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  • Are You Poisoning Your Child with Food Dyes?

    Do you feed your child Froot Loops and other foods containing coloring and dyes? Then, you NEED to read the rest of this article. We've always been told that food coloring is harmless and that it just makes foods look more appealing. But, in fact, it is a harmful poison that has the potential to damage your child in various ways, from neurological issues to cancer. These accusations come from a new research report from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a non-profit consumer watchdog organization.

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    What You Should Know

    The report, Food Dye - A Rainbow of Risks, reviews the risks that are already commonly associated with food dye consumption: Blue 1, Red 40, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6 have been known to cause allergic reactions in some people. Tests on lab animals of Blue 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Red 40, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6 showed signs of causing cancer. Yellow 5 also caused mutations, an indication of possible

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  • What NOT to Feed Your Baby

    A common question asked by new mothers is what types of foods to offer and what types of foods to avoid when it comes to introducing their babies to solids. The recommended age for weaning a baby off of a breast milk or formula-only regimen is 4-6 months old, according to the American Academy of Pediatric. After that time, you should gradually introduce new foods to their system. When you do decide to take that step and introduce new foods to your baby, here are some tips about what foods to avoid until your baby's first birthday:


    Honey can harbor poisonous botulism spores. While an adult's intestinal tract is strong enough to prevent the growth of these spores, a baby's system is not. This can produce life-threatening, poisoning toxins.

    Peanut Butter

    The sticky and thick consistency of peanut butter can make it hard for an infant to swallow. Hold off on introducing peanut butter and other thick buttery spreads to your child.

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  • Botox -- Should You or Shouldn't You?

    Botox is more common than we might think and it's not just celebrities that indulge in this "reverse your age" treat. When Modernmom talked to an LA nurse who administers the stuff, she said you'd be surprised who comes knocking on her door -- it's a quick fix for anyone that wants to turn back the clock without going through major surgery. But what are the pros and cons? Is it safe? And what's up with the cost? We got the details.
    Pretty People Make More Money

    Dermatologist Dr. Debra Luftman says that pretty people get more rewards, and that helps fuel their brain with self-esteem and positive feelings. Research shows that beautiful people earn more money, get a better break in the legal system, get more help from strangers, advance further in their careers and are generally happier. So, it seems as if botox can make you more money.

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    It Makes You Happier!?

    Wow. We had no idea, but research shows that botox has been used to treat

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  • New Moms Beware: 4 Friends You Don't Need

    Becoming a mother for the first time can leave you lonely and vulnerable. It might even make you question what you still have in common with your single BFFs (who wouldn't know a bassinet from a basset hound). Naturally, it can be extremely helpful to expand your circle and add some other new moms to the mix. But before you get sucked into friendships that will do more harm than good, make sure to familiarize yourself with some of the energy-draining, stress-producing sharks that commonly infest the playgroup waters:

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    The Sanctimommy

    "You know why you shouldn't use that kind of diaper, right?" "I can't believe you let her sleep that way!" Ah-the attack of the Sanctimommy. Her way is the only right way, and she's not about to let you believe otherwise. She gives her unsolicited and self-righteous opinion on everything-and we mean everything-from burping to co-sleeping to whether or not you should eat that chocolate (you're nursing!).

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  • Best Drugstore Foundations: Save Money and Look Flawless!

    Foundation is a girl's best friend. It can hide all your blemishes and instantly polish up your look. Once you've got your foundation on, you feel confident and ready to take on the world. But some women are going at it all wrong, shelling out way too much cash. These hard economic times call for the recessionista in you to come out. You don't have to go to a special store in the mall and pay big bucks to make your face flawless. You can find great foundations at your local drugstore! Here are the top drugstore foundations that our staffers have tested and approved:

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    Best Foundation with SPF: Nuetrogena Glow Sheers

    It has a tinted-moisturizer like finish and an SPF of 30 for ultimate sun protection. We were weary when we read on the packaging that it has shimmer, but it only provides a light and flattering sheen to your face. It's lighter than a lot of foundations we've found.

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  • Summer Survival Guide: Tips Every Parent Should Use

    School is out and the kids are making a beeline for the video games, TV and the computer. It's easier for them to get into bad habits, and as parents, it's harder to stick to a structure now that the structure of school is gone. But there are things you can do to keep you and the kids in line. Here's our guide for surviving the summer:
    Keep Bedtimes Consistent

    It's ok to get to bed a little bit later than usual, but getting into the habit of staying up until they can't keep It's fine to get to bed an hour later in the summer if sleeping later is also possible, but getting into the habit of staying up until kids are over exhausted is not a great idea. It will also make the transition of getting to bed early for school way more difficult. Stick within an hour of regular bedtimes!

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    Serve Meals on Time

    Kids need predictability, and not just during the school year. Try not to get in the habit of feeding your kids way late. Instead, keep

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  • Best Fireworks Shows Across the U.S.

    What's the best thing about the Fourth of July? Next to getting a day off (even though this year is on a Sunday) work, it's the fireworks! Everyone feels like a kid when watching a fireworks show, no matter how old you are. Here are the top firework shows in major cities across the U.S. Obviously, we couldn't include every city, but if yours is missing from the list, then write a comment below and share with where your family enjoys fireworks on the Fourth!

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    Los Angeles, CA

    This Fourth will be "Americafest 2010," the 84th Annual 4th o f July celebration at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. It's the self-proclaimed "biggest and best fireworks show in Southern California." Enjoy a full day of safe and affordable family fun, including live music, a military tribute and food.

    New York City, NY

    If the Rose Bowl is the biggest fireworks show in S. Cali, then the Macy's 4th of July fireworks show is the biggest in America! The

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  • Can Snoring Ruin Your Relationship?

    It may sound a like a funny question, but there's nothing funny about it when you're with a partner that snores. In fact, studies are saying that snoring can and has ruined relationships. Say your husband is snoring, for example, the next thing you know you two are sleeping separately and then what? No more sex life. Not getting enough sleep can impact your daily life and relationships with family and friends. We had a little office poll and a few of us said we wouldn't even continue dating someone if we found out they snored. Then again, sometimes snoring happens with age, and not something your partner does within the first few years you're with them. Look at these shocking statistics on snoring! What would you do if your partner snores? Sleep on the couch? Leave (a little extreme, we know...)?

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    The Facts

    Statistics from the National Sleep Foundation about snoring and sleep apnea say 90 million Americans are affected by snoring. A study by the

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  • Top Ten Cheap Girlfriend Dates - Oh Yeah...

    Some of you asked us for some tips on what to do with your girls rather than with your guys -- we loved that idea. After all, we all could use a little more time with our bff's right? (maybe even more so than a date night...) Ok, so here are our top 10 cheap things to do on your next girls night:

    1. Game Night

    Some girls we know do a regular poker night once a week -- they never miss it. They end up spending HOURS playing cards, laughing, drinking wine and catching up. All the ladies bring something to eat and drink and they rotate hosting responsibilities.

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    2. Wine-Tasting

    We told you about how fun it was to join a wine club a few days ago (missed the article? Here it is -- below) but some of us just can't easily leave our house, right? You could do your own wine-tasting party where several people are delegated to bring a new wine and do little tastings. There are lots of good, inexpensive wines to taste -- buy a Wine

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  • Top 10 Classic Summer Flicks for Family Night

    Your kids won't want to leave the house to hang out with friends if you're playing any one of these movies on family night! Some are good for the little ones while others are more appropriate for older kids and teens. The rating is listed next to the movie so it's up to your judgment. Your favorite summer movie not on the list? Leave a comment below and tell us what it is. Here at 10 classic summer-themed movies for your family to enjoy (in no particular order). Grab one of these classic flicks, whip out the popcorn, dim the lights and press play.

    The Parent Trap (1998)

    Identical twins Hallie and Annie (played by Lindsey Lohan - way before her part girl days) were separated at birth when their parents divorced. After the two meet at summer camp, they begin plotting ways to reunite their estranged parents, despite the many obstacles in their way. Rated G.

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    Now and Then (1995)

    This is perfect for moms and daughters to watch

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