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  • Best Pizza Places in the U.S

    By Food & Wine

    Top chefs and fabled bakers are among the new breed of pizzaiolo who are just as fanatic over the temperature of their ovens to how nearby their ingredients come from. They're elevating pizza around the country from greasy pies in cardboard boxes to inspired creations with crackly, charred crusts topped with house-made cheese and charcuterie. Here, Food & Wine presents the Best Pizza Places in the U.S.

    Top U.S. Pizza Spots: Co. in New York City

    New York City: Co.

    Signature Item: Popeye (with pecorino, Gruyère, mozzarella, spinach, black pepper and garlic).
    Sullivan Street Bakery founder Jim Lahey is one of the country's elite bakers, so it makes sense that people can't stop talking about his chewy, crisp, ever-so-slightly tangy pie crusts. Lahey's newest project: He developed the menu for Crust, a soon-to-open Neapolitan-style pie spot at LaGuardia Airport. Photo © Squire Fox.

    Top U.S. Pizza Spots: Santarpio's Pizza in Boston, MA

    Boston: Santarpio's Pizza

    Signature Item: Homemade Sausage Pie.
    This super traditional pizzeria, with wood paneled walls covered with

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  • The 3 Recipes that Keep Chef Gail Simmons Slim

    By Gail Simmons, Food & Wine

    My new book, Talking with My Mouth Full, is about my life as a professional eater: growing up in a food-obsessed family, working for star chef Daniel Boulud, getting a dream job at Food & Wine-all of it leading to my role as a Top Chef judge and Top Chef Just Desserts host. What I don't reveal in the book is how I balance all of the extreme eating. (Once, during a Willy Wonka-themed challenge, we literally had to chew the scenery.) At home, I prepare healthy meals-my mother-in-law's chicken-and-barley stew, say, or a quinoa and rice bowl with lemony tahini sauce. The recipes here are my favorites.

    Plus: Top Chef Recipes

    Chicken and Barley Stew with Dill and LemonChicken and Barley Stew with Dill and Lemon
    Chicken and Barley Stew with Dill and Lemon
    This one-pot dinner from F&W's Gail Simmons is an enriched take on classic chicken soup with rice - it's flavorful, hearty and comforting all at once.

    1/2 cup all-purpose flour
    Kosher salt
    Freshly ground pepper
    2 pounds skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut into 1 1/2-inch

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  • The Hunger Games' Katniss Everdeen: A Model of Sustainability?

    By Alessandra Bulow, Food & Wine
    Copyright Lionsgate EntertainmentThere are so many reasons to anticipate the new The Hunger Games movie, which is based on the first book in a trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The heroine is 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, a tomboy who lives in a post-apocalyptic dystopian society and is forced to participate in a brutal to-the-death game that's televised by the evil, superficial and wealthy Capitol.

    But from a food-world perspective, the message of the story is almost as exciting as Katniss's big screen quest to make it through the deadly arena with her humanity (and head!) intact.

    Many fans understandably celebrate the enticing food imagery throughout the book, especially when Katniss is introduced to foods she's never tasted or heard of before, like hot chocolate: "I take a sip of the hot, sweet, creamy liquid and a shudder runs through me. Even though the rest of my meal beckons, I ignore it until I've drained my cup." When asked what impresses her most about the Capitol, she responds,

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  • 6 Easy, Exotic, Good-For-You Snacks

    By Food & Wine

    Snacking is a perfect way to satisfy hunger between meals and keep your metabolism up throughout the day. Problem is, most available snack foods are either heavily processed, overly salty (or sweet!), or simply just a bag of empty calories. We've put together a slideshow of six easy-to-make snacks that are not only tasty, but also pack a nutritional punch. Most of these recipes come together in about 15 minutes, so you can satisfy your cravings-fast.

    More from Food & Wine:

    More Healthy Snacks

    America's Healthiest Cites to Visit

    Best Healthy Recipes Ever

    Healthy Game Day Snacks

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  • Mistakes You're Making with Fish

    By Alex Vallis, Digital Features Editor, Food & Wine

    Herb-Broiled Fish with Lemon Aioli photo by Tina RuppHerb-Broiled Fish with Lemon Aioli photo by Tina Rupp

    New Orleans-based chef John Besh recently released his second cookbook: My Family Table: A Passionate Plea for Home Cooking, a collection of simple, comfort-food recipes. The longtime Louisiana booster has also been making moves to support Gulf seafood. In January, Besh opened his ninth restaurant, Borgne, which emphasizes the region's coastal cuisine. He shared recipes for swordfish picatta and shrimp bisque with Food & Wine, and even features a chapter in his new book called "How to Cook a Fish." Here, we asked Besh to describe the worst offenses you can commit against seafood.

    Great Healthy Fish Recipes

    1. Buy bad fish. The easiest way to foul a fish dish is to not have a relationship with your fishmonger. If you don't know where the fish is coming from and when it was caught, you're making the first mistake.

    Fast Fish Recipes

    2. Over season. You can mask a fish's delicate flavor with too many

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  • Over-the-Top Breakfasts

    By Food & Wine

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture maintains that eating breakfast may help you lose weight and keep it off, but we've found some breakfast dishes served across the country that will seriously derail a diet. While some of these extravagant orders look, and let's face it, taste delicious, a couple have more calories than one should consume in a few days, according to nutritional calculations by the Food & Wine Test Kitchen. The ultra-rich offerings get gradually more outrageous, concluding with a breakfast that contains approximately 8,700 calories on one plate.

    Courtesy of Hash House A Go GoCourtesy of Hash House A Go Go

    Hash House A Go Go, Las Vegas
    In the "Flapjacks and Waffles" section of the menu, just below the "Tractor Driver Combo," you'll find the pièce de résistance of breakfast architecture: The Sage Fried Chicken and Bacon Waffle Tower, constructed with two skin-on fried chicken breasts, four buttermilk waffles made with four strips of hardwood-smoked bacon, and topped with fried leeks and a hot maple

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  • Family Dinner Without the Drama

    By Food & Wine Senior Recipe Developer Grace Parisi

    I am not one to indulge picky eaters. It's probably a holdover from my childhood-the resounding "I'm not a short-order cook!" from my mother, nightly. We ate one dinner. I picked the peppers out of my frittata, stashed the tomatoes from my caprese in my napkin and snuck whatever I could to the dog. Now that I'm the family cook, my strategy is to prepare dishes everyone will be happy to eat. Sure, we have a lot of broccoli and green beans-since my kids happen to like them-and because one of my children can't bear spicy foods, the rest of us make do with hot sauce on the side. But as my kids have grown up, so have their taste buds, which is a relief beyond words. The recipes here should satisfy everyone at your table. If they don't, remember: Most kids know how to make PB&Js.

    Slideshow: Grace Parisi's 30 Family Suppers

    Speedy Baked Ziti recipe photo by Pernille Pedersen.Speedy Baked Ziti recipe photo by Pernille Pedersen.

    Speedy Baked Ziti
    Doctoring good-quality jarred tomato sauce, like Rao's, with ground meat, onion,

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  • Best Grilled Cheese in the US

    By Food & Wine

    The best grilled cheese sandwich is the gooiest grilled cheese, says Laura Werlin, the James Beard Award-winning cookbook author behind Grilled Cheese, Please! "After you bite into it, the cheese should stretch out past your face as far as your arm will reach. Otherwise, it's just not right." While it's easy to achieve some level of crunchy, buttery excellence at home, chefs and restaurateurs are creating exceptional grilled cheese sandwiches across the country. Here, Food & Wine presents the Best Grilled Cheese in the U.S.

    Perfect grilled cheese at Grahamwich in Chicago.Grahamwich
    Chicago, IL

    Graham Elliot Bowles is known for playful cuisine at Graham Elliot, and the sandwiches at his take-out joint, Grahamwich, are equally inventive. The grilled cheese on sliced Pullman loaf features Wisconsin cheddar, prosciutto, tomato marmalade and cheese curds, which, when melted, add an extra soft, gooey effect. Photo Courtesy of Grahamwich.

    Gooey grilled cheese at The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco.The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen
    San Francisco, CA

    Heidi Gibson was an engineer

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  • Valentine’s Chocolate Taste Test

    by Food & Wine

    When a new batch of chocolates arrives at Food & Wine's office for taste-testing, the staff goes into a frenzy. For Valentine's Day, our editors had the difficult task of sampling traditional heart-shape-boxed chocolates that you can find right in your neighborhood drugstore. It wasn't all pretty, but here are some of the top picks. While boxed chocolates are a no-brainer for the holiday, the judges also revealed some of their favorite unique bars that can be tied with a ribbon for a more personalized gift--from gorgeously-wrapped single-origin chocolate to potato-chip-filled bars, which are perfect for Valentines who love candy that's salty and sweet.

    Dove Silky Smooth Select Chocolates Heart Box
    Description: Milk chocolate and peanut butter truffle hearts, dark chocolate hearts, caramel hearts
    Staff comments: "I think these are really good. The peanut butter truffle hearts are yummy. The shell-to-filling ratio and textures are perfect. Good

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  • How to Make a Better Cupcake

    By Jasmin Sun, Food & Wine

    In 2012, the confectionery geniuses at New York City's Magnolia Bakery began offering their Sex and the City-approved cupcakes for national delivery. The company spent nearly two years testing out packaging before adding cupcakes to its lineup of cookies, brownies and bars already available online. (The cupcakes had a tendency to become less than pristine during the shipment process.)

    "I think my mother's sick of me sending her cupcakes," says Magnolia Bakery president Bobbie Lloyd. That's not to say Lloyd will ever tire of America's enduring dessert obsession. She served cupcakes at her wedding long before they became trendy. While Magnolia's cupcakes can arrive literally overnight, Lloyd is happy to encourage baking at home. Here, she shares six tips for home bakers trying to create the perfect cupcake.

    Slideshow: Amazing Cupcake Recipes

    1. Read through the recipe. Thoroughly reading the full recipe before getting started will help you avoid unwanted

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