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  • Game Time Recipes From Celebrity Chefs

    Game time snacks just got more exciting thanks to our favorite celebrity chefs. Paula Deen, Rocco Dispirito and George Duran are opening up their playbook and sharing unique, fun, delicious and easy to prepare recipes.

    A burger on a bun is an all American classic but Paula Deen adds a lip smacking twist we're calling Savannah Sliders. Wrap par-cooked burger patties in raw puff pastry, add your favorite condiments, fold the burger pouches up, brush them with an egg wash and bake until golden in a 400 degree oven for approximately 20 minutes. Paula's Savannah Sliders are delicious, but for fans who are counting their calories try Rocco Dispirito's healthy halftime snack: Faux fried onion rings. Here is the simple recipe from his cookbook 'Now eat This!'

    Faux Fried Onion Rings with Smoky Mayonnaise

    Giving foods that glorious, crispy, crunchy texture without a deep fryer isn't easy. The best way to healthfully approximate the deep-fried experience is to use panko breadcrumbs, a mist of

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  • At home with the Lady of Savannah: a Paula Deen home tour

    I recently headed to Savannah, Georgia to meet and tour the home of culinary sensation Paula Deen. Hope you enjoy the home tour as much as I did. Check it out below.

    The strongest impression as one rambles along Savannah's historic district is the Spanish moss clinging from the tall oak trees. Like a gauzy sheath, it lends the city a romantic and ethereal atmosphere.

    For a city of just over 130,000 people, Savannah is quite spread out. Most visitors only become acquainted with the historic district and its 22 green park squares that like petits fours break up an awesome mix of Victorian, Neoclassical and modern architecture. The downtown district is dotted with art galleries, antique shops, old churches, and plenty of restaurants doling up Southern soul food. Stand out eateries include the Soho South Cafe, Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room, Vic's on the River, and of course Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons.

    On this episode Paula takes us on a tour of the home that launched her brand. It's

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  • Famous Haven: Inside Diane von Furstenberg's home with InStyle Magazine

    Diane von Furstenberg is legendary for creating the infamous wrap-dress, and is still one of the most influential fashion designers in the world. When this fashion icon needs to get away from it all she dashes off to her country estate in Connecticut. Check out below the unique inside look at Diane's home as seen in the September issue of InStyle magazine.

    For more on Diane von Furstenberg's country home, pick up this month's fall fashion issue of InStyle magazine.

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    Thanks for watching. Check out more unique homes on Make Home a Haven.
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  • Extreme Homes: A Glass House

    This stunning structure known as "The Glass Pavilion" looks more like a work of art than a 14,000 square foot home. Steel beams and glass make this Montecito California home appear weightless as it floats above the lawn. Check out our inside tour of this famous haven.

    Designed by self-taught Architect Steve Hermann, this modern home truly brings the outside in. Glass walls everywhere allow you to enjoy the 3½ acres of oak groves from every room. A unique cantilevering process creates the appearance that the house is floating above the lawn, and the ceilings even look like they're floating above the walls. The 5 bedrooms and 5 baths offer plenty of room for a big family, and the hallways and public spaces are over-sized and have an open and airy feel. Forget about your average 2 car garage, this place has a massive 32 car showroom. (It's actually an art gallery for Steve's vintage car collection.) See all the stunning details inside and outside, in this week's episode. The glass

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  • Fabulous and functional baby basics

    Who are these faceless people in lab coats that manufacture saccharine-overloaded kids' furnishings? Will my home ever look chic again? Every stylish parent asks themselves these questions when drowning in a menagerie of blue and pink.

    Thankfully, more options are being born for the fashion-forward family in search of functionality and aesthetic. We're talking about products that are not embarrassing to have anchored onto our family room rug and ones that our children can't wait to droll--or chew-- over.

    Below, some of my favorite fabulous and functional baby basics.

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  • The Housewives of D.C home tour

    The latest incarnation of Bravo's "The Real Housewives" takes place in Washington D.C., home to our nation's capital and to some unique and wonderful homes. Cast member Stacie Turner gave us a special look into her home and some insight into the DC landscape.

    Stacie was the perfect DC host during my visit. I love the high ceilings and the dramatic style of her historic Spanish style home. The Turners purchased the former church in 1999 for three hundred thousand dollars, and after a massive six hundred thousand dollar renovation the Spanish-style villa was transformed into a 5000 square foot haven, complete with four bedrooms and three and a half baths.

    More than a reality show star, Stacie runs a successful real estate practice, she's a wife, a mother of two adorable kids and the director of a charity she founded called Extra-Ordinary Life, which helps out teenage girls living in DC foster care.

    Check out Stacie's home in this weeks episode and watch The Real Housewives of

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  • A Hollywood mom shares her birthday party secrets for kids

    Hollywood moms make a splash in the current issue of Us Weekly magazine. From Christina Aguilera and her son Max, to soon to be talk show queen Marissa Jaret Winokur and her 2 year old son Zev. We went behind the scenes of one Hollywood mom's birthday party, check it out.

    Make Home A Haven got a special invite to Marissa Jaret Winokur's son's birthday bash. But other stars share their mommy secrets too; Kirstie Alley tells Us Weekly "Parenting is what I take most seriously", she also shares a tip "Point kids in the right direction, and let them find their way.''

    More from Us Weekly:

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    Meet Hollywood's newest moms

    Get celeb kids' back-to-school style

    See you next time on a brand new episode of Make Home a Haven.

    Can you guess what Rocco's grilling up for summer? Do you know the seven summer solutions to entertaining?

    Turn these
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  • Seven campsites that won't let you down

    It's a great way to get away from the daily grind, commune with nature, and keep the kids far from the tube. With thousands of campsites across the country to choose from, how do you narrow down which one is right for your family? In today's episode, we showcase some of our favorite spots from around the nation.

    Do you have a favorite campsite? Let me know in the comment section below. Here are ours:

    California's Joshua Tree National park
    Eight hundred thousand acres filled with endemic trees and ancient, wild rock formations. The best part? No need to be an expert climber. Jumbo rock is a blast to explore. There is also horseback riding, birdwatching, and mountain biking.

    Florida's John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park

    Located in the Florida Keys, this original undersea park features 178 nautical miles of coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangrove swamps. A perfect place to scuba, snorkel or take a glass bottom boat tour.

    Idaho's Warm River

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  • Check into Miami's most famous address: The Versace mansion re-invented

    It's the iconic home that put Miami's South Beach on the map. Designer Gianni Versace owned four homes around the globe including a palazzo in Milan Italy, a villa on Lake Como and the infamous South Beach mansion where he met his untimely death. (Versace was shot on the steps of the mansion on July 15, 1997, by Andrew Cunanan.) Now, a rare glimpse inside his lavish estate's latest incarnation.

    After a nearly six month, two million-dollar renovation, the one-of-a-kind property on Ocean Drive offers top tier service and accommodations as the new luxury hotel called Villa by Barton G. There are 10 custom suites that range in price from about $1200 a night to about five thousand a night.

    The hotel is named after Barton G Weiss, the president, owner and founder. He tells me that this property is about taking luxury to the next level. One big stand out is how he recruited butlers from around the globe to pamper the guests. Barton G says 'The butlers are an important experience, they

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  • Tour a $50 million Hamptons house of fun

    The Hamptons is an east coast celebrity summer retreat and everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Martha Stewart call it home. This week we found the ultimate 50 million dollar Hamptons haven. Trust me when I say this place has it all!

    Located in Bridgehampton New York, this mega mansion raises the bar when it comes to fully loaded havens. Walk in the front door and you'll be blown away with grand style and luxury. This house has 31 thousand square foot of living space and every inch is a jaw dropper.

    Lets start with the 2-story foyer that leads to a double living room with two grand fireplaces, this space looks out onto a covered patio and 12 glorious acres. The first floor also includes a library, formal dining room also with a fireplace, his and hers offices, a movie theater, a family room, a screened-in patio and a massive fully appointed kitchen. There is a separate prep kitchen and a butler's pantry. There are so many unique things about this home, but my favorite is the lower level.

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