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  • Do moms get to have any alone time?

    By Geralyn Broder Murray for

    Moms everywhere struggle to find personal time in the chaos of everyday life. In Listen to Your Mothers, Geralyn Broder Murray shares her challenges of balancing "me time" in family life.

    We are at a Crab Feed, something that happens a lot in January when you live in Northern California and your kids go to a school that needs a new gym. Or a real stage. Or a sound system that doesn't make everyone cringe when a third-grader hits a high note at the holiday show.

    Anyway, it's a lovely night. Chris and I are sitting with a great mix of parents and talking freely, loosened by the wine and the lack of small people hanging from our pant legs. We are all cracking crab and trafficking butter around the table, the pasta, the bread, more wine, until we are giddy. Parents of small children don't get out much and we are gleefully remembering what it feels like to be out in the world after dark.

    Surviving school fundraisers>>

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  • Unique baby names and meanings

    by Monica Beyer for

    Finding a unique baby name for your baby boy or girl can be a daunting task -- picking the perfect name, combining it with the last name and getting input from everyone around you. It is particularly difficult if you want your child to stand out from all the other Johns and Janes. Here is a list of unique baby names to help you along your very important task of naming your beautiful new baby.

    Cute baby faceCute baby face

    Perhaps you don't want your child to be one of a number of kids who have the same name in her kindergarten class, or maybe you grew up with a popular name and always longed for a name that was a little more different than what everyone else had. You also may be choosing a popular or family name for a first name, but are wanting to pair it with a unique middle name.

    Coming up with a memorable baby name can sometimes be a challenge because often a unique name can come across as

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  • How to look pregnant, NOT pudgy

    by Kim Grundy for

    Nothing is more beautiful than a pregnant woman. While this is true, some days it feels like nothing is harder than dressing a pregnant woman. Before you give up and go for the 3XL shirt take a look at some of these tips to look beautiful and pregnant, not pudgy.


    DO look for tops that are cut to be form-fitting against your growing belly. A top that shows the contour of your belly is much more flattering than one that covers you up in yards of fabric.

    DO look for tops with ties, ruching or one that has a gathered hem under the belly. This will prevent the "I'm-wearing-a-tent" look. Pictured is the Wrap Around Top from Isabella Oliver.

    DO wear a bump-hugging dress with side shirring for a sexy look.

    DO pair a hip pair of maternity denim with a graphic tank or wrap top. Find out 5 tips for buying the perfect pair of maternity jeans here.

    DON'T wear a tent dress: Look for dresses with tie backs an empire waist to give your body some

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  • Foods that curb holiday cravings

    by Michele Borboa, MS

    The holidays are for indulging in family, friends, fun and food. Unfortunately, holiday food doesn't adhere to most diet guidelines. Choose these foods to help cut your cravings so you can make a New Year's resolution that doesn't have to do with losing those 10 extra pounds!

    Almond and pistachios



    Being thirsty can actually manifest itself in erroneous hunger pangs that drive you to eat when you aren't even really hungry. Start every day with a glass of water with a wedge of lemon and continue to hydrate until sundown. Aim for eight, 8-ounce, glasses of water to aid in metabolism and ward off the need to nibble.


    Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, eggs are a quality source of protein that will keep your blood sugar stable, especially when paired with a piece of whole wheat toast or other whole grain. They also will kick those holiday cravings. Eat eggs for breakfast, wedged onto a salad, or deviled as a filling first course.



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  • How to marry two parenting styles in one household

    by Elizabeth Weiss McGolerick for

    Agreeing to become parents and agreeing on parenting styles are two very different things. You and your partner may not realize just how different your ideals are until you are faced with your first child. When neither parent will enforce the other's style, there are some tricks to use to fit both parenting styles under one roof - peacefully.

    Different parenting stylesDifferent parenting styles

    Parents who disagree on major parenting issues and sabotage the other's efforts are doing a disservice to their children. Here's how to make peace with your partner and build a strong foundation for your child.

    Rules for parenting the "right" way

    She believes in time outs; he doesn't. She thinks baby should cry herself to sleep; he thinks they should pick her up immediately. If you're trying to marry a permissive parenting style with an authoritative parenting style, it's key to acknowledge that you have different ideas about the right ways to raise children.

    Scott Haltzman, M.D.,

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  • 4 Stylish knit hats to keep you warm

    by Brooke Andersen for

    Cold weather may be keeping other people looking frumpy, but with these cute knit hats you'll be as stylish as ever! Accessorize your outfit with any of these hats so you can go out and enjoy the winter while looking great!

    Hair for hats

    Celebs wearing knit berets have been spotted on the red carpets and city streets. To add extra polish to your hat-wearing style, give your hair more texture than normal. Lightly curling your hair to give it some wave will make hat hair much harder to catch once you're indoors.

    All about the details

    There's a hat for everyone, and these are our favorite trends this fall.

    winter knit hats

    Clockwise from top left: Express Sequin Knit Beret ($22.90), Nordstrom Pretty Bow Knit Cap ($28), MICHAEL Michael Kors Pyramid Studded Cuff Hat ($78), Nordstom Jeweled Beret ($38)

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  • Girlfriend’s guide to becoming a sports fan

    by Karen Hawthorne for

    While shopping and socializing might be a great way to spend your Saturdays, doesn't spending Sunday snuggled up to your man watching the latest sports event sound sweet? Not sports savvy? No problem! A veteran sports and beauty journalist has published a simple guidebook to sports with all the insider information you'll ever need.

    Couple watching sports

    Can you wear stilettos to a basketball game and still look stylish? What is a double dribble - and why is it so bad, anyway? The NBA season is starting and now is the time, ladies, to embrace your inner sports fan - or fake it to impress the avid sports junkies in your life. Who wants to sit on the sidelines and sulk?

    The woman's guide to loving sports

    Sports and beauty journalist (now there's a combo!) Melissa Malamut, has the Cliffs Notes for sports with the female fan in mind. Her book She's Got Game: The Woman's Guide to Loving Sports is a simple, straightforward guide with handy tips on everything from

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  • Bad behavior or ADHD?

    An estimated four to seven million children in the US have ADHD,* but the diagnosis -- or misdiagnosis -- is under fire. How can you know for sure whether your child is displaying bad behavior or has ADHD?

    Active boy


    While bad behavior often accompanies other symptoms of ADHD, bad behavior in isolation is not ADHD.

    Children with ADHD simply cannot contain their impulses and active behavior like other kids, says Gary M. Unruh, MSW LCSW, and these symptoms resemble bad behavior:

    • Inattention -- daydreaming, lack of organization, inability to start or stick with routine tasks

    • Impulsivity -- saying and doing things that are inappropriate (interrupting, being disruptive) on a regular basis

    • Hyperactivity -- fidgeting, needing to move around, talking excessively

    "It can be difficult to distinguish ADHD and bad behavior," agrees Dr. Richard Horowitz, parenting coach and author, because not only do the symptoms

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  • Trick-or-treat rice cereal bars

    by Jamie Lothridge for

    This Halloween recipe is perfect for the kids' holiday parties or for the adult Halloween bash. These sticky Halloween treats are a popular dessert with a Halloween twist. Rice cereal treats are infused with sweet candy corn and pumpkin pie spice to provide some autumnal flavors to harmonize with the changing of the leaves and the chill in the air. Garnish these marshmallow desserts with festive Halloween sprinkles to provide them with that special flare that no one will be able to refuse!

    Halloween rice krispy treat

    Trick or treat rice cereal bars recipe

    Yields 18 bars


    • 3 tablespoons butter or margarine
    • 4 cups miniature marshmallows
    • 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
    • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
    • 5 cups rice cereal
    • 1 cup candy corn; divided use
    • Halloween sprinkles


    1. Line a 9 x 13-inch baking sheet with aluminum foil or parchment paper and spray with non-stick cooking spray.
    2. In large saucepan, melt butter
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  • The co-sleeping, bed-sharing family

    by Monica Beyer for

    Sharing your bed with your child is known as bed sharing or co-sleeping -- baby or toddler sleeps on the same surface as his parent or parents. Bed sharing is often frowned upon by western society and is sometimes recommended against by professionals and individuals, particularly in light of SIDS awareness. Done properly, it is actually quite safe and extremely beneficial for the baby and the rest of the family. Read on to find out more!


    Parents have been sharing their sleep space with their infants and children for thousands of years. Family bedFamily bedThe idea of a crib and a separate bedroom is a relatively new one -- moms several hundred years ago would have found the idea quite odd and unnatural.

    This is how Shelley, mama of girls Lily and Dahlia, felt. "I co-slept because it felt like the right and natural thing to do," she said. The modern push towards early independence has changed the mainstream mindset so parents today feel

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