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  • Susan L. Hirshman is a managing director at a top global financial institution . She holds an M.B.A. from Baruch College and is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner, a Chartered Life Underwriter, and a Chartered Financial Analyst. She lives in Manhattan. A revolutionary personal finance guide for women that applies the rules of dieting to money management, written by a top wealth strategist at JPMorgan Chase & Co. An increasing number of women are controlling more and more of the wealth in America, but studies suggest that women's financial literacy is not increasing. Hirshman, who counsels investors on their personal finances, uses comparisons with dieting--a framework also used in Alice Wood's excellent Wealth Watchers--and the metaphor holds up well: both dieting and investing require discipline, take time, and yield rewards. Hirshman presents reviewing a net worth statement as "stepping on the financial scales," and investment categories as the basic food

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  • Dr. Sellman holds a Doctorate of Naturopathy and a Bachelor of Arts Degree (magna cum laud) - Sociology and Psychology. Her healing, natural health care and professional credentials extend over a thirty year period that include those of Doctor of Naturopathy, psychotherapist, author and associate health magazine editor, lecturer, corporate, and personal development trainer. She will be here to talk to us about new hormone replacement therapy and the increase risks for breast cancer. Through her own personal journey of reclaiming her health, she has been inspired to share with other women ways they too can reclaim their own health by gaining a deeper appreciation of their bodies natural cycles and their innate wisdom. After twelve years of in-depth research, Sherrill is bravely bringing into the open facts and figures that have been ignored, suppressed and buried for years. Over the past ten years, Sherrill has been lecturing worldwide about the seriousness of using synthetic hormones

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  • Tax Trivia and Tasty Recipes!

    A newspaper food columnist, wife, mother and political activist, Susie Iventosch is also the author of the combination cookbook and tax facts volume titled Tax Bites & Tasty Morsels, Who's Been Eating My Pie? She wrote the book as a way to combine her favorite pastime and her worst pet peeve. The result is a real cookbook, with a large helping of politics and a smorgasbord of tax trivia. Every recipe is accompanied by a "tax bite" an interesting tidbit about some of the wacky taxes we pay and the programs they fund. The family that dines together, learns together. That's what Susie Iventosch, activist and author of Tax Bites & Tasty Morsels, Who's Been Eating My Pie? ( ), thinks is the key to getting America back on track with regards to balancing the budget and relieving the tax burden that is breaking the backs of many families. "An aware and educated citizen understands the need to vote and to contribute to society, and that's a message we need -- now

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  • Are you more afraid of ghosts this Halloween or your kids on candy?

    Jane Hersey is National Director of the Feingold Association and author of Why Can't My Child Behave? A former teacher and Head Start consultant, she has testified before the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Congress about ADHD and diet. She frequently lectures at education associations, hospitals, medical groups, universities, and schools, and she spearheaded one of the first low-additive school food programs in the country in the 1980s. Since 1976, the nonprofit Feingold Association ( / 800-321-3287) has helped parents of special needs children use the Feingold Diet, which eliminates synthetic food dyes, artificial flavorings, and certain preservatives. This diet was developed by pediatrician/allergist Dr. Ben Feingold. Which do you think has the most chemicals in it - your local hardware store or your child's bag of Halloween candies? The answer may surprise you! Most researchers originally assumed that only certain children

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  • Pollution's Invisible Killers & Aging without Growing Old

    Mr. Deitsch, Chief Executive Officer of Nutra Pharma Corp. (, served as the President of NDA Consulting Inc., a biotechnology research group that provided consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry. NDA Consulting specialized in the research of peptides derived from Cone Snail venom, Cobra venom and Gila Monster venom. Mr. Deitsch holds both a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.S. in Biochemistry from Florida Atlantic University and has conducted research for the Duke University Medical School Comprehensive Cancer Center. "Invisible Killers. The title alone sounds intriguing, doesn't it? Maybe a murder mystery, or perhaps a book of international intrigue with villains and assassins who have hidden their real identities as they do their dirty work. Or, you might be expecting a science fiction extravaganza, complete with invisible creatures who swoop down on their victims and wreak havoc on the unsuspecting. Well, in a very real sense, this book is all of this and more,

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  • Cyber Bullying Month & Celebrity Break-Ups

    October is National Bullying Prevention Month Concerned Mom, Mary Kay Hoal Reveals How to Protect Your Child From Bullies, Online and Offline National Bullying Prevention Month is here, and not a moment too soon. The news is rife with stories about bullying - from the Florida dad who was arrested after defending his child on a school bus to Phoebe Prince who was bullied on and offline and now Tyler Clementi-the Rutgers freshman who committed suicide after his private encounter was streamed online - and one parent who is trying to put a stop to the trend is Mary Kay Hoal. Hoal, mother of five children ranging in age from 6-19 years old, was faced with the same challenges every parent is regarding social networking sites and her children's safety online. After researching the disturbing landscape of what awaits children on the Internet - including endless inappropriate content, adult strangers interacting with children, and a culture that supports negative behavior - Mary Kay conceived

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  • Frankie at The Natural Products Expo East !!!

    Frankie will be doing her shows LIVE today from the Natural Products Expo East at The Boston Convention Center! Don't Miss This Show!

  • Stop Calling Him Honey and Start Having Sex

    Maggie Arana is a realtor and journalist. She has written for various Los Angeles-based publications including Music Connection, the now-defunct BAM Magazine, and the AAA travel magazine, Westways. Julienne Davis is an international model and actress. She began her acting career after landing the role of Mandy Curran in Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, which gave way to her continued success in film and music. It's the everyday things we say and do that sabotage our sexual chemistry, and calling him sweet, androgynous words like "honey" is only the beginning. Stop Calling Him Honey and Start Having Sex--a smart, sassy, and honest guide for women of all ages--looks at the root cause of sexual boredom in a revolutionary way. Authors Julienne Davis and Maggie Arana dare to pull back the sheets to examine the subtle yet powerful ways we're dulling our desire for each other and give readers tangible solutions to ultimately rekindle the fire in the relationship.

    Bill Knaus, Ed.D., is a

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  • I have Dr. Maness & Dr. Delaney on today GREAT SHOW!

    Our brains are at the beginning of everything we do, from breathing, to talking to staying focused and accomplishing every task, every minute of the day. Dr. Maness is Board Certified in both neurotherapy and neurofeedback, and is also a biofeedback Instructor. He holds six other certifications in neurosciences. He pioneered discoveries in Brain Wave therapy using frequencies that aid in memory and cognitive processing. He has developed new treatment modalites: Neuro Plasticity Sound Therapy and the Gymente Lobe Specific Brain Communication technologies. These protocols have been developed to apply the information gained from researching the brain and sound frequencies in order to enhance and expand learning and cognitive processing. This work has been applied to populations with addictions, PTSD, Attention Deficit Disorders, stroke, Parkinson's, brain injuries, bipolar disorders, and depression with remarkable success. Dr. Maness received his most prized award when students at a

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  • Tosca Reno is the bestselling author of the Eat-Clean Diet® book franchise, which has sold more than a million copies worldwide. A magazine columnist and fitness model, she has spent the past decade sharing her proven plans with readers through her books, regular columns in Oxygen and Clean Eating® magazines. Tosca is sought after by the media to discuss topics ranging from health, nutrition and fitness. She has appeared on Fox & Friends, Doctors, Extra, Good Morning America, Good Morning America Health, and featured in First for Women, Woman's World, Food Magazine, 50 Plus, among othersTosca Reno is not some ramped-up Hollywood celebrity with the benefits of limitless money and a team of personal trainers, handlers and life coaches to help her stay on track. She's just an ordinary woman who, at age 40, decided to transform herself from an overweight housewife and mother of three into a fit, attractive and happy woman. Her personal fitness revolution transformed her into a bestselling



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