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  • 8 Gifts Under $100 that Dad Will Love

    He gives you the biggest hugs, the smartest advice, and the most generous allowance. So this Father's Day, show your dad that he'll always be the number one guy in your life with a gift that's as cool as he is!

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    1. No Tool Belt Required
    Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool

    He's going to love this Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool ($30, featuring a ton of useful parts that pop out: bottle opener, can opener, scirrors, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, three knife blades, wire cutters, and two sets of pliers! Your mom will love you for it, too, now that your dad has no more excuses not to fix things.

    2. Art of Shaving's Carry On Kit
    Art of Shaving's Carry On Kit

    Packing for a business trip just got a lot easier with Art of Shaving's Carry On Kit ($50, The set includes all of Dad's shaving necessities packaged in a perfectly compact size to help avoid a pat down at airport security.

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    3. Fan Favorite
    Yankees Fragrance

    If your dad eats, sleeps, and breathes the

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  • 6 Totally Weird Boyfriend Behaviors!

    There are some things we'll never understand about guys-that doesn't mean we can't laugh about their strangest quirks! Check out these baffling boy behaviors Seventeenreaders shared about their BFs!
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    1. Thinking Out Loud
    Thinking Out Loud

    "Sometimes I hear by boyfriend talking to herself. I'm never quite sure if I should respond..." -Nia, 15

    2. No Comprendo
    No Comprendo

    "My boyfriend doens't know much Spanish at all, but he calls me 'hombre'! He has no idea what it means and only uses it when he talks to me. It used to bother me, but now I think it's super-cute-even though I still don't get it!" -Lindsay, 17

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    3. Ex-snooze You!

    Ex-Snooze You!

    "My boyfriend randomly falls asleep all the time. Sometimes we'll be Skyping, and he'll be awake one second, and then suddenly fall asleep in the middle of the next sentence. No doctor has been able to explain it
    -he just has bizarre nap attacks!" -Lauren, 18

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    4. Fashion

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  • 10 Gifts Under $100 Your Mom Will Love

    Mom always wants what's best for you, so why not get the best for Mom? Seventeen found the perfect gifts to show her how much you care on Mother's Day!

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    1. Back in the Saddle
    Ralph Lauren perfume.

    Whether she is sport, sensual, free-spirited, or stylish, there's a Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection fragrance that's sure to make "scents" for your mom. ($70 each, bloomingdale' or

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    2. Whip It Up

    Whippie PIes

    Satisfy Mom's sweet tooth with a special delivery of three mouth-watering Whippie Pies from Whipped Bakeshop ($14+$8.50 shipping in the continental US,

    The delicious treats, which come in red velvet, chocolate, or oat, are so tasty that they may disappear before you get a bite!

    3. Fabulous Fixes

    The Nip + Fab Summer Essentials kit

    Moms need to get beach-ready too! The Nip + Fab Summer Essentials kit ($29.95, will

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  • 5 Quick Tips for Glowing Skin

    Healthy Skin Glowsev-healthy-glow-blogSeventeen's Beauty Assistant, Molly Ritterbeck, has been trying to find a solution to her dry and pasty skin. After switching up her beauty routine with limited results, she decided to call in some serious help from the Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa in New York City. While there, Esthetician Nina Patino shared a handful of tips on how to keep skin glowing and luminous.

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    1. Start with steam.

    This will open up your pores so you get all the gunk out and let the good stuff in. You can steam your skin by taking a hot shower, carefully leaning your face over a pot of boiling water or applying a warm washcloth to your skin. Be very careful in any of these situations not to scald your skin or burn yourself! You just want to water warm enough to open everything up.

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    Healthy Skin Spasev-healthy-skin-spa-blog2. Follow with a milky cleanser.

    Milk cleansers tend to be gentler to your skin. Using face washes with harsh chemicals can sometimes dry your

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  • Secrets to Getting Picture-Perfect Prom Teeth

    Dream dress? Check. Killer heels? Check. Bright Bling? Most def! You're ready for prom, right? Not quite. Before you snap those pics and head out the door, be sure you're flashing the perfect smile. Dr. Brian Kantor, celebrity cosmetic dentist at the NY-based Lowenger, Lituchy & Kantor, has shared all the secret deets to getting a picture-perfect (and healthy!) smile for your big night out.

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    Pre-Prom Maintenance

    Tips to getting perfect prom teethMaintain the basics:

    • Brushing: Brush twice a day, from two minutes, in front of a mirror. Opt for a soft bristle brush to effective clean the tooth's surface and pair it with toothpaste containing fluoride to help strengthen the tooth enamel. Electric toothbrushes are also a great option because they time 2 minutes of sonic technology brushing for optimal cleaning.
    • Flossing: Floss at least once a day and don't forget to floss between back teeth. Although many choose to skip this step, flossing is essential to remove plaque
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  • The Best Prom Scenes of All Time

    Check out these memorable, romantic, funny or even scary, proms from movies and TV shows throughout the years!

  • Celebs' Past Summer Jobs

    Everyone has that first terrible summer job - even your favorite celebs! Check out where some of today's superstars worked before they had their big break.

    Lea MicheleLea Michele
    Before Lea Michele landed her first Broadway gig, she made other girls' dreams come true as a shop girl in a Bat Mitzvah dress shop.

    India de BeaufortIndia de Beaufort
    Jane By Design
    star India de Beaufort lathered up working as a shampoo girl at a hair salon before her acting career took off.
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    Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood
    Carrie Underwood worked as a cashier at a gas station when she was a teen!

    Josie LorenJosie Loren
    Pre-Make It Or Break It, Josie Loren was a drama teacher at a summer camp.

    Kim KardashianKim Kardashian
    Before becoming mega famous, Kim Kardashian worked as a shop girl in a boutique called Body. No wonder Dash is such a success!

    Lady GagaLady Gaga
    Lady Gaga was a waitress at a Greek restaurant in New York City before the "fame monster" took over.
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    Jennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson
    Jennifer Hudson daydreamed about becoming a star while flipping patties at a Burger King Read More »from Celebs' Past Summer Jobs
  • Eating Healthy While Eating Out

    Make healthy eating choicesIf you're working on getting fit and sticking to a healthy diet, going out to eat with friends and family can turn into a stressful situation. Getting in shape shouldn't hold you back from social events and having fun! Personally, I love trying out popular restaurants, meeting friends for brunch, and celebrating birthday dinners. Here are some ways to make the best choices when you're faced with an overwhelming menu:

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    • Be proactive: You know when your friends want to go out to eat, but no one knows where? Step up and suggest your favorite restaurant where you're familiar with the menu.
    • Do your research: Most chain restaurants publish their menu online, so you can take a look long before you order.
    • Start with soup: One of my favorite soups is Split Pea which I'll order instead of crunchy, fried, finger foods.
    • Save the bread basket: Hold your horses a little longer and enjoy the food you
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  • 10 Ways to Get Perfect Brows This Spring

    That fishtail braid or bold lip isn't going to stand out on prom night if all anyone notices are your less-than-perfect brows. Read these tips from Australia's leading eyebrow artist (and Kylie Monigue's personal groomer), Sharon-Lee, to get tips on how to make the most of a professional brow grooming appointment - what you should do to maintain your arches at home.

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    Eye brow shaping tips.

    1. Consider Color: Are you changing your hair color for your big night? If you've made any drastic changes in hue, such as going from medium brunette to honey blond, you'll want to find a new brow shade that complements both your hair color and your skin tone. However, if you're just getting subtle highlights or going one or two shades lighter or darker, there's no need to change your brow color.

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    2. Keep Growing: Before your appointment, grow your brows out as much as possible - even if it means being on the receiving end of strange

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  • 10 Super-Smart Celebs!

    Some of your fave celebs aren't just talented, they're super-smart too! Find out where some of Hollywood's leading ladies, designers, and most-respected authors went to college.

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    1. Elizabeth Olsen
    Actress, New York University
    Elizabeth OlsenElizabeth Olsen
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    2. Rachel McAdams
    Actress, York University (Toronto)
    Rachel McAdamsRachel McAdamsRachel McAdams

    3. Anne Hathaway
    Actress, Studied at Vassar College and graduated from NYU
    Anne Hathaway

    4. Jenna Ushkowitz
    Actress, Marymount Manhattan College
    Jenna UshkowitzJenna Ushkowitz

    5. Kourtney Kardashian
    Actress, University of Arizona

    Kourtney Kardashian

    6. Natalie Portman
    Actress, Harvard University
    Natalie Portman

    7. Tina Fey
    University of Virginia
    Tina Fey

    8. J.K. Rowling
    Author of the Harry Potter series
    J.K. Rowling

    9. Betsey Johnson
    Designer, Syracuse University
    Betsey Johnson
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    10. Kristen Bell
    Actress, New York University
    Kristen BellKristen Bell

    Get More College Info at

    The Best Major For Your Dream Job

    Will You Be Successful?

    Tips on Deciding on a College

    Is College

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