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  • Heaven: 9 gourmet desserts delivered to your friend's (or your own) front door

    Here's the place to make your holiday dream desserts a reality. Step one: Behold delicious desserts online. Step two: Choose the gourmet sweets that tempt your taste buds. Step three: Have desserts delivered to your doorstep. Step four: Enjoy. Yes, it's a dream come true.

     Caramel Sauce Caramel Sauce

    Fat Toad Farm - Caramel Sauce

    Goat's milk adds a unique, buttery complexity to this Vermont family's hand-crafted 'cajeta' caramel sauces, available in four tempting flavors. Buy Fat Toad Farm's cajeta gourmet caramel here.

     Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Gourmet Belgian Chocolate

    Fairytale Brownies - Gourmet Belgian Chocolate

    Best friends armed with a secret family recipe and rich Belgian chocolate created Fairytale Brownies. A few bites and you'll be on your way to happily ever after. Buy Fairy Tale gourmet brownies online here.

     Traditional Multilayered Cakes Traditional Multilayered Cakes

    Smith Island Baking Company - Traditional Multilayered Cakes

    Maryland's official state dessert boasts layer upon layer of cake and a coat of delicious frosting, made right on Smith Island and shipped straight to you.

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  • Would you carry a personal alarm? 3 loud but awesome security keychains

    It's not uncommon to feel vulnerable when you're walking alone at night, heading for your car in a parking garage, or traveling in an unfamiliar city. Today's Grommet can't promise invincibility, but it can provide another line of defense if you feel threatened.

    Ila Security's personal alarms.Ila Security's personal alarms.We're featuring three personal alarms from ila Security that are designed to shock and disorient potential attackers and draw attention to dangerous situations. Simon McGiver, James Phillips, and Neil Munn set out to design alarms that are easy to carry, so a woman is more likely to take one along. These three founders of ila Security were inspired by their wives and daughters to create safety devices that are small, appealing, and easy to integrate into everyday life.

    Buy Personal Security Alarms here.Buy Personal Security Alarms here.Named after the Hindu goddess of speech, the Dusk alarm emits an extremely loud female scream when it's activated. The super-small ila Pebble sounds a piercing 130-decibel alarm when it's activated. Both can attach to a key chain or clip onto a

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  • Shopping for two: Cool gifts for great couples

    How about a partridge for your favorite pair? Or two turtle doves for a winning twosome? If you're looking for something special for a great couple, look no further. We've found gifts for every dynamic duo.

     Film Festival in a Box Film Festival in a Box

    Indieflix - Film Festival in a Box

    Instead of a book club, why not host a film festival in your home? IndieFlix makes it easy to screen short, superb independent films. Buy the Indieflix film festival in a box game here.

     Swedish Viking Lawn Game Swedish Viking Lawn Game

    V:King - Swedish Viking Lawn Game

    Inspired by a legendary Swedish game, this beautifully crafted lawn game challenges players to topple opponents' shields and conquer the king. Unleash your inner Viking! Buy V:King swedish outdoor lawn game here.

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  • Award-winning mobile data storage

    LaCie has the key to portable, elegant data storage. The technology company is known for taking simple, utilitarian gadgets and giving them a design makeover. Its iamaKey data drive delivers the perfect combination of form, function and a dose of whimsy.

    Let's start with function: Those free USB drives you've picked up here and there don't hold much data. Buy Keychain USB Flash Drive here.Buy Keychain USB Flash Drive here.If you're lucky, you may have one that holds 1GB. And forget about transfer speed. Freebies aren't built to be fast. But LaCie's iamaKey drive is. Not only does the iamaKey drive come in capacities from 4GB to 32GB, it's capable of speeds of up to 30 megabits/second (that's speedy). Even better, the gold SIP connector is both scratch- and water-resistant for maximum durability. And to top it all off, each one includes 2 years of encrypted online storage for up to 4GB of data.

    IDEA 2010IDEA 2010 As great as the functionality is, it's the form here that really brings the wow. LaCie won a coveted 2010 IDEA award from the Industrial

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  • How you can apply the healing power of plants in your everyday skincare regime

    Evan HealyEvan Healy The skin is the body's largest organ, and most of us spend the better part of our lifetime either ignoring it or "caring" for it in ways that inhibit its own natural ability to mend and repair itself. Evan Healy takes a different approach. As a trained aesthetician, Evan believes in the skin's ability to achieve optimal balance with just a minimum of help. All the products in her evanhealy line are made from organic, plant-based ingredients, and there are no perfumes added.

    Evanhealy Organic, Holistic Skin care Products.Evanhealy Organic, Holistic Skin care Products. Each of the three regimens includes a wash, spray tonic water, treatment serum, a day moisturizer, and a treatment mask. Choose from the Rose set for mature skin with fine lines or wrinkles, the Blue set for sensitive skin, or the Blemish Treatment set for teens/acne-prone skin. We tested each set thoroughly - and all of our testers saw positive improvements in their skin.

    Eavenhealy Organic, Holistic Skin care Products.Eavenhealy Organic, Holistic Skin care Products.While we would've been intrigued just based upon the holistic approach and natural ingredients, it's hard to argue with

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  • Keep your handbag off the floor, in sight

    There's an old Chinese proverb that warns "a purse on the floor is money out the door." If you've ever gotten a bag dirty, or worse yet, stolen, you know just how true that can be.

    Luxe Link purse hooks are small and stylish, made from recycled zinc alloy and paired with colorful Buy Purse Holder for Table here.Buy Purse Holder for Table here. emblem designs including Asian-inspired florals and artful prints. You can either attach one to your purse strap or tuck it into its own little suede pouch when not in use. When you get to your destination, simply rest the decorative round top on the table, then hook your purse strap on the chain link that hangs off to the side. It will hold a bag up to five pounds, and your bag's weight helps keep it in place.

    Kalika Yap, Luxe LinkKalika Yap, Luxe Link Purse hooks are not a new invention. In fact, a gorgeous antique spotted at a restaurant was our inspiration to find one to share with you. But entrepreneur Kalika Nacion Yap, the designer behind this elegant and modern take, is betting most women don't have one. We think she's right.

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  • Change your mind? Change your artwork in an instant.

    Have you ever wished you could change up the artwork on your walls fast and easily? Wexel Art helps you do just that. Their acrylic frames use pairs of strong magnets to hold your artwork in place, so it's easy to swap out photos, sketches, and memorabilia without raiding the toolbox. When a child colors the most awesome superhero you've ever seen (even better than the one you hung on the wall the day before), it's easy to display the new masterpiece. Or, you can swap out last year's school photo for this year's class picture without dismantling a complex frame.

    Natasha McRee and Morgan Kimble, Wexel ArtNatasha McRee and Morgan Kimble, Wexel Art Wexel Art was founded by Natasha McRee (top right) and Morgan Kimble. The two Wexel Art Acrylic Wall Frames.Wexel Art Acrylic Wall Frames. started collaborating on a convenient, modern way to display artwork, and they devised Wexel Art's signature acrylic-plus-magnet combination. Their sleek frames include Be Square, a 11 3/4" square frame that can be mounted on the wall or used as a standing frame (the Trio set includes three Be Square frames). The Snapshot Tabletop model

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  • What makes a great yoga mat?

    Katy Downey, LotuspadKaty Downey, Lotuspad
    Nothing ruins a Zen moment like a slippery yoga mat. With Lotuspad, you can hold your pose on a non-slip mat that's extra thick, extra long and eco-friendly too.

    Katy Downey created Lotuspad after she went looking for a safe yoga mat for her baby to play on. She wanted a nontoxic mat made without potentially harmful materials like PVC. When she had a hard time finding one, she decided to make it herself.

    Buy Eco Friendly Skidless Yoga Mat here.Buy Eco Friendly Skidless Yoga Mat here. Lotuspad is a bit thicker (5 millimeters) and a bit longer (72 inches) than most mats, and it has a superior grip. It's free of PVC, BPA, latex and lead. The closed cell construction means it resists moisture, prevents bacterial and fungal growth, and won't hold onto unsavory smells. It's also reversible, so you can use both brightly colored sides. When you're done, the Lotuspad rolls up for easy transport with one of Katy's handcrafted carrying straps made of sturdy grosgrain ribbon.

    If you're looking for cushioned comfort and a better grip, Lotuspad does it

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  • Freshening up your School Supplies? Go Green.

    It happens every school year, the slog through the office supply store, arguing with your child about whether the notebook with the fancy cover is really worth $2 more. It's a race to see which one you weep for first - the trees or your sanity!

    Or, you could skip all of that and just pick up this ReBinder Green School Supply Kit ReBinder Recycled School SuppliesReBinder Recycled School Supplies with everything a child needs for the entire year. Absolutely all of it comes from recycled fibers (85% of them post-consumer). The 30-piece pack includes recycled CD cases and sleeves plus plenty of notebooks (with blank, lined, and graph paper) and folders. But the piece de resistance is truly the signature ReBinder. Its 3-ring core can be removed and placed in one of the two included replacement covers when the original wears out, so you don't need to buy a whole new binder. It's a one-stop supply stock you can feel good about, and the "blank canvas" approach allows kids to customize the pieces with their own designs.

    David Stober and Brant Williams, ReBinderDavid Stober and Brant Williams, ReBinder Recycled supplies are

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  • Chill out for lunch

    PackIt freezable cooler bag.PackIt freezable cooler bag.
    Many of us have tried putting our kids' - or our own - reusable lunch totes in the freezer so the contents would stay cool until lunchtime. It helps a little, but most totes aren't designed for freezing. This one is - and it's much better at holding the cold than ordinary lunch bags.

    The PackIt personal cooler is a gel-lined bag that can keep contents cold for up to 10 hours without the need for messy ice or bulky cold packs. It will cool room-temperature items, too. The PackIt folds, so it's easy to store inside your freezer. Just pull it out when you're ready to use it, fill it up, and you're good to go. (It's made from nontoxic, PVC-free and lead-free materials.)

    PackIt is the invention of friends Jeannette Dirksen and Melissa Kieling, who came up with Jeannette Dirksen and Melissa Kieling, PackItJeannette Dirksen and Melissa Kieling, PackIt the idea while brainstorming about how to keep their kids' lunches cold. They wanted a solution that kept food cold all day, so parents could salvage uneaten perishables rather than throw them away when the kids

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