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  • 10 Tips for Traveling with Your Kids

    Traveling with your kids this summer? Travel expert and mom Nicole Hockin gave us some incredible tips for making traveling easier when you're bringing the kids, and EVERY mom could use that, right?

    1. Pack Light

    Bring only the essentials. The more you bring, the more you have to keep up with and the heavier the bags. Kids can require a lot of stuff: car seats, strollers, cribs, high chairs. Check out where you can rent gear instead of packing it all. Some car rental companies also rent child safety seats and some hotels offer childproof rooms or cribs upon request. Call ahead and find out which items you can cut from your packing list.

    2. Expect the Unexpected

    Not to contradict tip #1, but make sure you have plenty of what you need in your carry-on: diapers, wipes (which are great for a multitude of things), medications, change of clothes, snacks, and a secret coloring book.

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  • 5 Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Sex

    All couples will eventually get into a rut with their sex lives. It may be because of changing situations--like a new baby--or you could just be bored. Whether you like it or not, sex is an important part of your relationship, and you need to work on ways that you can make it better. Talk to your partner about the different ways you can spice up your sex life.

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    1) Sex Toys

    Think about using sex toys to spice up your relationship. If you are a bit hesitant at first, you don't have to start with the handcuffs or the biggest dildo. Instead, look for things that are a bit tamer, such as a flavored lube or a dice game that gives you hints about what to do. Talk to your partner to find out what types of toys interest him, and try to keep an open mind. You may find that you enjoy it when he uses a vibrator on you just as much as you do when you do it alone.

    2) Location and Timing

    Couples who have been together for years tend to get into a bit of a routine.

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  • Why It's So Difficult for a Man to Apologize

    It's true, many men don't know how to say I'm sorry and many people wonder why it is difficult for most men to do so. Unfortunately, it has become common in our society for men not to apologize. As kids, most men learned from their elders to say "excuse me," "please," "thank you" and "I am sorry." But as men grow older, the latter becomes more difficult to utter, especially with the opposite sex. It's kind of annoying.

    Too Much Pride?

    A proud man may find it difficult to apologize, even though deep down inside he knows he is wrong. This is an example of a man's ego that is out of line. He is more worried about hurting his pride than saying he is sorry, or worse, he worries more about his pride than his partner's feelings.

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    Appearance of Weakness

    Similar to the first, it is all about the image or perception. Appearing weak in front of the opposite sex is something most men try to avoid. To some men, asking for forgiveness is a sign of

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  • Pregnancy Questions to Ask Your Doctor

    When you first learn that you are pregnant, your mind will likely be flooded by questions. The excitement of receiving this news commonly gives way to concern about what the news means exactly and what your responsibilities as a mommy-to-be truly are. While you will likely ask your doctor a plethora of questions during your pregnancy, a few queries are more important than most and should not be overlooked. Here are the ones you definitely don't want to forget!

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    When Am I Due?

    While you may be able to calculate your general due date with some simple math, it is always good to get an official calculation from your doctor. Once you have your first sonogram, your doctor will be able to tell you your due date with reasonable certainty by measuring your growing baby's head and tummy.

    What Can I Eat?

    Some foods that you commonly eat may not be recommended for expecting mommies. Many doctors ask their patients not to eat certain foods, such as

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  • Summer Lips: Find the Right Shade

    When choosing lip colors for summer, bright and vibrant colors are the way to go. The types of colors to choose are bright pastels and hot hues similar to those seen in the tropics. Fruit colors are excellent choices, from the red berries to papaya colors. When applying bright lip colors, always remember that they tend to emphasize dry patches. To avoid this, scrub away the dry skin on lips, and then apply moisturizer before applying lipstick. Apply lipstick to the bottom lip, press lips together and use your fingertips to distribute the color so that it will not appear heavy-handed. Apply a matching lip pencil color to finish off the look.

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    Bright Pink

    Just like the color of pink flamingos, bright pink exudes warmth and vibrancy. Choose bright, bubble-gum shades if you have a lighter complexion with a pink undertone. Choose magenta if you have a darker skin tone. When choosing pink lip color, avoid the frosted or shimmery kinds so that your lips would not

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  • 23 Ways to Fight Fair with Your Husband

    Thirty years of marriage counseling and 25 years of a second marriage have convinced me that couples do not need to fight; they need to discuss. Married couples need to solve problems, and sometimes they need to disagree, but they don't need to squabble, argue or bicker. Fights are dramatic, a dynamic that does not really help a discussion. If you have enough energy to create drama, you have more than enough to tone it down into a discussion. However, because social expectations and mythology are so strong (fighting is often glorified in films and on television as a sign of passion), many of my clients want guidelines for "fighting fair." I've developed a set of Fair Fight Guidelines you may find helpful...

    Rule 1

    Remember the point of the fight is to reach a solution, not to win, be right, or make your partner wrong.

    Rule 2

    Don't try to mind read. Ask instead what he or she is thinking.

    Rule 3

    Don't bring up all the prior problems that relate to this one. Leave the past in

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  • The No Housework Week -- It's Possible!

    Moms these days do less housework than our grandmothers did, but we still do a lot. According to one government study, even moms who work full-time spend more than 14 hours a week on cleaning, food prep, laundry and other chores. That's like a part-time second job. And that's before we even get to kid chores like changing diapers! But housework doesn't have to consume valuable time when you could be doing something more fun. We all have 168 hours each week. Ever hear about productivity guru Tim Ferriss's book, The 4-Hour Work Week? Well, here are 10 tips for achieving that grand idea, at least on the housework front:

    Lower Your Standards

    Much housework does not need to be done. The playroom will just get dirty again. No one cares if the spines on your books align. Try this thought exercise: If you disappeared, would your husband ever do the chore you're about to do? If not, ask whether you should do it either.

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    On that front,

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  • Beautiful and Easy Summer Makeup Tips

    This summer is all about keeping your face looking fresh and natural. Summer is a time for sunshine and outdoor fun and making things as easy as possible. It's also a time when heat and outdoor living can take a toll on your face. This summer, go easy on your makeup by recreating a regimen to fit this season's natural look.

    Summer Colors

    This summer, go light: Pale pastels and vivid tropical colors offer a nice complement to summer clothing, and rather than going dark and drab, keep things light and bright. A subtle periwinkle blue or lavender eye shadow can brighten the eyes without overpowering them. While skin tone will have a lot to do with which shade of blush or lipstick is the most flattering, the summer is not the time to wear a heavy burgundy lipstick or deep cinnamon blush. Go with a brilliant pink shade of blush or a peach lipstick for a soft summer look.

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    Waterproof Makeup

    Heat and perspiration can cause makeup to

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  • Does Your Kid Prefer White Skin Over Black?

    Does your kid have biases when it comes to skin color? A new CNN pilot study reveals that white children have an overwhelming bias towards white, while black children also have a bias towards white, just not as strongly as the bias shown by white children. Does this translate to your kid? Should you be worried?

    Who's the Prettiest?

    One hundred and thirty-three children from New York and Georgia, ranging from about 5 to 9 years old, participated in the study. The study placed a child in a room with a researcher and showed the child a picture of several identical cartoon girls, the only difference being the range in their skin tones, from light to dark. When the researcher asked questions like "Who is the prettiest girl?" or "Who is the smartest girl?" the white children tended to point to a cartoon girl that had similar skin tone to herself. When asked who the ugliest or meanest girl was, the white children tended to point to the cartoon with the darkest skin tone.

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  • What NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman

    Ok, so I'm about 8 months pregnant and kind of starting to get over it all, but what I'm over even more is some of the stuff people say to me and about my pregnancy. Excuse me, but am I like a walking billboard people can just freely comment upon? Imagine if we did that to non-pregnant people. If you're pregnant, I am sure you can relate. And if you're not, please read this and be careful the next time you say something to a pregnant woman. We are VERY sensitive and you are VERY not. Here are the top five things to avoid saying.

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    OMG. You. Are. HUGE!

    Imagine if you were to say this to a non-pregnant person. Just because someone is carrying a baby does not give anyone the right to comment on their size. Trust me, we are already feeling big and ugly enough, the very very last thing we want to hear someone point out is how "huuuuge" we are. Am I right ladies? The fact is, even at eight months pregnant I'm still smaller than most

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