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  • A better toolbox for your bath

    Baudelaire's exfoliating brush and soap setBaudelaire's exfoliating brush and soap setMom always praised the benefits of a good scrub when we were kids. Now we call it exfoliating (the French call it "gommage"), but the benefits are the same. Exfoliation buffs away dead skin cells and invigorates your entire body. Here are some great tools to get started. We found them at Baudelaire, a company in New Hampshire that's all about body care.

    Joe Marks, BaudelaireJoe Marks, Baudelaire Co-founders Joe Marks (left) and Dave Blistein scour the globe to find artisans who are passionate about creating high quality bath products. Daily Grommet isDave Blistein, Baudelaire.Dave Blistein, Baudelaire. featuring their exfoliating bath set, which includes the company's signature sea loofa soap. It's a vegetable-based soap that combines nourishing shea butter and exfoliating seaweed. The set also includes two Japanese-style cedar brushes. The 6-inch sisal nail brush is made with natural vegetable fibers, and the 13-inch bath brush has massaging knobs on one side and boar bristles on the other side for a good scrub.

    While Baudelaire looks globally to import its

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  • Why you need a "Smart Cart" for the long haul

    Henry Muller, Muller's Smart CartHenry Muller, Muller's Smart CartWheelbarrows had been in use for many hundreds of years before Henry Muller, a retired Brigadier General in the U.S. military, decided it was time for a modern makeover. He envisioned a more stable cart that's strong enough to carry heavy loads, yet agile enough to navigate tight quarters and rough terrain. He patented his rugged invention, called the Smart Cart. He is pictured here demonstrating its versatility.

    A Smart Cart has two wheels, situated near the middle of the tub to distribute the load more evenly. This gives the cart greater stability, so you don't have to worry about arm-wrenching struggles to balance a one-wheel wheelbarrow. You also can push or pull the Smart Cart from either end, unlike a wheelbarrow that requires you to stand behind the two handles. The sturdy frame is made of rustproof aluminum, and the seamless, waterproof plastic tub snaps into place.

    The company builds its carts in Gorham, Maine, and folks hear about them largely by word of mouth

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  • Have you ever eaten honeycomb?

    Ted Dennard, Savannah BeeTed Dennard, Savannah BeeBeekeeping is a labor of love for Ted Dennard, who took it up after a chance encounter with Roy Hightower. Roy was looking for a spot to keep his hives, and in exchange for some space on the Dennard's forest retreat, he introduced young Ted to the ways of honeybees. Ever since that meeting, bees have been a major part of Ted's life. He even taught beekeeping in Jamaica when he was with the Peace Corps. Many years later Ted turned his passion into a business, and today he heads The Savannah Bee Company, which offers these incredible honeycomb rounds.

    To enjoy honey straight from the honeycomb is an experience you won't forget. Savannah Bee Company Pure Bee HoneycombSavannah Bee Company Pure Bee Honeycomb When you break apart a section of the honeycomb, pure golden honey begins to ooze slowly from the countless geometric cells. It's both rustic and elegant at the same time. The honeycomb itself is made up of very thin beeswax, which is entirely edible. The sweetness of the honey and the chewiness of the wax are the perfect complement to an aromatic

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  • What's a water bobble?

    Karim RashidKarim RashidIf you've ever stopped to think about how many plastic water bottles wind up in landfills (as many as 38 billion each year), you'll appreciate this clever alternative to single-use sippers. Designed by renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid, the bobble is a reusable water bottle with a built-in filter that removes chlorine and organic contaminates from ordinary tap water. It lets you enjoy the experience of bottled water without all the environmental waste that comes with it.

    The bRichard SmiedtRichard Smiedtobble is made in the USA from recycled plastic, and it's free of BPA, phthalates and bobble reusable bottle with water filter.bobble reusable bottle with water filter.PVC. Each carbon filter cleanses the equivalent of about 300 bottles of water. Besides reducing our environmental impact, the bobble saves money and time. You can skip buying cases of bottled water and avoid the hassle of lugging them from your car to the refrigerator. Plus Karim's minimalist design, brought to life by bobble founder Richard Smiedt, looks fantastic. What better way to quench your thirst for clean,

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  • Untangle your life

    There's a price to pay for all those nifty gadgets that help us stay efficient and keep us entertained. It's cord clutter.

    QNot and Cable Station | Cord OrganizationQNot and Cable Station | Cord OrganizationPower cords for computers, keyboards, speakers and printers are an eyesore and a nuisance when you need to adjust something and can't get your hands on the right cord. To bring some order to the chaos, we like UT Wire's hassle-free cable organizers. For your desk, there's Cable Station 2. It has five slots to feed cords individually and prevent tangled messes. It mounts easily on the top, side or back of your desk, and you can write on the surface to identify which cord is which.

    Buy QNot and Cable Station | Cord Organization here.UT Wire also makes the Cable Wheel, a round gadget that stores long cords so you can get rid of those unsightly (and unsafe) heaps of coiled cords. The small Cable Wheel can store cords up to 24 feet long, and the large Cable Wheel accommodates cords up to 45 feet long.

    QNot and Cable Station | Cord Organization QNot and Cable Station | Cord Organization Rounding out UT Wire's organizational trio is Q knot, a flexible neoprene tie for bundling just about

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  • Where did you have the best mozzarella of your life?

    Maplebrook Farm Fresh Mozzarella.Maplebrook Farm Fresh Mozzarella.For us at Daily Grommet there are few summer pleasures more satisfying than a classic Caprese salad - juicy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella slices, basil shreds, olive oil, and a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar for a subtly pungent finish. It all comes together when we found mozzarella with just the right texture and flavor.

    Johann Englert and Mike SchepsJohann Englert and Mike Scheps That must be how Johann Englert felt when she discovered a small artisanal mozzarella at Al Ducci's Italian Pantry in Manchester, Vermont. Johann immediately recognized a superior cheese and sought out a partnership with third-generation cheese maker Mike Scheps. Together they founded Maplebrook Farm, where artisans make curd from the milk of Vermont cows and stretch the mozzarella by hand in small batches, using no preservatives.

    Today's Daily Grommet samplers include Maplebrook Farm's traditional whole-milk mozzarella and its award-winning smoked mozzarella, along with whole-milk ricotta cheese and cheddar cheese bites.

    The samplers are shipped

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  • This is not your mother's nail polish.

    When JJennifer Artur and TonyJennifer Artur and Tonyennifer Artur couldn't find the nail polish colors she wanted, she teamed with her husband Tony and created her own edgy palette … with a healthy twist. Jennifer and Tony eliminated three significant ingredients commonly found in nail polish: Toluene, which is used as a solvent; Formaldehyde, a preservative that hardens nails; and Dibutyl Phthalate, a plasticizer that makes polish flexible.

    A Beautiful Life's safe, formaldehyde free nail polish and remover A Beautiful Life's safe, formaldehyde free nail polish and remover You won't find any of these harsh chemicals in their soy-based nail lacquers or their citrus-infused polish remover. What you will find are rockin' colors with names like Hot Rod, Venom and Shroom. You can paint on Vexed if you have a hankering for a chocolaty topcoat, then switch it up for the Blues if you're in the mood for something more electric.

    Jennifer and Tony Artur, CoverboyJennifer and Tony Artur, CoverboyIt's easy to see the inspiration for these colors when you meet the couple behind the company, called A Beautiful Life. Jennifer is a makeup artist, musician and roller derby gal. Tony is a musician, former professional chef and onetime

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  • Why you should know about this (way cooler) tote

    Our wish list was clear when we hunted for an alternative to the rigid plastic coolers that pop up all over parks and beaches on sunny days. We wanted something flexible, so we could take it anywhere. It had to be insulating, to keep things cool. And we wanted something with style.

    We found all that and more in Bungalow's Scout bags, which combine the chill of aScout Insulated Bags mascot. Insulated Cooler BagsScout Insulated Bags mascot. Insulated Cooler Bags cooler with the convenience of a tote. These insulated bags are perfect for day trips, tailgates, outdoor concerts and anywhere you want to travel with refreshments. They're made of PVC-coated polyester (which is easy to wipe clean), and they come in two sizes. The Dockette can fit 3 bottles of wine or 18 cans of soda, and the larger El Deano can hold all the fixings for a family picnic. Both have a zippered top so your food and beverages stay put.

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  • Double-duty dog collar

    FletcherFletcherWhat's better than leash-free play for your favorite pooch? Not having to carry the leash once your dog is running free.

    Brian Dagnon & Paula Johnson, Rad DogBrian Dagnon & Paula Johnson, Rad DogBrian Dagnon was sick of carrying an empty leash when he went trail running in the Pacific Northwest with his dog Fletcher (above). He and his fiancee Paula Johnson came up with the idea for a retractable leash built into a collar, so they could let Fletcher run and swim freely but still have access to a leash when they needed it. The leash had to be strong enough to control large dogs like Fletcher, a 110-pound black lab who likes to chase deer and crows. But it also had to be compact.

    After years of prototyping and many miles of running, Brian and Paula debuted theBuy Dog collar with retractable leashBuy Dog collar with retractable leash Release N Run collar. It's made with Spectra, a lightweight fiber that's 15 times stronger than steel. Inside there's a retracting mechanism that was originally designed for scuba gear (so you know it can handle a swim in salt water) and for securing military weapons (so you know it's reliable).

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  • Adventures in Chocolate

    If you ask six different people to name their favorite kind of chocolate, you'll surely get six different answers. There's a sea of scrumptious chocolate products out there (one in which we'd happily flail around in for a while).When it comes to creativity and passion however, one chocolate maker got our attention.

    Hotel Chocolat's chocolate fondue set Hotel Chocolat's chocolate fondue set Hotel Chocolat is both a cocoa grower and chocolatier - meaning the company makes its own chocolate, straight from the bean, instead of buying from specialist bean converters. Founders Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris (on right) purchased and restored a cocoa estate in St. Lucia, where the company now grows cocoa beans. Hotel Chocolat also buys beans from Ghana, where it works directly with farmers, not intermediaries, so the cocoa communities can earn a better living from their crops.

    As Hotel Chocolat prepares to celebrate its U.S. launch with a stunningAngus Thirlwell and Peter Harris, Hotel ChocolatAngus Thirlwell and Peter Harris, Hotel Chocolat new store in Boston (including a private tasting room), we're featuring its Chocolate Dipping Adventure.

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