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  • How to fit two carseats in your car

    by Suzi Milovanovic for

    Figuring out a way to fit multiple car seats in your car can be a challenge that is made trickier when you have more than two. A minivan isn't the only option when you need to fit multiple carseats in your vehicle! You just may be able to transport the family and friends without super-sizing your vehicle when you follow these do's and don'ts.

    Two CarseatsTwo Carseats

    Minivans were invented because of this very dilemma, but don't feel like that's your only option. Many sizes of sedans, SUVs, wagons and crossovers offer the same space as you get in a minivan.

    >> Trade my Miata for a minivan? I don't think so

    STEP 2: LOOK FOR FLAT SEATS. recommends deep, flat bottom cushions. The heavily contoured seats found in many sport sedans and coupes can make the installation process harder.

    >> Top 10 car seat safety tips


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  • 7 steps to your own salon-style blowout at home

    Want your hair to have volume with the kind of gentle, glossy curves like you see on celebs? Try a blowout, a pricey salon luxury that you can do at home easily and affordably.
    Woman with blown out hair

    A blowout simply means styling your hair with a round brush as you blow it dry -- no curling iron or flat iron needed. Even better, a blowout is built to last. An at-home version will hold up for two to three days, depending on hair type. Sure, you put in some time on day one, but a quick touch-up is all you need the next couple of mornings.

    "I tell my clients to sleep with a loose ponytail," says Stefanie Henriquez, a stylist at the Frédéric Fekkai salon at the Mark Hotel in Manhattan. "Throw your hair upside down and put it in a loose ponytail at the crown of your head."

    See how the stars wear their hair at the CelebSalon!

    We asked Henriquez to share more techniques, tips and favorite products that she uses on her clients, and here's what she had to share with SheKnows readers!

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  • Eat Pray Love recipe: Prosciutto with marinated melon balls

    This Eat Pray Love recipe is inspired by a dish Elizabeth Gilbert serves to her friends called "House-made 'Organic' Prosciutto with marinated melon balls." Since you probably don't make your own organic prosciutto, here's a simpler version you can share with your friends -- whether you're in a Tuscan villa or a Milwaukee suburb.

    melon and prosciutto



    • 1 medium ripe honeydew melon (or any other melon except watermelon)
    • Juice of lime
    • 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • Mint leaves, torn into small pieces
    • Thin sliced prosciutto
    • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil


    1. Using a melon baller, gently scoop out melon balls.
    2. Gently toss the melon balls in a bowl with the lime juice, red pepper flakes, salt, and half of the mint.
    3. Wrap melon with sliced prosciutto and secure with toothpick or mint stem with leaf.
    4. Arrange on a platter and
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  • Love your kids? Then love your husband more!

    by Melissa Chapman for

    Once you become a mother, you're supposed to sublimate your needs and fully encompass this role... many times to the detriment of your marriage. Alisa Bowman says that if you care about the well being of your children, you will do everything possible to nurture your marriage.


    Several years ago, author Ayelet Waldman penned a New York Times Modern Love essay in which she unapologetically confessed that she loved her husband more than her kids. And the backlash was severe. Moms decried her statement -- bashing her for admitting that a mother could possibly admit to loving her spouse more deeply than her children.

    According to Alisa Bowman, author of Project: Happily Ever After (Running Press, December 2010),no one goes into parenthood thinking, "I can't wait for my marriage to end. Kids are the answer!" Yet putting the kids first does just that: It erodes the marriage.

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  • 4 simple reasons guys cheat

    There are many triggers that prompt men to cheat, and some of the reasons might surprise you. We've got the dish, from dudes who really do cheat, on just why they do it.

    Apparently there are many different things that prompt dudes to deceive way-too-good-for-them women -- and that means anyone from your great aunt Erma to super-sweet superstars like Sandra Bullock.

    The following stories, submitted by real men, reveal a few of the many true reasons they are unfaithful. (Anonymity is provided for their protection from mobs of angry women and scorned exes.)

    1It's all about the thrill

    "Why do people go on roller coasters? For the thrill. You may be perfectly content walking around an amusement park eating elephant ears... but eventually you'll want more excitement."

    Check out: Affair-proofing your relationship

    2We like a "full plate"

    "Men cheat for sex! If I'm happy with the chocolate chip cookie, I'll get another, but if I crave the chocolate sundae with extra sprinkles,

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  • The new work trend: Tempreneurs

    With the unemployment rate sky high and the economy still on shaky ground, more women are becoming Tempreneurs -- getting part-time jobs and/or taking jobs unrelated to their core careers. We chatted with workplace expert Lynn Taylor, author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant (John Wiley & Sons, 2010), about the pros and cons of this new work trend for women.


    SheKnows: Can you describe "tempreneur," the term you coined in Bloomberg BusinessWeek?

    Lynn Taylor: A combination of a temporary [employee] and an entrepreneur, tempreneurs fill the gap between what we know as a temporary and a high-level consultant. Unlike a more junior temporary employee, they have experience as a sole proprietor. Unlike a consultant, who may advise but not do the work required, they perform what is required. Their work may be a short stint or longer client assignments.

    These workers combine temporary or project work with their own businesses, during the current high unemployment

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  • First 3 stages of a breakup

    by Tristan Coopersmith for


    It is true that breaking up is hard to do, but not as hard if you understand that everything that is happening to your heart, your mind and your body is totally normal. What isn't normal, though, is to stay stuck in your confused, lonely or sad state.

    Much like mourning a loved one who has passed away, breakups have stages of grief as outlined below. These breakup stages may not be in order for you and there is no telling how long you will stay in each one, but consider progress of any kind positive. Be gentle with yourself during a breakup and don't stop reminding yourself that no matter how dark the day, YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS!
    Sad woman


    Or in other words, "What the hell just happened?!" Simply, shock is the body's natural protection against pain. And when your relationship first ends, you just might not want to deal with what's coming next... it may be too scary, too lonely, too confusing. A

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  • Picture-perfect summer ponytails

    Praise the ponytail - our favorite shortcut for those hot summer days when you wouldn't dream of turning on a hair dryer! But a ponytail doesn't have to look like an afterthought. If you've got an extra minute, you can transform your ponytail hairstyle from blah to beautiful with these easy, stylish ideas. Katy PerryKaty Perry


    Wrapping hair around the base of a ponytail is a quick fix that stylish gals rely on to create polish in an instant. Why not update the idea by braiding the piece of hair that covers the hair tie?


    Gather hair into a ponytail - high on the head like Katy Perry's 'do, or slightly lower at the ear line - and secure with a hair tie. Separate a small section of hair from the underside of the ponytail and braid it. Holding the end of the braid so that it doesn't unravel, wrap it around the base of the ponytail to conceal the hair tie. To hold the braid in place, secure the end with a bobby pin pushed in to the underside of

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  • A networking guide for new bloggers going to BlogHer

    Heading to the BlogHer 2010 Conference? Bloggers from all over the world will be attending, and networking at the event. Find out how to network and make the most of your BlogHer experience.
    Mom bloggers

    It's just days away from the BlogHer 2010 Conference, which is being held in New York this year. Bloggers from all over the world (along with myriad sponsors) will descend on The Hilton New York for two days of panels, parties and networking.

    If you are headed the BlogHer Conference, then you probably know that it's an awesome opportunity for up-and-coming bloggers to meet other bloggers, learn more about their craft and also network both with other writers and with companies who want to partner with (or hire!) them.

    >> 20 Moms to follow on Twitter

    So, how can you make the most of the BlogHer 2010 experience?


    They say that you can only make one first impression, and it's so true. So, be armed with a fast, catchy intro that you can use both using the

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  • Private play: When your baby discovers what's "down there"

    by Gregory Plemmons, MD for

    So what do you do when your baby, toddler or preschooler seems to be having a great time with his or her private parts -- or playing "doctor" with a friend or neighbor -- in the middle of the living room? A pediatrician shares some ideas.

    The question:

    How do you deal with children who want to show each other their "privates" while they are playing. What do you say and how do you discourage it? - Lori in Vancouver, Canada

    The pediatrician answers:

    All children begin to explore their bodies by their second year of age, and a certain amount of curiosity about "private parts" and the differences between girls and boys may be normal. Masturbation is even a normal part of toddler development.

    Often, adults react to this with anxiety or shock, but even subtle disapproving responses you may have when coming upon such a situation may be picked up by toddlers.

    Try not to make them feel ashamed of their bodies,

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