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  • What is a Baby Planner or Concierge?

    By Greenbaby, Barefoot & Pregnant

    Do you remember the overwhelming tasks behind planning your wedding? From the big things like the rehearsal dinner, the dress, flowers, and transportation to the small details of gifts to the bridal party, safety pins and Advil. Planning for the big day was extremely difficult and time consuming, but if you were lucky there was a planner by your side to follow up on each detail, allowing you to focus on the grand event.

    Planning for a baby can be just as difficult. While we are busy thinking about how our lives are about to change and listening to the (often unsolicited) advise at every corner, we still must figure out what is needed. Reading about which crib is the best, what monitor actually works, which bottles are BPA free, etc. is time consuming and extremely overwhelming. What do you really need? What do you really like? Where can you get it? And then there is cost. How much do you want to spend? How much should you spend?


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