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  • Rich republicans,..have dragged working class futures "down the long flight of steps",..bumpadee, bumpadee, you have looked at them all wide eyed with wanting anticipation, an even offered to help them lift their heavy bag of loot into the trunk of their bentley. You voted for them. The money that as a group,..they have exploited from you over time, people still keep voting for them, getting poorer by the minute. They have corrupted politicians with the money that they have exploited. They have made the politicians their partners in this grand deception for years, an now every politician is rich just like them. They feel as though you can't touch them because your the dumbest fools that they have had the good fortune to encounter in life. You believe that the world is made of marshmellows, and chocolate drops everyday of the year. This debt ceiling issue is all about a group of people doing what rich people have told them to do. Its that simple. Reasonable people have the

  • 80% to 90% of spouse's leave their partners when they find that a catastrophic illness is beset upon their loved one. Some people just can't handle the personal expense that caring for another entails. Cancer drains the whole family. There seems to be no end to the downslide an that's what everyone really wants. Chemo is not a lasting cure to this malady. Kidney failure is a sad situation because of the onset of other organs that feel the pain of a breakdown of ones health. Illness is a savage thing, an love doesn't always win out.

  • I don't want to jump your bones. I don't care how much lotion you've got slathered all over your body, poof in your hair, polish on them toenails, or how much you've paid for that outfit. If you aren't up to the task of making life simple, based upon your own smarts about life and stability, I ain't even interested. It doesn't matter how cute you think you are, because to any smart dude..uh, that's a hugh character flaw associated with selfishness. Thinking that your better looking than her, or her especially when she is way more sweet, civil an courteous of personal nature than you. I'll cut the date short, drive you home quick, drive back to where I saw her an hope hard that she's still there. That's who I want raising my sweet children. If I'm gonna invest a lifetime of my earned money in life, in a woman..its gonna be with the absolute woman that I would beg, borrow, or steal keep. That's what real men do. We chose who we want be cause she is what she says she is an that's

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  • I'm about to piss some people off! As a college educated critical thinker, I write without the restraint of what my grammar looks like to you, so long as you get the explicit idea of what I'm writing about. That is what is the important manifestation to any topic. That you know what I mean! This site, used to be the "BOMB",..When brenda was running things. She contacted you, ingratiated herself with the writing clientel with formative ideas, and politically made sure that her business effort of retail politicing was felt across a broad base of individuals who had someplace to go as a destination. Sometimes, the responses would number in the 300-400 range. All of that went to the wayside when somebody with a sad idea decided that the low life singular writer was less than the corporate fellas whispering in the new editors ear. With all things being behavior related, its no wonder that a whole host of former friends and associates won't come to this site anymore. The overflow of

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  • Its the MEAT...!!! Russia, China, and the 27 countries of the EUROPEAN UNION refuse, have refused for years to "IMPORT AMERICAN BEEF AND CHICKEN". Take a few seconds to digest that in your mind. Think about what means. The government FDA certified "MEAT" is so bad for you,...that those countries don't want it anywhere near their population of citizens. They don't want the epidemic, that is America. They feed cattle grain food,...which kills the cattle. In order to grow that cattle to a large enough wieght so that its ...PROFITABLE... to the owners,..they poison the muscle meat(steaks, chops, strip cuts, ground beef) from the cattle with STERIODS, HORMONES, AND AMMONIA. From fine restaurants, to the supermarket, to the fast food outlets, to your tender stomach..the poisonous drugs continue to grow cancer cells, all over this country. Heart disease is number #1. Cancer, number #2 in moving people straight to a cold, dark, empty grave. They know it, an yet they keep selling it.

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  • So,...when we men talk about how a woman is never satisfied, stems from her singular idea that the center of her universe is directly attached to her coochy. Now,..ummm, don't get angry at me, because this smart thinking moves right next door to where her selfish mode manifest itself in the way that some women think about the well being of her only real purpose in life. To love oneself way mo better than you could ever love me, an like beyonce says.."she can get another him, tommorow". That's just how feeble minded some women actually think about us, in relation to her fulfilling the prerequisites of satisfying her..uh, coochy. I mean, don't let some women get a bad case of the needums!..they will flirt, work it, an drop everything with the ugliest dude on the planet, so long as ain't nobody looking,..shoooot, who fooling who...I done seen it happen! Annnnnd, no...we aren't gonna turn this around on my commentary. Just like women get dressed up, to impress all of the other women at

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  • Try this!..Don't ask him where he's going. It ain't none of your business anyway...what?

    You have that look on your face, as if I just cussed at you because your nosy factor has just been told to shut the hell up! Where your man goes is not an issue that any woman should be concerning herself with. I mean,.."who da mama?" When did this thing start having a report an checking in agreement put in place,...for your benefit. Since when did you start thinking that it was okay to begin clocking his time? How far into his personal time do you think its alright for you to "know" his every moment of personal movements. Who made you his new prison guard? You may love the heck out of him, but just because you love the way that he's been cannoodling you, don't mean that his smells actually dictates that he's been scrounging around in some alleyway hit up on some feral alleycat whatchamacallit. He is a man that you supposedly trust,..remember?....uh,..look out now?

  • To hear you tell it, you've got a dump truck full of good amourous memories with aqua velva, old spice, an the strong smell of musk cologne. You remember the wild transient nights when you would sneak away into a grove of cricket chirped , moonlit airy hidden that back seat, in love with the adventure an pleasure of close contact with a forgotten face. Memories which hold fast to a flowing vein of life blood, held dear to the youthfulness of wayward exoborence, an the openness of never telling anyone that this is something that only he an I will ever know about. Everything else about the history of my past will remain quietly reserved but nothing will ever replace the rustled close quartered grab an tug of what really went down on those hot summer nights when a room just wasn't cost effective. Its okay, because he was right there with you, kissing the air an reaching deep in his perspired wanting of hearing your heavy breathing against the low murmur of "yes, daddy", an

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  • The dream is real...Still, such a hard subjective behavior to overcome. What's the right situation for you to open the soft petal's of your sensitive heart, an just release yourself to the taking of you, your trusted stranger. Are you taking a hugh risk by opening yourself up to the end results of what could go terribly wrong as another missed fitting of your male selection process? Everybody doesn't know how to pick them. Maybe that's the problem. When a women refers to men as "THEM", the onus of her subjectivity takes on a decidedly stereotypical slant towards "let me keep my guard up so that I don't get BURNED...again". Granted, it does seem reasonable that some women have earned the right to be sceptical of that group of detrimentally behaved, self absorbed azz wholes who specifically impose their mentally dejected personality on some unsuspecting woman. Its not right, an it happens much too often in small towns, big towns, the military, colleges in your area. The

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  • He smells just like "HER" perfume, now he wants to make love to you....

    You know when he's been around another woman. Ain't no sense in lying to yo-self. You look at him, but your lips never say a word about what you plainly smell waifing up your nostrils. You smell him, an he doesn't even know it. You look at him, suddenly realizing that he actually thinks your stupid, an that you have no idea about scents or the smell of of another woman draped so closely around your neck, that she has marked you up specifically for you to know that she has had some of her way,...with your man. Now, for him..its all about "let me make love to you", obviously to get rid of all of that guilt that he's hiding behind those teeth that have probably been entertwined with the lips and tongue of a "whatchamacallit" that he thinks he's actually hiding from you. I know, I know.."Can't wait for his azz to go to sleep" cause babydoll is gonna be all up in that cell phone memory locating the be-zictch that done marked you up with that dang cheap perfume, ain't gonna be no lovin 2

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