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  • Why Your Man Should Eat Less Meat & More Veggies!

    You've heard it over and over again - Real Men Eat Meat! Now you might be asking yourself what does this have to do with us Modern Moms? Well, as moms, we want our kids' fathers to be healthy, right? And how about having enough energy left over at the end of the day to spend quality (think sex) time with you, too! Besides, as moms, girlfriends and wives, we want to have sleek toned muscles too, right? Believe me girls -- those Skinny Bitches were on to something!

    More Plant Strong Diets

    If your husbands and boyfriends are overweight, have high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure, they MUST decrease the amount of cooked animal products they consume to lower their bad cholesterol (LDL) and fight disease like cancer. I'm not saying they must abandon meat altogether, but their diets must become more PLANT STRONG.

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    Typical American Diet

    Did you know that there is a lot of protein in nuts, beans, fruits, vegetables, rice and grains? Eating a

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  • How to Have "The Talk" With Your Kid -- In 4 Easy Steps

    Does anyone else think kids today are growing up too fast? It's not that they are growing into responsibilities of adulthood or suddenly learning faster than the rest of us did, but the youth of America is becoming more and more mature as they become more and more overexposed. And while many of you are thinking about our culture teaching children new and exciting curse words or spreading violence, I've noticed kids today are exposed most in matters concerning sex.

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    I think everyone remembers the traumatizing day that the mysteries of sex were revealed to them. Most of you, like me, probably stumbled upon some awkward movie scene flipping past cartoons or happened upon some risqué soap opera scene your mother ironed the family laundry. At ten years old, I remember making paper dolls and seeing much more than I wanted in a love scene of Eyes Wide Shut. Perhaps others of you overheard some other kid on your bus ride to school

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  • Lindsay and Other Celeb Rehab Stories -- Where Are They Now?

    "Rehab" has become the new buzz word around Hollywood these past few years. It seems like almost every star has gone to rehab for some kind of addiction. Of course, addiction is a very serious thing and I don't want to minimize the importance of rehab, I just think that "going to rehab" seems like the go-to solution for a troubled celebrity's career -- whether they have a legitimate addiction or not. Lindsay Lohan was recently released from her court-ordered stint in rehab, apparently her third rehab center to date. This made me think back to all the celebrities we've heard of going to rehab over the years. Did the rehab help their addictions? How has their stint in rehab affected their personal lives and their careers?

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    Drew Barrymore:

    Let's start off on a good note - with someone who has actually benefited from rehab. Drew Barrymore had quite a troubled childhood. Before the age of 13, she became addicted to drugs and alcohol and even

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  • 5 Cool Back to School Apps for Your Kid

    There's an app for nearly everything you could think of! Technology makes everything just a little bit simpler. So, why not make the transition back to school easier? Whatever you need to help your kids prepare - there's an app for that!

    For Your Little Artist:

    Kid Art for iPad is perfect for your little artist. Your kid can let their imagination run wild as they draw, use animal and object stamps, color and save their masterpieces to show you later. You can download this app for your iPad for just $0.99.

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    For Your Little Mathematician:

    Ever thought you'd hear your kid ask, "Can I do math?" Well, if you get the Math Magic app, designed for your iPhone or iPad, then you could hear these magical words coming out of YOUR kid's mouth! Learning math for your little one is fun and encouraging using this app, with vibrant colors and a star reward system. Help your kid discover the fun in math for just $0.99.

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  • Help! My Sixth Grader Wants a Facebook Account!

    "My sixth grade daughter wants a Facebook account because all her friends are on it. What do I do?" We were asked this question many times. Our answer: There is a reason Facebook says you need to be 13 years of age to have an account - at that age, they feel a child can reasonably understand the consequence of their actions and use the site responsibly.

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    Questions You Should Ask

    These questions are very important to ask yourself and your daughter because many children are not emotionally capable of understanding the below questions. And, guess what, they are children and shouldn't be. Does your 11 year old understand that what she posts, writes, or comments on can be seen by everyone (even people who are not her friends)? Does she understand the concept that people online may befriend her but may not be who they say they are? Does she understand that before she posts, writes or comments she needs to check first with you to

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  • 7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

    So, you've finally decided to go on a family vacation. Good for you! But, as any traveler knows, there is a lot of stress involved in getting ready to leave. One source of stress comes from leaving the house empty while away. How can you protect your home while you are away on vacation? Here are some tips:

    1. Recruit a Friend's Help

    The best way to ensure that your house is safe is by asking a trusted friend or relative to house sit or at least come by every day or so to check on the place. You should give him a key so he can water the plants, feed the fish, etc. This friend should have your contact info and a copy of your itinerary in case of any emergencies.

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    2. Inform the Neighbors

    Inform your neighbors about your trip and ask them to keep an eye on your house, too. Make sure to let them know if you are having a friend or relative come by every so often. Also, give them a copy of your contact info and itinerary in case

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  • 10 Signs A Man is in Love

    Let's face it: Men can be difficult to understand. If your guy isn't upfront about his feelings, you may be wondering whether or he's really in love or still playing the field. While there are no sure-fire ways to tell--as every many is different--certain signs can help you tell if your man is in love.

    Eye Contact

    Harvard psychologist Zick Rubin did a study that determined that people in love look at each other 75 percent of the time, while those who are not in love only look at each other 30 to 60 percent of the time. They are also slower to look away when something or someone distracts them.

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    His Plans

    If a guy is in love with you, he's planning a future that includes you. Pay attention to what he says about his dreams five or 10 years from now and see how often those dreams include you. For example, he may talk about buying a house together or going on vacation with you.


    He may be showing more empathy toward your feelings, such

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  • How to Get Out of a Bad Mood Quick!

    Life is full of ups and downs, and the craziness of it all can easily put you in a funk at times. Most people assume their bad mood is directly correlated to whatever situation just happened to them. Let's say, for example, that your significant other unloads the dishwasher and you yell at them for unloading it wrong. It is likely that your anger has nothing to do with the actual dishes, but an underlying issue that you are struggling with. Maybe you are really upset that your best friend said something hurtful and this is the easiest way to vent. Instead of becoming very upset in the moment, stop to process what is really going on. Take the time to really figure out what you're upset about, even if it means peeling away several layers -- you will get to the root of the issue and resolve it much better and faster.

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    The Importance of Awareness

    Do you ever feel like you are upset about something so trivial and part of you knows it has nothing to do

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  • Want to Look Like Gisele? Brazilian Beauty Secrets Revealed!

    Brazilian women are among the most beautiful women in the world and have long been recognized as such. Naturally, women from the rest of the world are curious to find out some Brazilian beauty tips. Hello, just take a glimpse at Gisele Bundchen! We wouldn't mind looking a little more like her.

    Babassu Oil

    Babassu oil, from the Babassu tree, is native to Brazil. Babassu oil is similar to coconut oil. It is beginning to surpass coconut oil in popularity, according to the Soapers Choice website. At room temperature, this oil is in a semi-solid form that melts when you apply it to your body. It creates a cooling feeling on your skin. This oil is good for oily and dry skin types, moisturizing without leaving an oily sheen.

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    If you are fortunate enough to live near a warm, sandy beach, as the Brazilian women do, you can practice one of their beauty tips just the way they do it. Brazilian women rub wet sand on their bodies while relaxing on

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  • 23 Adventurous, Cheap and Romantic Date Ideas!

    While there is nothing wrong with dinner and a movie, sometimes date night should entail something more adventurous or romantic. Even a variation of the classic theme, such as a gourmet picnic dinner and a drive-in movie, adds spice to the ordinary date night. Despite what you may think, people on tight budgets also have a ton of options for planning fun date nights. Brainstorm your common interests and start exploring your town for up-and-coming spots, favorite nature areas or free attractions that will help make for an enjoyable date.

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    Adventurous Dates:

    Break out of the mold with an adventurous date night. Yes, some of these may stretch your budget a tad, but save some of these ideas for a big occasion, like an anniversary!

    Center a vacation around one of these wild and fun date:

    If you both have wanted to try

    (1) river-rafting

    (2) spelunking

    (3) scuba-diving

    Closer-to-home adventure dates might include:

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