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  • All About the 1970's Blog - a must read for anyone who grew up in the 70's

    Want to read a great blog about growing up in the 1970's? Check out author Darryll Sherman's latest tribute to the great 1970's - the All About The 1970s blog. Here you can read all his great stories and add your own about growing up in the best years.

    Mom's and Dad's you must tell these stories to your kids. It's your history. When I was growing up, the holiday dinner table was filled with stories of WWII. Your dinner table conversations need to convey how super we had it. Yep, we sure did.

    Do you remember...

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  • Fried Apples and Onions

    Want to impress your family and guests? This is an easy side dish that anyone can make for a special dinner. You just need 4 ingredients and a frying pan. The apples and onions are really good together.

    Fried Apples and Onions

    You will need the following:

    6 medium white or yellow onions, sliced into rings

    2 tablespoons butter

    6 medium tart red apples, cut into wedges

    3 tablespoons brown sugar

    In a large skillet, over medium heat, cook the onions in butter til soft. This should take 3-5 minutes. Add the apples and sprinkle the brown sugar on top. Cover and cook on low heat for 15-25 minutes until the apples are soft. This is enough for 8 people.

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  • School Lunch Ideas

    Are your kids tired of the same old lunch? Here are some great ideas that will make your kid think of you at lunchtime.

    • Make the sandwich into a shape. Using a cookie cutter, cut the bread first and then fill.
    • Get a thermos and fill with macaroni and cheese with veges in it. Or fill with their favorite soup.
    • Forget the sandwich and pack cheese or salami cubes and whole wheat crackers.
    • Pack banana, pumpkin, or zucchini bread.
    • Make celery with peanut butter and raisins on it - Ants on a Log.
    • If your child is a vegetarian, make a honey mustard and tomato sandwich.
    • Use leftover French toast and make a ham sandwich.
    • At my child's school, there is a kid who eats Sushi for lunch everyday. The kids are fascinated by the different shapes and colors.
    • Try homemade salsa and vegetables cut into sticks.
    • Have pita pizzas for dinner and make a few leftover for lunches.
    • Make muffins ahead of time and keep in the freezer. They go straight from the
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  • User post: Recipe for Disaster: Viagra Dessert

    Viagra-dessert-with-passion-fruitStudents at a culinary school in Bogota, Columbia have come up with a recipe for disaster. This delicious looking dessert pictured contains the sexual stimulant, Viagra.

    The dessert contains passion fruit , chocolate, whipped cream and a specially crushed blue pill - Viagra.

    Dessert Viagra

    As soon as the recipe process and dessert are inspected and approved by the Columbia food and health agency, the dessert will be available in area restaurants. In the United States, the recipe will surely be available for download only.

    For more info.

    Photo: AP/William Fernando Martinez

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  • Free Thanksgiving coloring pages and crafts for kids

    Here are some wonderful Thanksgiving coloring pages and crafts for kids. Bright red, orange, and sunny yellow colors just wait for little hands to show their beauty. thanksgiving-coloring-pages-and-crafts-for-kidsDon't forget to save their artwork for a beautiful display next year!

    Corn Collage

    To make this you will need the following:

    • yellow and green construction paper
    • popcorn kernels
    • glue
    • scissors
    1. Cut a corn cob oval shape out of the yellow paper.
    2. Cut a few leaf shapes out of the green paper.
    3. Using glue, attach popcorn kernels to the yellow paper.
    4. When dry, attach the leaves.

    This activity will keep little hands busy for quite awhile. Make sure to tell the child to place the kernels as close together as possible. If you want to display on the fridge, attach a magnetic strip to the back of the corn collage.

    Hanging Paper Chain

    To make this you will need the following:

    • orange, yellow, red, green or brown construction paper
    • glue
    • markers
    1. Cut 2 inch x 8 inch
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  • Taco Soup

    This is a quick soup to make for dinner when you really don't have time to make dinner. Serve this with cut up fruit or warm bread and you're good to go.

    Taco Soup

    1 can condensed tomato soup

    1 can of water

    1/4 cup salsa


    Combine in a pan, and heat through.

    Now, ladle soup into individual bowls.

    Add the following:

    Crumbled tortilla chips, cheddar or Monterey Jack shredded cheese, green onion, and sour cream.

    Muy Bueno!


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  • Shop early for New Moon Christmas gifts

    Need the perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for the New Moon fan in your family? These products are sure to be a hit. You should order early as these are guaranteed sell-outs. New Moon hits theaters November 20th and the frenzy has already begun.

    • New Moon aluminum water bottles are available in Team Edward or Team Jacob. $9.95 ea. Available at
    • Twilight Venom lip gloss for $16.00 and Just Bitten staining balm for $18.00 are must-have beauty products for your New Moon fan. Available at


  • User post: Yummy Chocolate Fudge

    Just 5 ingredients that probably are in your cupboard. So easy to make. Delicious.

    Yummy Chocolate Fudge

    3 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

    1- 14oz can sweetened condensed milk

    dash of salt

    1 cup chopped walnuts or pecans

    1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla

    Grease or spray an 8" or 9" square pan.

    In a saucepan over low heat, melt chips and milk until smooth.

    Remove from heat and add salt, nuts, and vanilla.

    Spread into pan and cool 2 hours.

    Store in fridge.

    Tip of the day: Never put on mascara while driving.

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  • Monk's Bread

    Looking for some heavenly eats? Try Monk's bread. The bread, and other specialty food items, are made by the Trappist Monks in the Genesee River Valley of New York. Trappist Monks do not accept charity money, and part of their mantra is manual labor. Monk's bread allows them the opportunity to earn their keep and also to donate to their own charities.

    Since 1953, the Monks have been making bread for the outside world. Today, Monks bread is available for purchase online at . On most days, 15,000 loaves of bread, and other food products are made by the 33 monks who reside at the Abbey. They are in bed by 7 pm to rise early at 2:25 am to begin their day of prayer and baking.

    For more information on their fascinating life visit

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  • My Parents Were Awesome Website

    Were your parents awesome? Do you even know if they were?

    According to the My Parents Were Awesome website, "Before the fanny packs and Andrea Bocelli concerts, your parents (and grandparents) were once free-wheeling, fashion-forward, and super awesome. "

    This website contains user submitted photos of Moms and Dads having fun, doing crazy things, or just being cool. You know, before kids came along and turned us into responsible drones. Some of the photos are unbelievable!

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