• Under the Cover Jitters: Find Out What to do When the Lights Go Out

    By Lori Bizocco

    Many single women complain that the biggest factor preventing them from having a healthy, long-term relationship is lack of communication or openness with a potential partner before they take the relationship to the bedroom. Being intimate before getting to know one another or prior to discussing the couple's long-term potential, can bring out a whole set of fears and behaviors that leave people scarred or afraid to get involved with someone again. Whether it's sexual performance or emotional abandonment, the rules are the same; a healthy relationship has a better chance of success when established communication patterns are in place.

    "Being open and honest about your expectations and fears needs to happen from the very beginning of the relationship," says Steve Gavatorta, Master Communication Coach and creator of The Reach Out Approach. Remember, it's more difficult to see a person and watch their body language in the dark, so you need to know the person

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  • Love in the Time of Depression: The Secret to Making it Last

    Sue and Bob have both been single for fifteen years. Sue, a divorced mother of two and Bob, a widow with three grown adult boys of his own, met last year on an online dating site. When they decided to meet face-to-face over lattes and espresso, they both admitted to feeling instant heat and it wasn't due to what was coming from the hot drinks in their hands. They had a lot in common including a love for tennis, hiking, watching Hitchcock's "Vertigo" and Caribbean cruises. In fact, Bob and Sue were such active adventurers that their own children could not keep up with their energy.

    Six months into the relationship, Bob lost his job as a hotel manager. It was a position that he had held for 20 years. He would soon be approaching his sixtieth birthday and with the economy in a downturn, it was difficult for him to find work. Bob began losing interest in the things he once enjoyed. He stopped going out of the house, and preferred lying in bed to walking in the park,

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  • Pressure Pushing You Down? The Problem May Be Your 2.0 Lifestyle

    According to an ancient Chinese proverb "Work is the true elixir of life. The busiest man is the happiest." But a new long-term study released in the European Heart Journal may prove just the opposite. After isolating common known heart risk factors such as smoking, the study revealed that individuals who worked three to four hours of overtime a day ran a 60% higher risk of angina, nonfatal heart attacks and death from heart-related conditions.
    This comes as no surprise. People who spend more hours on the job make less time to exercise, relax and unwind and are ultimately more stressed, anxious, or depressed.

    In the buzzing world of social media is it possible to shut off? We are all so busy branding ourselves and companies on sites like Facebook and Twitter that pressure to be a success at what we do is 24/7. The challenge to find balance in the virtual and real world has compounded, but here are some ways to alleviate the 2.0 pressure:

    Share Your Truths without
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  • Outdoor Camping goes Glam

    After their camp's 75th year reunion was cancelled, seven campers who spent many summers of their youth together decided to take the party elsewhere. The former bunkmates, each of them single and in their mid thirties, quickly discovered that they had developed a much more sophisticated taste for adventure since those glory days of childhood.
    If the thought of cooking over an open flame and sleeping under the stars brings back fond memories but the realities of roughing it seem too extreme for the grown up in you, don't sweat it. What many men and women have learned, and you are about to discover, is that camping can be comfortable and stress-free for everyone, including upscale adventure seekers.

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  • Surprising New Data from the Labor Bureau: Find Out How it Can Transform Your Career

    Strange as it may seem to be concerned about labor shortages when unemployment is still at an
    all- timehigh of nearly 10%, some industry insiders predict that a talent deficit may hit certain industries in the next decade. If you're wondering where the jobs will be, The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics just released its projections of the 30 fastest-growing careers (and you can find it by clicking right here)
    If the forecasts are correct, training may be a small short-term cost (and commitment) that can open doors to employment opportunities in the long-run. If you want to launch a new career pad, here are some ways you earn the education you need to get started.

    1. Utilize Retraining Benefits: Many companies offer learning benefits to employees at no extra cost. To find out if you can learn on your employer's dime, check their training manual and make sure to take advantage of the perk by signing up for some classes. If you're currently unemployed - youRead More »from Surprising New Data from the Labor Bureau: Find Out How it Can Transform Your Career
  • 7 New Trends from Sex and The City Gals

    With the new Sex & the City movie merely weeks away, the editors at thought it might be a good opportunity to share some tips for the single "Samantha" among us - specifically the 25 million unmarried American women age 45 and up.

    1. Decide Not to Date Vertically: Fed up with dating up and down? You're in good company! Terms like cougar and sugar daddy paint a poor picture of women, portraying them as oversexed or money grubbing predators. Commit to finding a man your own age and you won't have to spend time babysitting or doing the care-giving. Start your search off right by signing up for a niche dating site, there are plenty for 40 plus singles from which to choose like, and If you're new to digital dating do as Samantha would do and enlist the services of an online dating coach or professional profile writer.

    2. Supper with Strangers: Dinners with friends can be impossible when you're the last single

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  • Fresh (and light) Mexican Meals for One

    Does healthy Mexican cuisine seem like a contradiction in terms? Judging by some of today's most popular dishes that may very well be the case. But in reality, the foods that are indigenous to this culture are actually quite good for you, so long as they are fresh, not fried!

    By deconstructing some of your favorite Mexican recipes, you will be able to spot out which of the ingredients are better for you and others you should limit or eliminate altogether. Seasonings like chili, cilantro and hot peppers are not only calorie and fat-free, they will boost a meal and your heart rate too. Common staples like corn, rice, beans and avocado, though often condemned by health enthusiasts, are rich in fiber and fats that are good for your body as long as they are not processed, fried or drenched in saturated oils and butters. Similarly, final touch garnishes, like sour cream and cheese, do not have to be off-limits if prepared properly.

    Here are some tips to help you lighten up:


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  • The Solo Travelers Guide to Wine Country

    By Diana Kelly for

    You've probably heard of California's wine country as a favorite destination visited by some of your couple friends-heck, many of us probably even know someone who got engaged out there. At Single Edition, we wanted to debunk the myth that this romantic vacation destination isn't going to be as fun to single readers like you. So, we went to the West Coast to wine, dine and have a great time-all in the name of research!

    We've always known that dating and wine drinking are a complementary match, and now we're seeing a growing interest in these pairings with websites like, and even in Austin, TX.

    What we found in Sonoma County and the Napa Valley is that the wine industry has gotten younger and livelier over the years-and boy, do those locals know how to have a good time! Read on for tips on where to eat and drink, what to do, and where to stay in the Sonoma County and Napa Valley

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  • Twitter + Dating = Love in Less than 140 Words

    If you are wondering where all the good guys are, apparently you can find them on Twitter, where they hold a 56% majority amongst users. And believe it or not, they seem to be becoming better communicators than women, at least in the social media world where, according to a recent survey conducted by Liberty Mutual, they are more likely to tweet on a regular basis than women.

    Though 37 year old Alyssa has yet to find Mr. Right, she has created her own intimate dating pool by casting a broad net of followers, people who care about her commentary and brain blurps. "There really are single men out there" says Alyssa as she demystifies the myths for 35+ single women. "These smart and savvy guys are approaching me from every corner of the world."

    As we continue to witness with Facebook and iPhone, the success of one media platform breeds adjunct applications, and Twitter discovered it is no exception. Already Philip Kaplan, founder of f--- edCompany and Adbrite, lauched Flirt

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  • How to Cope with a New Mate’s Mood Swings

    You might be crazy in love, but what if the person you love just happens to be crazy? Dating can be a roller coaster of a ride-we fly happily high on the ups and plummet depressing low on the downs. Mood swings keep you on your toes and can certainly keep things interesting in a relationship, but can also be the source of stress, disappointment and even lead to a break-up. Learn how to cope with your new love's moods and avoid taking a steep fall into from an ecstatic high into an emotional pit.

    Predict the Future
    Navigating the mental state of a new mate is often a mission impossible. But you don't have to be a mind reader or tip toe on eggshells to feel out your partner's mood on any given day. As you get to know your special someone, you'll be better positioned to pick up on signals that a good or bad mood is brewing. Reading verbal cues and taking mental notes on external factors that trigger a mood swing can provide valuable clues as to when a bad mood is approaching.

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