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  • Moving? Try these 6 secrets to impress home buyers

    by Sarah Kelsey for

    Are you trying to sell your home? There are a few surefire things you can be doing now to catch the attention of prospective buyers.

    Living room


    A bright home appears to be more welcoming than one that's dark and sullen. Do everything you can to add some light to your space such as taking down drapes or changing their fabric, the little things you do will let more light stream into every room. Other tips include using light colored lampshades, cleaning windows, and ditching fluorescent bulbs.

    >> 6 Cheap renovations to make your home more sellable


    No one wants to buy a space that smells like a gym bag. To make your home smell nice and fresh for prospective buyers, add a few scented items to every room: potpourri, flowers, air fresheners. You can even go the extra mile to do your dirty laundry (yes, the smell of it can filter into any room), or bake a pie or a loaf of bread before buyers pop by.

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  • Spot the signs of salmonella

    If you've shopped at a grocery store in Iowa recently, don't opt for scrambled eggs for breakfast -- or any meal. An Iowa egg producer has issued a recall for 228 million eggs after a suspected link to an outbreak of salmonella poisoning. The potentially life-threatening condition is more common than you may realize, making it even more important to know how to recognize the signs of salmonella.

    Egg carton warningEgg carton warning

    Tainted eggs have sickened several hundred Californians and some people in Minnesota, health officials recently reported, and the Food and Drug Administration is investigating. No one should take any chances because salmonella can be life-threatening, especially to people with weakened immune systems. Here are some important facts to know about salmonella.

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    People with impaired immune systems should be more careful, as should the elderly and infants. People in these

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  • Make a good first impression: How kids can win over a new teacher

    by Tiernan McKay for

    With a new school year upon us, kids and parents are preparing to make new friends, set new goals and meet new teachers. Your child's teacher is one of the people, aside from you, who will probably have the most significant impact on your son or daughter, so it makes sense to talk about how to relate to this authority figure.
    Teacher with studentTeacher with student

    There are some simple steps you can take to help your child made a positive impression on his teacher right from the start. Doing so may not help when it comes to grades, but a positive relationship with her teacher will definitely make the school year a more pleasant one for the entire family.

    1Look for opportunity

    Depending on your child's age, an in-depth discussion about how to relate to the teacher, or even why it's important to do so, may be over his head. Allow your son or daughter to initiate the conversation without even knowing it.

    Dr Elizabeth Berger , child psychiatrist and author of Raising Kids with

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  • 5 money mistakes moms make

    by Kim Grundy for

    From racking up credit card debt on your daughter's designer clothes to neglecting your retirement fund, financial experts share the top money mistakes moms make. Find out how to take charge of your family finances now so you can build up a nice nest egg for retirement later.

    Mom going over financesMom going over finances1PADDING YOUR KIDS COLLEGE FUND All the experts agree - the top money mistakes moms make is neglecting your retirement fund for your child's college fund.

    "Many of my clients are parents raising young children, [who] are deeply in debt and have little or no money set aside for retirement," says self-made millionaire Jen Smith of "Yet most of these parents contribute regularly to their children's education fund(s)," she says.

    "Take it from me, the financial burden of caring for your elderly parent(s) - ones who failed to save for their own retirement - is much more daunting than paying for your own college tuition. So parents, please take care

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  • 5 ways to get fabulous legs

    by Kathryn M D'Imperio for

    From short and sassy miniskirts boasting miles of gorgeous legs to long, silky skirts subtly showing off beautiful calves and thighs through tasteful slits -- fashion is your friend when it comes to accentuating your legs.

    Long legs

    To emphasize your legs with very minor adaptations to your normal cleansing and beauty routines, read on for a few quick tips to bring out -- and maintain -- a sexy look for your legs!


    If you shave your legs, realize that nothing ruins super-smooth skin like nicks from a hurried shave. Hastily shaving your legs may cause the razor to snag your skin and remove tiny chunks at a time, especially around your knees, ankles and the thin areas of flesh on your shins. Also be sure your razor is still very sharp -- a dull blade can also cut.

    The bare facts: Bikini line care - Waxing, shaving, sugaring, lasering >>

    To combat nicks from shaving too quickly or from a dull razor, rinse away the

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  • Getting kids ready for their first bus rides

    The backpack is packed, new school clothes laid out and the new teacher's name has been memorized. But for some parents, the new school year brings a new and potentially scary reality: Sending your child off to school on a bus. Here's what you need to know to make that experience great for your kids, and keep the wheels on the bus going 'round and 'round!

    School bus

    Seeing that giant yellow bus motor up the street is an exciting thing for a child. For a parent, it means kids really are growing up.

    The key to a successful sendoff -- for both of you -- is preparation. If you and your child are comfortable with what's going to happen and when, then you both will have a smooth start to her bus-riding career.

    10 Tips to get kids ready for school >>


    Face it: The school bus is a big moving vehicle with minimum adult supervision. Prepare your child so that he knows what to do on the first day and every day. "I recommend that parents go over the rules of the bus,

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  • Is your hair making you look old?

    by Aly Walansky for

    Whether you're 22 or 44, there's no question that the right hairstyle can mean the difference between looking the former or the latter. Hey, look at how much younger Reese Witherspoon looked after getting bangs! Here's how to ditch the old look and nab a more youthful one.

    Reese Witherspoon haircuts"The angle, layering and overall style of the cut will either camouflage or accent someone's best features and catch the eye," says Elena Golesco of the New York Cosmetic Image Center in Great Neck, New York.

    "As for length -- it's highly individual… long, short or medium can work. Again, it's the cut and styling, which has to be right for the individual woman, that makes all the difference."


    The right cut will draw attention to your face and highlight your best features -- big, gorgeous eyes, full lips, great skin, etc-- and it can also make up for facial flaws.

    Anti-aging skin care tips >>

    "Let's say you have a strong jaw line (a la Reese

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  • Baby recall bonanza

    by Jennifer Chait, Pregnancy & Baby blogger

    There have been quite a few recalls this month related to baby and toddler products. Rather than wax poetic over each and every recall, I decided to round them up. Make sure you check this list, because some of these are a very big deal.
    Recalled products

    1. Fisher-Price Recalls Little People Play 'n Go Campsite Due to Choking Hazard.
    2. Baby Matters Recalls Nap Nanny Recliners Due to Entrapment, Suffocation and Fall Hazards;One Infant Death Reported.
    3. Kariño Baby Pacifiers Recalled by Antonio Flores Due to Choking Hazard.
    4. Child's Death Prompts Recall to Repair Portable Playard Tent by Tots in Mind Due to Strangulation Hazard.
    5. Near Strangulation Prompts Recall of Roman and Roller Shades by Smith+Noble - Smith+Noble has added its name to the retailers joining the voluntary recall announced in December 2009 of ALL Roman shades and roll-up blinds.
    6. P Graham Dunn Recalls Toy Rattles Due to Choking Hazard

    Get more

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  • School supplies for left-handed kids

    by Suzi Milovanovic for

    All the lefties in the house, raise your hands! Left-handed students can find school a little trickier because they cannot easily use some of the school supplies they are given. Specially designed left-handed supplies can solve these problems.


    Here are a few problems left-handed students encounter with school supplies designed for righties:

    • Spiral notebooks and three-ring binders: Instead of writing away from the spirals and rings, lefties begin each line by bumping into the spirals with their writing hand.
    • Paper cutter: These are often created for the right hand to control the blade.
    • Chairs attached to the desk: These are also created to support the right arm while writing and working.

    Splurge vs steal school supplies >>

    Left handed school suppliesLeft handed school suppliesSCISSORS

    The blades on left-handed scissors are set so that, whichever way you hold them, the left blade is always on top. This means that the cutting action of

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  • 4 crazy ways to get over an ex

    We've all gone through bad breakups, and we all move on in different ways. Sometimes it takes a tub of ice cream and a few martinis -- other times it takes serious therapy. We talked to four real women who were in long term relationships and then dumped. Read on to find out about the outrageous ways each of them was able to get over her ex!


    She was an accountant. He played in a local band. Some might say that Terresa and Karl were a mismatched couple, but they would claim opposites attract. For a few years, they seemed like the happiest couple in the world - then, she got pregnant.

    "My boyfriend became abusive -- not physically, but emotionally. He called me fat and put me down almost every day. He didn't understand that my body wasn't the same after having our baby and it was taking me some time to get back in shape," recalls Terresa (a 35-year-old from Los Angeles).

    When their daughter was a year old, Karl dumped Terresa. He told her that he didn't

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