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  • Does Baby Mama Deliver?

    by Meredith O'Brien (Mommy Track'd: Working Moms in Pop Culture & Politics)

    *Warning, spoilers ahead.*

    There simply aren't that many movies that depict moms in a way we would want to be seen. But Tina Fey knows where it's at. An award winning TV writer and comedian, she's also the mom of a 2-year-old. So when my gal pal and fellow Fey fan Gayle and I to see Baby Mama on its opening weekend, we had very high hopes that the movie would make us - moms with six kids between us -- laugh out loud.

    Alas, we were not disappointed.

    Walking into the movie, though, I thought the premise was a little iffy: A single, successful, career-oriented woman, 37, decides she wants to have a baby. She goes through countless infertility treatments (inseminations, in vitro fertilization) only to be told by her ob/gyn that she has a "one and a million chance" of ever conceiving a baby. After learning that the adoption process could take up to five years and that it's challenging for a single

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  • Sex and the City...with kids

    by Meredith O'Brien (Mommy Track'd: Working Moms in Pop Culture & Politics)

    *Spoilers from the "Sex and the City" movie trailer ahead.*

    I recently saw the trailer for the "Sex and the City" movie that's due out in the spring. And my great anticipation to see the film made me realize why the other "Sex and the City"- wannabe-TV-programs are lacking and why, perhaps, they're not catching fire like the original.

    Take "Cashmere Mafia" on ABC, about four career-oriented gal pals in New York City. While I think it has some redeeming qualities, there are aspects that irk me, such as the open-handed, verbal face-slap it gave at-home moms in one of its early episodes. However I frequently find myself wishing that the writers would decide whether "Mafia's" supposed to be a soap opera, a comedy, a drama, or a combo plate, otherwise known as a dramedy.

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  • Ode to thirtysomething

    by Meredith O'Brien (Mommy Track'd Working Moms in Pop Culture & Politics)

    I was a freshman in college when thirtysomething began its four-year run. And even though I was only 18 at the time, there was something about this show that drew me in. It was unlike any program I'd seen before and I remember thinking that when I eventually became a mother, I'd want to revisit thirtysomething to see how its storylines resonated with me.

    In case you weren't one of the cult followers, the focus of the show was a couple in their 30s, both college grads and overachievers who'd just become parents and were struggling with the impact parenthood had on their lives. The husband was the co-owner of a fledgling advertising company and the wife had been a journalist working for an environmental magazine before she had a baby. As the seasons progressed, she worked part-time for that environmental magazine and then an environmental advocacy group, had a second kid, worried about what her

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