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  • 5 Things to do with Nutella

    By Chris Perrin for

    Nutella… this creamy chocolaty goodness has devoted fans swooning over the mere mention of the word. A perfect marriage of rich chocolate and aromatic hazelnut, there are limitless ways to enjoy this deductible treat.

    Here are 5 delightful ways to enjoy Nutella (other than eating it straight from the jar):


    At first, Nutella frosting should be like a no-brainer; however, anyone who has tried to actually frost something with Nutella has probably noticed one small problem-Nutella is thick. It just doesn't spread well, especially over something delicate like cupcakes.

    Fear not, Nutella fans, there is a solution. There are two ways that you can make Nutella spread more easily. The first is by mixing equal parts Nutella and regular frosting. The regular frosting should, in effect, dilute the Nutella enough that it will glide easily over a delicate baked good.

    Not only that, but you can have fun with the frostings that

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  • How to be a stylish mama

    By Tiernan McKay for

    Between coordinating the carpool to school, making lunches, and trying to make a 9 a.m. business meeting, moms are busy people. In the hustle and bustle of the morning, it's easy to neglect how we look and end up, well… frumpy.

    If you find a disheveled stranger looking back at you from the mirror, don't fret. Instead fight the frump with these simple steps and look pulled together with minimal effort.

    Stylish mama

    Is it possible to be a mom and stylish at the same time (without totally neglecting the kids, that is)? The short answer is: YES!

    "We are just so focused on the little human beings who rely on us that we often put ourselves and our needs at the very bottom of the daily to-do list," says Cyia Batten, designer and fashion expert, and one of the creative minds behind T.Cyia jewelry. "'Our kids come first!' we say, and I think we forget that part of good parenting is good self-care and part of good self-care means presenting yourself to

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  • 5 Signs of a bully

    By Jennifer Kelman for

    Parents tend to believe that their children are well behaved and show respect to others while at school. Many will get upset and downright defensive if they are told that their child bullies other children. "Not my little angel" is a common thought among parents who may receive this news from school administrators or teachers.

    These 5 signs can help parents recognize if a child is at risk for exhibiting bully behavior.


    Bullying is about power and control

    It is often the case that children who are bullying others in school are feeling powerless and out of control. It is common for them to feel unacknowledged or that somehow things are just not fair to them. Parents may scratch their heads as they can't understand that their child would feel any of those things, but it is a good idea to check in with your child to see how they are feeling. Even if they have a hard time expressing themselves to you directly, pay attention to how they are Read More »from 5 Signs of a bully
  • 5 easy ways to change your family's eating habits

  • 5 Homemade dips for game day

  • These Super Bowl fondues are sure to win new fans!

    By Chris Perrin for

    Nachos and cheese dip are pretty standard Super Bowl fare. In one way or another, some sort of cheese (or cheese-like product) gets melted down, maybe mixed with some chilies or sausages, and served with chips.

    While there is certainly nothing wrong with your basic nacho arrangement, it barely scratches the surface of what is possible when cheese meets meat and heat.


    If there is anything that the Super Bowl celebrates, it's excellence-in football, in commercials, and in game day snackage. That's why you should seriously consider serving Super Bowl fondue instead of everyday nachos at your Super Bowl party. If you do it right, your game day eats might be so good everyone will almost forget there's a game on...almost.


    Really any cheese will work in a fondue as long as it melts reasonably well. Gruyère, emmenthaler, fontina, and butterkase are traditional, but there's no reason to stick with them. Instead, we

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  • 10 Reasons to go back to work after being a stay-at-home-mom

    By Michelle Maffei for

    You've just spent the past few years as a stay-at-home mom and your kids are now old enough to go to school full-time. Are you considering going back to work but are nervous about how this decision will affect your family? Check out these ten reasons to go back to work after being a stay-at-home mom and let go of any mommy guilt that might be holding you back.

    Contributing to the household finances is important

    Even after your childcare and commuting expenses, do you come out a significant amount ahead? Going back to work after baby will not only add to your bank account, but fulfill your need to contribute to the household finances.

    My children are in preschool or older

    The need to stay home during your kids' school day lessens as they get older. When your kids start preschool, it may be a good time to head back to work, even if it's only part time.

    I miss my professional identity


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  • How to celebrate Chinese New Year

    By Patricia Conte for

    February 3, 2011 is Chinese New Year and the start of the Year of the Rabbit. Also known as the Lunar New Year, this important Chinese holiday is a time for food, family, and tradition. Here are some ways to honor the New Year and celebrate with loved ones.


    Chinese New Year, like most holidays, is filled with symbols and traditions.

    To honor the Chinese New Year, people clean their houses to discard bad luck and to get ready for a fresh start in the upcoming year. They hang red decorations and banners to wish people good fortune and health, and it's customary to set off firecrackers which, according to lore, help scare away Nian - the beast that was thought to prey on people the night before the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

    But really, what celebration would be complete without the wonderful food that everyone looks forward to all year long? This year, consider participating in a holiday you may not

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  • Sass, humor, or something else? How to address your kids' snark.

    By Jenn Klein for

    Sass. Disrespect. Talking back. Bad attitude. Snark. However you define it, pretty much every mom will encounter it at some point in child rearing. When trying to raise kids to have a sense of humor, yet also be respectful, sarcastic remarks pose a challenge. Perhaps little bits of snark and cheeky comments have a place in your home, but how much, where, and why needs to be addressed.

    Particularly in the adolescent years, snark and sarcasm can be more than tools of dark humor to deal with various situations: They can be a way of life. Teenagers hone their sarcastic muscle to fine point precision and can hurl it like a dagger on demand. You may or may not have been using a little sarcasm and snark in your own parenting, but this higher level often can be shocking. It might be time to address your kids' snark and sarcasm -- and your own.


    So, where does a kid learn snark and sarcasm? Often at home. Yes, there is a

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  • How to successfully cope with mommy meltdowns

    By Naomi de la Torre for

    Even the best mommies occasionally have the type of day that makes them want to pull their hair out. You adore your little ones, but they can still push your buttons and drive you crazy. Don't judge yourself or feel like you've turned into a Momzilla. Mommy meltdowns are a natural part of motherhood.


    According to Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, author of The Hidden Feelings of Motherhood: Coping with Stress, Depression, and Burnout (New Harbinger 2001), "Motherhood is often portrayed as a time of cooing, cuddling, and powerful feelings of love. But motherhood can also bring with it feelings of rage, powerlessness, and frustration."

    The important thing to remember is that your feelings are normal. Raising children is an amazing and beautiful experience. Watching these small people you gave birth to grow, change and explore the world is a daily miracle.

    >> Tips to prevent burnout


    At the

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