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  • Biggest money embarrassments? Here are mine!

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesThere's the "public me" (the consumer finance, money-savvy columnist at and then there's the "real me" (the procrastinating, messy-financial paper filer, occasional wantonly spendthrift gal who spends an inordinate amount of time in the morning deciding which pair of black boots look best with these jeans). (FYI: It's the ankle boots today.)

    As I start blogging here on Shine I think it's best to get everything out on the table from the beginning. So by way of introduction, I'd like to reveal five deeply personal and somewhat embarrassing things about myself and my financial habits. And then, I'd just love it if you'd do the same! (Don't worry, this is just between us.)

    What's in my wallet right now.
    An embarrassing number of shopping receipts for items I returned (the hunt is evidently more fun than the catch); $40.55 in cash; a Safeway "Club" card, CVS Pharmacy "Extra Care" card, a Giant "Bonus" card, a Ten Thousand Villages "Coffee" card, a DSW "Reward Your

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