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  • Define "working mom." Yes, that's right. That is, too. And that.

    When I was on maternity leave with my two youngest kids, I was still writing freelance stories. The number of stories I wrote was no where near what it was when I wasn't on leave (nor near what I thought it should be -- you can read all about the unrealistic expectations I had for my first maternity leave here), but still, I was churning them out as best as I could.

    I remember being frustrated by the difficulty of trying to write with an infant who refused to nap and a toddler who wanted to play and no childcare in sight. I remember wishing that our older kids could help me more as I ran downstairs to referee some argument or another, a half-written article up on the screen in my home office, my train of thought long gone by the time I had calmed the chaos enough to return to the computer. I remember fuming that my husband could go to the office to work, but I had to schedule and wrangle time to complete an assignment on deadline from home.

    I remember thinking that I wasn't working

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