• 6 Ways to Meet Someone at a Reunion

    October is class reunions month. So before you ignore the latest letter from your high school or college alumni department, consider the possibilities of what might happen. A reunion could be a great place to reconnect with singles like you. Face it, you've grown up, changed your opinions, and matured over the years. Hopefully, your former classmates did, too.

    Approach the event with an open mind and an open heart. Practice these 6 tips to make the most out of the experience.

    1. Get in touch with the reunion committee and volunteer.
    Most likely, they'll appreciate the gesture and could ask you to help reach out to your former classmates. Jackpot! Now you've got the contact information you need to get started on your personal research.

    2. Sign up for a social networking website.
    If you're not already online regularly "friending" people, "tweeting" your activities or joining online groups with shared similar interests, you're missing out on a lot of connecting

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  • Tips to Help you Get Organized this Fall

    There's a whole lot more to organizing yourself than keeping papers neatly filed. In fact, with proper planning and the right set of tools you can improve everything from your social life to your diet.

    So, what are you waiting for? Fall is the perfect time to get yourself organized and here are a few simple tips to help you get started from!

    1. Start Keeping a To-Do List: Keeping your thoughts in order is a key to becoming self-organized. While it may seem simple, keeping a daily To-Do list is probably the best way to increase your personal productivity. If you want to go the electronic route, there are some web-based task management tools such as "Toodledo" and/or "Remember the Milk" that will help you automate and maintain your To-Do list seamlessly.

    2. Slash and Stock Supplies: Unfortunately, according to the Miller Brewing Company, even those cans of beer goes bad after about 4 months. So take some time to go through your pantry, fridge, freezer and

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  • Singles: Marketing Myths and Mistakes

    One of the most significant demographic trends over the past half-century is the ascendence of people who are single. They have the power of numbers -- as a proportion of the adult population, they are closing in on people who are married. As householders, their place is dramatically different than it was a few decades ago: There are now more households consisting of single people living solo than of households comprised of mom, dad, and the kids. (And -- further attesting to their numbers -- most single people do not live alone.)

    Perhaps the most significant of all of these new demographic realities is the place of singlehood in our individual life stories -- Americans now spend more years of their adult lives unmarried than married.Marketers -- like much of the rest of society -- have not caught up with the changes that have made single life vastly different than it was before. They have yet to realize the implications of those changes for their portrayals of singles and their

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  • Don't Give Up Your Power to Insecurity

    When I was young, I was afraid to go from kindergarten to first grade because I "didn't want to be with the big kids." I was terrified of the tooth fairy because I didn't want her in my room while I was asleep, and I was scared of a Hawaiian doll in my doll case because I was convinced she came alive at night.

    I couldn't avoid first grade but I kept my tooth pillow in my parents' room and I hid my doll at night. At a young age I found a way to conquer my fears by hiding from them.

    Although these fears are comical now, at the time they were very real to me. Today, my fears have ranged from public speaking, to running for class office, to moving to a foreign city, to beginning a new relationship, to starting my own business. It always started with that little voice that asked "what if" followed by a negative possibility, and it got progressively louder and louder until the words of encouragement began to sound like a dull hum.

    These fears guided me for many years to

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  • Celebrate Your Independence

    We never claimed that single living is easy or better. For some it is a clear life choice but for many it is a stop along the way where we may not want to lay our bags down.

    Love comes and leaves early for some and late for others, but moments alone can be full of wonderment whether you are single or married. Here are a few tips towards living more happily, finding love within yourself or with others and simply learning to enjoy life's journey.

    1. Don't go to the Liquor Store for Milk: You will not get milk where it is not sold. So to avoid disappointment, don't expect responses from people that they may not be emotionally, psychologically or mentally equipped to give you.

    2. If there is Clutter, Clean it out: For a positive attitude you need to eliminate the negative habits, people and influences from your life.

    3. Pretty People Can Be Lonely Too: Don't make assumptions about who people are, what they want or how they live their lives.

    4. Remember that Love does

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  • It's Time to Celebrate Self

    This is National Singles Week! Unbeknown to most, there is a specially designated week each year which celebrates singles as they embrace their independence and are recognized for their achievements and contributions to society.

    So before you start laughing it off, take a second to remember all the complaining you've done about the fact that singles are left out. And be glad that we get a week, not a day, but an entire week to celebrate single life.

    Now we know that news of the special week may be coming to you on short notice, so we took the time to prepare a list of activities and events you can do to celebrate you.

    1. Take a Wellness Day: You don't have to be sick to take a day just for yourself. Why not start the week right by taking a special day off from work for wellness? The objective is to unplug, so remember to "step away from the computer and cell phone." Sleep in late, eat your favorite morning cereal and follow the day wherever it takes you.

    2. Pick a

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  • Over-the-Top High Tech Flirting

    Dating site trolls, creepy sex texters and instant messaging prowlers beware! A crew may be waiting on the sidelines to bust you at your next stroke of the keyboard or dial pad button.

    It's not hard to imagine this on the horizon, so don't say we didn't warn you. With the ever-increasing popularity of Dateline NBC's series "To Catch a Predator" we envision that this next extension in the line up of undercover sting investigation programs will follow a similar format, only this time the hidden camera will be honing in on romance unabashed romance seekers or interlopers."I can deal with over-the-top flirting or dirty cyber talk with someone that I know and trust" says Stephanie a reader. "But it's a whole other ballgame when you receive an instant message from an AOL stranger seeking sex talk, or better yet the booty call at 2:00 in the morning, They have got to be joking!"

    Unfortunately most of the time they are not. With more than 73% of single adults

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  • An Inside Look at Anxiety Disorder Among Singles

    Does anxiety affect singles differently? Well, yes and no. "People tend to think 'it's worse for me because . . .' but that's not necessarily the case," says Jerilyn Ross, President and CEO of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America and Director of the Ross Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders.

    "Anxiety disorders don't have any prejudice."

    According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 40 million American adults have an anxiety disorder. There are no studies on singles and anxiety, and experts stress that the details are different for every person. Shoshana Kaufman, LCSW, explains that being single is just one factor that can either positively or negatively affect the battle against anxiety depending on the anxiety triggers and the individuals involved.

    Laura* lost her father after a long illness when she was only 9 years old. Not surprisingly, her concern for her loved ones can still overwhelm her with worry. Being in a relationship means her

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  • Style Savers for the Single Guy

    As a single guy, I have no clue how to create stylish ensembles. I was wondering if there are any affordable services that can help me clean up my wardrobe?'s Fashion Expert Kara Allan's Answer:

    Don't even think about blowing your paycheck on a pricey personal shopper (unless it's me, of course). Instead, head to your local department store for a FREE (yes, free!) consultation with a sales associate.Most major retail chains such as Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue offer complementary personal shopping services so as long as you book a session in advance. Sales associates will pull merchandise from the floor that works for your body and budget. The only downside: they typically work on commission so you might feel pressured to buy all the stuff.

    As a last resort, you can scope out fashion merchandising students at top universities in your neighborhood. There's always a large pool of talent who would be willing to whip your wardrobe into shape. Plus,

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  • 3 Money Questions to Ask Before Moving In Together

    Ready to split the rent with your significant other? Not so fast. Before you check out new apartments, you should make sure his or her finances check out. Issues like paying bills, paying for repairs and updates around the house and general spending habits become integral to whether you'll be a match made in household heaven. So we spoke to Galia Gichon, CEO of Down-to-Earth Finance, who gave us some tips on balancing your relationship (via your checkbook).

    What should you know about your partner's finances before you move in together?
    -If you can, know their credit score and what kind of debt they carry.

    -Know their spending style. Are they paycheck to paycheck, or are they a huge saver? Are they sporadic about spending or more systematic?

    -The last piece of advice deals with communication. Most couples don't really talk about money. They don't talk about what investments the other person has made and what other accounts the other person might have. You should know

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