• From Fall Affairs to Winter Relationships: Keep Your Partner Warm

    Dennis, 60 and Karen, 53 met in the fall when Karen's kids were heading off to college. With more time for herself, Karen posted her profile and photo on an online dating site for single baby boomers and Dennis, a Sean Connery look-a-like was the second suitor to ask her out.

    They only lived 25 minutes away from each other in Long Island, so their dates began casually with dinners at outdoor cafes, walks in the park, harvest-related events like apple-picking, wine tasting and watching the leaves change colors. It wasn't difficult to find things to do together when the weather was warm but with winter approaching, Dennis and Karen were challenged to find out if they had enough heat to stay together in the cold.

    If you live in a region like the Northeast where winter can bring temperatures in the single digits, follow these tips below to get warmed-up:

    Break the Ice

    Cold weather makes a lot of us feel sluggish and tired. We stay indoors more often and have a

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  • User post: Should I Stay or Should I Go to the Strip Club with My New Beau?

    What is it with men and strip clubs??? My new partner wants me to go visit one with him and I am not sure if I should satisfy his urge. Can you tell me what to expect and how I can be sure this is the right move for me to make? Sex and Intimacy Expert Cathy Beaton's Answer:

    Your partner, asking you to visit a strip club with him, could be his way of communicating more than meets the eye. Even though it's a new relationship, have the two of you established a good foundation for communication? Do you make each other feel special and prioritize intimacy (and sex, if you've taken that step)?

    By asking you to join him at a strip club, It could be that your partner is trying to open up the topic of sex or wants to share something that he'd like to try with you but is unable to talk about. Since you are questioning whether going to a strip club is the right move for you, it sounds like it might not be. Instead, you can initiate a discussion with your

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  • Dating Time Traps for Single Parents

    As a single parent, not only is it challenging to find time to date, dating can also be a tightrope of indecision. Many new questions arise when factoring children into the dating equation, ones you may not have faced when building a relationship in your pre-parenting years. The timing of major relationship milestones each take on new meaning and emotional significance-both for you and your children. Knowing when is too soon to take a next step in a new relationship is not always clear.

    But don't let navigating these new considerations trap your dating life at a standstill. Assessing your and your children's needs, and having some thoughtful conversations with your partner, will help move your dating timeline in a forward direction.

    Jumping Back In: When is too soon to start dating again?

    Following a separation or divorce, it may be difficult to decide when is too soon to take that initial leap back into the world of meeting new people, exchanging numbers, and going on

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  • How to Make Them Talk, Not Walk: Five Rules to Encourage Conversation

    Some people are natural talkers. They have the knack, or, as the Irish like to say, the gift of gab. For most people, starting a conversation with a total stranger is scary, especially with the opposite sex! In impromptu discussions you may be the one starting the conversation or you may be the one approached, and if you are not the type who is a natural talker those situations may scare the heck out of you.

    Others find that they are fine with casual chats but when they're on a first date they feel awkward. They don't know how to talk with their date in a way that makes the other person feel comfortable enough to divulge their inner thoughts and opinions. Either way, to start and maintain a conversation takes a little skill-and a lot of practice. If you weren't blessed with the gift of gab and the ability to talk to anyone about anything, here are some great tips to help you.

    Tip One: Be interested. Initiating a casual conversation is not as difficult as it seems. Start

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  • Fitness Centers: The Hottest Club for Singles

    Fitness centers and gyms tout memberships as an important part of a healthy and active lifestyle. What isn't advertised is that fitness centers are an optimum spot to meet and mix with other active singles. Being a gym regular means you'll look and feel better, position yourself to meet new singles, and buddy up with some in-shape bods. It's a win-win-win!

    Exercise raises the level of endorphins in your body--the hormones that give you that happy, energized feeling when you get your body moving. With all these hormones and good vibes floating around, it's a wonder the gym has remained an undercover hot spot for singles. Now that you're in on the secret, here are a few ways to make your workout work for your love life:

    Think outside the gym
    Gyms and traditional fitness centers are always great for working out, but aren't always geared towards older adults. To really use fitness to boost your social life, think outside the gym. Venues for exercising your body and flirtation

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  • No Place Like Home.....

    Russell Sage moved back in with his folks recently, ironically to save money for his own children's future. Sage, 43 and a marketing professional in Philadelphia, wants to own a home but "After my most recent divorce, I don't have the money to pay for one mortgage let alone two."

    After seeing him struggle for months to meet mortgage and child support obligations, Sage's parents finally encouraged their son to come live with them. "Seeing my hard-working son struggle to pay the bills while trying to rebuild his life was heartbreaking. At least now he has some stability and food on the table, especially on weekends when he has his two kids."

    While moving back in with the folks may be common for the just-out-of-college crew, the median age is on the rise, and not only because of post-divorce refugees. These days, according to lifestyle expert Sherri Langburt, other variables such as job loss, credit card debt and the inability to handle monthly mortgage payments are forcing

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  • Creative Getaways for Artistic Souls

    Feel like you've lost that loving feeling? Shutting down romantically and sexually may have a lot less to do with problems in your dating life than with keeping your creative batteries charged. Indeed, recent research in art therapy, for example, has shown benefits among cancer patients that include an increase in self-esteem, improvement in overall health and a significant decrease in anxiety and depression.

    For many people the key to resuscitating the spirit and soul is to find or reclaim an artistic passion. Doing so can be healing and empowering because it provides individuals with an expressive outlet for all those pent up emotions and feelings that may be too painful to deal with on other levels.

    You don't need to be a Dali prodigy to get in touch with your creative side - there are plenty of intensive vacations and workshops, from photography to flower arranging, that will help you get those creative juices flowing. Here are a few to consider:

    Santa Fe

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  • Coffee? Get Cozy and Close in One Cup

    When planning your first date locale, grabbing a simple cup of joe at a trendy spot could be the key to success. Going for a cup of coffee might seem like a boring old standby, but it's a great way to learn more about your date in a casual setting, without the pressure of eating a full meal or downing alcoholic drinks.

    According to a 2006 national dating survey of more than 300 singles by Strategy One, 90 percent of singles feel more relaxed having a first date at a familiar location. The survey also found that many of the singles (42%) prefer to keep the encounter brief, and almost one-third (32%) look for a place that makes it easy to end the date quickly.

    If you don't have a favorite coffee shop in mind, ask friends and family if they have one they'd recommend. You might want to go online to a site like Citysearch where you can search coffee houses in your area and read honest reviews about the location's atmosphere.

    Coffeehouses aren't all the same, though. Depending on your

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  • A Guys Guide to Splitting the Bill

    In the world of dating there are no regulations that help us single folk make sure we are getting it right, and the absence of some sort of written doctrine results in a myriad of problems, some of which cause irreparable harm to a prospective relationship. One that seems to pop up again and again in my dating life occurs when the check hits the table.

    Money is a funny thing, the root of many of the world's evils and the cause of many fights and breakups. So with the understanding that I cannot speak for every guy (since some are cheaper, or more frugal or just plain weird), I am a going to spell the bill situation out as I see it.

    Date One: Yes, Make the Offer
    Most men want to treat on the first date. He wants to show that he is in fact a gentleman. This fine young man will reach for the check when the conversation has settled a bit, pretend to check the figures, and take out his wallet. What should you do? Ask if you can contribute by paying the tip or part of the bill

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  • Financially Covering Your Ass(ets)

    Seeing as my only dependents are my cats and I have yet to meet my soul mate, the last thing I have time to think about is pumping up my financial portfolio.

    Or putting one together for that matter.

    After all, there's plenty of time to think about investing in a retirement fund when I partner up with Mr. Right and we start our life together.

    In the meantime, I can continue living cheque-to-cheque, spending beyond my means and putting off opening a proper savings account. And when I do finally shack up with the future father of my children, my finances will miraculously sort themselves out.

    That's the lie I tell myself every time I borrow money for a vacation, dip into my overdraft or, say, buy an outrageously expensive leather coat from Topshop (I had to have it, damn it!). But there must be some validity to the whole marriage-before-mortgage mentality. First thing's first, right?


    Ask any financial expert and they'll say the same thing: waiting for the

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