk for 30 minutes. Avoid any bright light for 2 or 3 hours before bedtime, or exercise within 3 hours. Avoid heavy meals, large amounts of fluid and alcohol - it might help you fall asleep, but it fragments sleep and cuts down on the amount of deep sleep." -Clete Kushida,

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  • Interior Designers' Simplest Makeover Ideas

    From adding dimmers to finally saying goodbye to 'make-do' furniture, 6 interior designers share the secrets of their own quick-change acts.


    1. Paint Lampshades with Pattern

    For a bedroom in this New York apartment, designer Eric Cohler had the lampshades custom-painted to echo the vibrant suzani throw on the bed. On another project, "I had a client with a small lighting budget, and we blew that on two overscale glass lamps from Hollyhock, Suzanne Rheinstein's great shop in LA," he says. "The accompanying shades were anticlimactic, so I painted them with a bold eggplant-colored starburst pattern in a nod to Matisse. Fast and fun."

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    2. Liven Up a Room with Textiles

    "I was filming a reality show in England and had to live in a Winnebago for over a month! You don't find interiors more standard-issue blah than a mobile home. But I packed some of my collection of old quilts, colorful alpaca throws, pillows, and some pictures in an extra suitcase. By

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  • 10 Pink Rooms You'll Love

    From blush to bubblegum, these rooms prove that pink is fun, flattering, and not just for February 14th.


    1. Girly Pink

    In designer Melissa Rufty's New Orleans home, a pink scribble painting by Amanda Talley hangs on floral wallpaper in a girl's bedroom.

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    2. Romantic Pink

    The master bedroom in this Palm Beach home received a pink-and-white makeover by designer Gary McBournie. "It started with the fabric on the lampshade - a simple, soft shell pink and white linen print," he explains.

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    Pink PatioPink Patio

    3. Sunny Pink Dining

    On the brick patio of a tiny California bungalow, designer Krista Ewart kept the mood fresh and playful to match the decor inside. A white 1960s lawn furniture set is perked up with a pink patterned tablecloth.

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    Pink Kitchen

    4. Petite Pink Kitchen

    The star of the kitchen is the cute pale pink Smeg fridge that Ewart chose. Other touches include pink curtains and artwork.

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  • 7 Easy Romantic Decorating Ideas

    Romance doesn't have to be saved for February 14. Here, four interior designers show you how to do romantic decor in every room of your house.

    Single BloomSingle Bloom

    1. Arrange Just a Single Bloom

    A large flower, like a magnolia, doesn't need any other adornments. It looks stunning all on its own, floating in a low Limoges bowl. (Tip: It's also less expensive to buy one statement-making flower than an entire bouquet.) Interior designer Hal Williamson chose the fragrant flower for his clients who live in New Orleans.

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    2. Try a Little Toile
    In the home's dining room, Louis XV chairs are upholstered in a toile called Louisiana Purchase. "Each chair depicts different iconic imagery," Hal Williamson says, including St. Louis Cathedral, plantations, and flatboats on the river. The upholstery doesn't match perfectly, but the chairs all still work together.

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    Romantic BlueRomantic Blue

    3. Know that Blue can Be Romantic Too

    There's no need to

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  • Designer Tricks for a More Comfortable Home

    From being able to kick back with an ottoman to keeping a throw in every room, we asked five decorators to share how they make a house feel more cozy.

    Dining RoomDining Room

    1. Have Plush Dining Room Seating

    In this L.A. dining room, designer Peter Dunham fashioned a sprawling yet comfy corner. "A deep banquette in a dining area is dressier and more relaxed than just chairs," he says. He brightened it with six pillows made from a vintage suzani from Design Utopia. Banquette not in the budget? Pull in an armchair from another room or try tossing a few pillows onto the seating.

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    2. Kick Back with an Ottoman

    "Putting your feet up is like lying in bed," says Dunham, who added a Caucasian carpet ottoman from Hollywood at Home to a slipcovered chair in the master bath.

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    3. Sleep on the Right Pillows

    "When you're the parents of six children, you absolutely need a retreat," says designer Susan Zises Green, and the

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