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  • The Truth About "Love" and "Being in Love" Cont.3

    Untimely, this has taught me that the fight for a relationship starts the moment that it begins. How do you know when begins? When you both agree that you can see each other growing old or while "falling in love" When do you know that you are "falling in love"? I can almost assure you that it's within the first few dates. Even with my ex, I did not get the sense that I could see him in my life till old age. Yet, I was willing to try. The guy after him, I saw the life long vision, but he was too torn in life to see it too. The Third guy, well, I saw it, but we never talked about it. The guy after him, the one I am currently dating... yes, we both agreed on being able to see a life together till old age, at least. Thus, the subconscious fight to make it so begins. Because we both were "falling in love", there was no need to fight the currents. Yet, one does not feel the impact of the waves until one is "in love" completely. "Being in love" starts the moment u hit the water and recognize

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  • The Truth About "Love" and "Being in Love" Cont. 2

    I later discovered that there will be a day where he will not be "in love" with me at all. Then pop up the next day as if the day of him not being "in love" with me never occurred. We both know that a day had occurred before, and we talk about what we did with that day. Yet, as for us being "in love", he was not "in love' that day. Though he never spoke of his longings for me while he was gone, I continued to speak of mine. Remaining "in love" the whole entire time. I told him that it makes me panic and I believe that he may not talk to me ever again. This insecurity came after a man I was briefly dating just stopped talking to me all of a sudden. Later giving the explanation that he was neglectful. At least he was somewhat apologetic. The guy I am currently dating gave the explanation that he has no sense of time. This came after he had done this to me for a second time. The first excuse was that he had someone over that he had not hung out with in a long time.

    In my heart and mind

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  • The Truth About "Love" and "Being in Love" Cont.

    Before I was given opportunity to play my character into his play, I was sent another play to star in. The best part about the role was that upon meeting this new man in my life, we actually had "new love" or "falling in love". Recognizing the connection and chemistry. Realizing that we both have very much in common. Not yet knowing that there were things about him that just did not match well with me. I had no complaints. Both of us filled with utter gratitude for this new relationship. Thinking that we both found the perfect mate.

    For me, perfect did not consist of not finding a flaw in our chemistry, but finding it, talking about it and meeting in the middle. Not skipping a beat of being utterly "in love". Still excited about the new relationship and full of gratitude for it. Believing that once the issue has been mentioned, you both are so in love (still wanting to please and impress the other with your skill to love them) that you both make a minor adjustment. It should not feel

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  • Recession = Opportunity

    Ok, with the way the economy is now, who is not having financial difficulty. Nine out of ten this would be you too. I would have been in the same bracket, but I got an early start right before the economy took it turn for the worst. While I took advantage of the opportunity that I am presenting to you, now would be the best time to take advantage of the great depression. The depression was creating to give those, who would have not otherwise had the chance, the opportunity to get a head start for when things return to normal. Prices are low, businesses catering to the poor. Who can ask for a better chance other than now?

    When I use the term poor, I am not speaking in class (upper class, middle class, lower class). Remember that there are upper class poor people. They have stuff, but if truth be told, they are either living from check to check or extremely unhappy despite their stuff.

    Really wealth not only supplies you with the funds to do all that you desire, but also the

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  • Flawless Part 1

    It was getting late and Samantha was so ready for bed. Planning the next day, she sat out on the back stoop of her home brain storming. The night was clear and she could see every star in the sky. The shower she just had made it easy to relax from a long day of cleaning behind her visiting guest and their children. It was not often that she had the chance to enjoy such a clear night. Often times her thoughts seems to not be as clear as this night sky. She lit her cigarette and decided to just enjoy the menthol flavor verses the toxins that seem to calm her all too often. This smoke was different. She did not need the smoke to calm her nerves from adults that seems to find it very hard to clean behind themselves or even the chaos of a house full of three extra children besides her own. Oh this was very different. This was all about pleasure. Her thoughts began to wonder from tomorrow's plans and today's hardships. Soon all she could hear was the new song that got more radio play a lot

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  • Today Is A New Day

    I have often found myself trying to really grasp what that means. A matter of fact I know that today is a new day. It's just that sometimes it feel like today (whatever the day is) feels like an old day wrapped in new paper. I know I'm alone on this one.
    This is my first blog which makes this a new day for me. This a step towards creating something new in this day. I hope it leads to something new in my life. I don't consider myself very special, but I try to remember that I am. I don't expect to change the world but I hope that by blogging this will change me for the positive.
    I am excited about my new day and many more to come. I wonder how many people are creating new days and how. Please feel free to share them so all who reads this will find new way as well.
    I think we all can benefit from a new day verses an old one wrapped in new paper (which I call a day of the week.)
    How's your new day? If you don't have one create one. Pretty soon we can be "Positive Pros" at creating

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