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  • Flag Day

    Today is Flag day a day to honor the symbol of our country.She has flown for over 200 years.She has served in war and peace.She stands for freedom and honor.She flys over our ships at sea and our service men and women overseas.She is flown at half staff to honor the fallen and covers those who have served her.She is Old Glory,The Stars and Stripes,she is America.

  • Why ?

    Why is it that we always label people? As I checked into the motel today the desk clerk upon finding out tha I was single asked me if I would be interested in a friend of hers who she described as fat and ugly but rich no I'm not kidding she said she was fat and ugly but she was rich.With a description like that by a friend she must be fighting the guys off.I don't get it because I'm big people think I'm only interested in Big girls.Guess what theres more to life than what a person looks like.If you're trying to fix some one up find out their likes and dislikes.My friends tried to match me once to a woman who had kids and a problem with her ex(I offered my dental services;free tooth removal from him she declined) and she drank like a fish(I'm a tea tooddler) and drinking seemed to be all she wanted to talk about.But she was big so they thought I would be her perfect match,WRONG.I admit I don't look like George Clooney but come on people I ain't asking for a date with a hollywood hottie

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  • Why I Went

    I went to Myrtle Beach Bike week this year because they (the mayor and city council) didn't want me to but being unwanted has never stopped me before.When I was in the Navy back in the 80's I can remember that the city of Virginia Beach didin't like sailors either.I went and had a good time I never went inside the city limits of Myrtle Beach.I didn't have a helmet.But most of the real action was outside the fair city.So I didn't really miss anything.I will go next year too,why?Because this is the United States of America,I am a Veteran and I will go anywhere on publically funded roads I damn well please.

  • The Moment

    I refered to capturing a moment in my previous post so I thought I would expand on"The moment".
    The first type of moment a photographer captures is the "set" moment where you control all the elements,the lighting,the color, the model,but you still wait for the right momement.

    The second type of moment is where you plan but not all elements are in your control and if you don't capture this moment you cannot try again.But it is still somewhat predictable.

    The third is the most difficult but the most rewarding and that is the uncontrolled moment where all you have in your hand is a camera and a determination to capture the moment.I have captured all three and no one is better than the others they are all moments that make up Life

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  • The Photographer

    The photographer does not create photographs he simply catches a moment in time.
    A photographer uses his camera as a tool;His next click of the shutter his insperation.
    He does not participate in the scene,but if he is lucky he captures the right moment in time.
    All photgraphers aspire to greatness and fame but few achieve it.
    But even thogh fame and fortune may elude you;you will know you are truely great when your friends call you the PHOTOGRAPHER.

  • More really weird stuff

    Tonight I had a really heated conversation with my night dispatcher.About our BIG account,well it's been not so big for me as I am actually making less now But he was saying thank God for ** .I said you wouldn't be saying that if your pay was cut like mine.Well he got a bit testy then I hung up after pointing out he was just like the big wall street bankers.Then I got to thinking what does God have to do with bussiness of any type just then a dragon ornament fell off my visor.Hmmm.Then I startyed thinking about the pay issue and over the next hill up pops a billboard with Desmond Tutu saying his moral compass point to equality.I wonder if that applies in bussiness?I wonder if we really are equal?I know that Madoff isn't going to the same prison I would if I committed a crime.I'm taking this as a sign to look at things more in depth and question authority more.Hey how about this we cut congresses pay 25% not like any of them are homeless!

  • Old horses and Harleys

    Well I finally put my bike in the shop and got more than I bagained for (ie bigger bill).As I was talking to the shop foreman he tried to talk me into buying a new bike as mine is five generations behind in fuel injection techknowledgy.And the one that was a voluntary repo on the showroom floor was really tempting but as I thought about it this old harley had become a part of me and parting with it will take alot more than just a lrge repair bill.I took my first trip to Sturgis on this bike.It has hauled my ass in relative comfort for over 40,000 miles and that's a lot of riding.It is like an old horse it has character,from the decals to the seams on the seat scratches and imperfections in the paint are just like its owner not perfect but still rideable.So I think I'll hang on to it a little bit longer.Unlike the guy who let his bike be repo'd I would sell the old lady(if I had one) before I'd let the bike go.FYI He chose the RV over the bike.Oh well I guess I'm just an old fashioned

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  • Here I go again

    Me and women,I have never really had a relationship with a woman that started out normally.And most of the women I have met have been needy.Needing me to do things buy things and let them use me.Now at 46 you would think I might have learned by now but and old aquaintence has popped up and I tried to help her without spending money but.I know if I spend she will use me.I'm trying to let her go her own way but she seems to be going down hill.After the way she has treated me I should let her go but it's that darn knight in shining armor complex again.(actually knight on a Harley).Meeting women is hard when you're a truck driver and so finding some one that will take my mind off of her is hard and don't say try meeting some one on line because I tried that and after 6 monthes of no responses and ripoff websites.A friend once said "is this all there is people using people".
    Will I help my old aquaintence?Hopefully not,writing this blog has helped alot.Watching people self destruct is

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  • The last of the gremlin run....

    Well friday morning dawned rainey in Raleigh and that was an indication of things to come.When I got to my final stop they told me to back in next to a ramp,no not close to but right up against it side by side because their forklift wasn't tall enough to ge the material onto my truck.Well their yard wasn't big enough to let me do this so try as I might I couldn't get it where they wanted it to be.The Foreman said thats how they had done things for the three years he had worked there,You would think that after three years they might have gotten a bigger forklift.Well I invoked driver priviledge, wasn't safe for me to get it where they wanted it so I left their freight (return material) on the dock.After getting clearance from the broker to leave I went on to Awendaw,S.C. where this all started.Unload was actually easy even with the broken slab.But the gremlins weren't thru yet.When I called for my next load ...NO LOAD.Oh Well Monday is the start of anther week or maybe a

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  • The Gremlins part duex

    After yesterdays fiasco I thought I was through with the gremlins but oh no the are still following me as I continue this melodrama.First I went back to Johnson City Tn to pick up 3 return slabs of granite simple right,well not so fast jeff..When I stopped for lunch I noticed that one piece had broken well put on some more straps and tighten it down and go to my next p/u Salem Va.Well I decided to put the 6 slabs from this stop on the back and this was no problem except my trailer was at an angle and I had to hold up the A-frames until they set the slabs on them to hold them up.Now to Raliegh NC as I stopped tonight the slab that had broken earlier was now in about 4 pieces well more straps and then a shower.Oh but the gremlins were not yet through with me tonight.After I finished my shower I came out to a virtual downpour as I walked to my truck.How is it you never see this on Ice Road Truckers huh?


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