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  • 12 Beauty Secrets from Around the World

    Global Travel Advisory: Take your envy meds.

    Maybe it's the sleepless hours at cruising altitude. Maybe it's the fight-or-flight response that kicks in when you have to brave Customs. But, at least in my book, certain countries are hazardous to the self-esteem. You step off the plane and the women look way too good.

    How on earth do they do it? Save your miles. You can try these international trade secrets without leaving the house.



    * The Allure: that porcelain complexion
    * Secret Ingredients: rice and seaweed

    Rice Body Rub: "In the old days, rice bran was a substitute for soap," says K.C. Kang, speaking on the phone from Japan as she launches her new skin-care line in the U.S.. "You'd bring your little cotton pouch to the local bath house and fill it up with the bran. Then you'd soak and scrub your whole body, including the face. People still do this." Beyond sloughing off the dead skin layer, rice bran oil is known for its potent vitamin E and other

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  • Are Guys More Freaked Out Over Sex Than We Are?

    I was still in my pajamas this morning (don't ask what time) when I turned on the computer to find it was National Unmarried and Single Americans Week.

    Who knew? But apparently September 19 to 25 has been set aside to honor the more than 100,000 adult solo citizens of this country. It occurred to me that such an occasion should be acknowledged. So after watching an old episode of The Match Off, (that NBC show where two pros vie to fix up a picky single), I called one of the dating experts on it, Rachel Canis. She was actually the loser, but I don't know... I like her shoes theory: "Make sure you can walk in them. I don't care how old you are."

    That POV, it turns out, goes nicely with the name of her high-end dating service, Best Foot Forward, in Chicago. In any case, it was Canis, who told me she'd interviewed 500 of the windy city's singles this year and discovered a surprising new trend. When couples first have sex, according to her research, women take it in stride; it's the guys

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  • 5 expert secrets to looking younger than you are

    Fabulous hair, a great plastic surgeon, personal trainers, stylists, and chefs who make house calls-when it comes to maintaining a youthful appearance, it's true, celebs have it easier than the rest of us. But, never fear, our panel of experts revealed a surprising number of ways to defy your age, and none of them require red carpet access.


    : Heidi Waldorf, MD, associate clinical professor at Mount Sinai Hospital's department of dermatology in New York.

    Top Secret: Diligently apply sun protection. (You knew that was coming.) "Most women miss the jawline, neck, chest, and hands, and they're all very telling of aging skin," says Waldorf. Beyond that, if you're not planning to get pregnant, use topical retinoids a few times a week. You can get them in OTC products or in higher concentrations from a dermatologist. "Studies show they help aged skin look more normal microscopically," Waldorf says.

    Next Best Tips: Once you hit 40, regular, gentle exfoliation

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  • How to look gorgeous, no matter what your skin type

    Flaky? Slick? Sensitive? Irritable? What's your sign?

    Dermal sign, that is. The skin has its own zodiac of sorts, but you hardly need to consult your horoscope for a good reading. We've gathered a few earthly experts to help each type look its most radiant.

    You Know the Type: Your face tends to get shiny two hours after washing it.
    Special Care: "The natural tendency is to over-scrub to get rid of the oil, but ironically that just makes it worse," says New York City dermatologist and psychiatrist Amy Wechsler, MD. "You actually need to wash gently." Follow with an alcohol toner and use blotting paper throughout the day. Also, avoid products that don't one of these phrases on the label: "oil free," "water based," or "noncomedogenic."
    The Fab Factor: You can bring out your natural dewiness with a light dusting of matte powder foundation, says Hollywood makeup artist Kerry Herta. The good news? Despite its bad rep, "oily skin definitely ages more slowly than other types," notes

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  • You're My Skype. Long Distance Love 2.0

    "I'm on top," Drew Barrymore purrs in her best slut voice.

    "I'm on top. How can you be on top?" asks a somewhat frustrated and very naked Justin Long on the other end of the line.

    We're watching the couple attempt phone sex with the finesse of bumper cars in Going the Distance. Separated by their careers, Barrymore lives in San Francisco while Long (also her real-life boyfriend, depending on what day it is) works in New York, and they are trying to keep the chemistry charged by text, tweet, YouTube, and Skype. Are you touching yourself, he wants to know on their canoodle call? "All over," she assures him, clutching the phone in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other. By the time she murmurs "Marky Mark" in the same breathy breath as the word "hot," the moment for Long has seriously passed.

    Whether you can sit through this movie or not, it certainly dings a cultural note. We've gotten in bed with technology like never before and it's totally changing the

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  • Online Dating—A Total Waste of Time? Here's what YOU say!

    "Profile on the rocks, please!" This is the new rallying cry of singles, according to Shine's new Online Dating Survey, conducted by Dan Ariely, PhD, a professor at Duke University. "I was a bit surprised," he admits.

    Trading barstool for mouse, you guys say that clicking is as good as clinking when it comes to finding love. Not that you're naive: No question the dating sites draw liars, psychos, and shut-ins like pigeons to stale bread crumbs. And they're virtual museums for accomplished photoshop artists. But you have learned to work the system. You deftly sort the contents like airport security scanners, dumping the scary baggage and frequent fliers for the kind of person you want to get on board with. Or at least accompany for a shuttle ride or two.

    The myth is that it's easier to fall in love via www.

    "Online dating is a full time job," Diana comments (read the rest of the original post here). "One you get used to it, though, you weed out the players, the married men, the

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  • Early Puberty for Girls—more "bad mother" science?

    A new study is causing a saber-rattle throughout the mom-o-sphere.

    "Working moms, here's another side effect of your selfish, career-focused ways: your daughters will go through puberty much earlier than their well-raised peers," writes Madeline Holler on Babble.

    Certainly, we need one more thing to blame ourselves for like a case of the Ebola virus. But, hold on. Looking at the research, I think this a false alarm.

    First of all, it is disconcerting that little girls are barely losing their baby teeth before needing a training bra. A study just last month in Pediatrics showed that at least one out of ten white 7-year-olds are developing breasts; for black girls, it's more than one out of five. And earlier puberty comes with a price tag-higher rates of depression, anxiety, teenage sex, pregnancy, drinking, an poor school performance.

    The new study, published in the journal Psychological Science is based on 373 females in a long-term study in England. At 15 months old, they underwent

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  • 10 Ways to Scope Out a Guy By How He eBays

    The first sign was a top hat.

    It arrived in a large box wrapped in brown paper and bound voraciously with that clear, thick, prehensile tape, prone to yellowing, my grandfather liked to use. My boyfriend, who had just moved- rather, squeezed-into my Manhattan apartment, had found the hat on Ebay. A total steal, he said.


    Next came a 1930s cane in a similarly lumpy package-


    -and then the "70s Ugly" lamp. And our two used cell phones, which might as well have been made in the 1970s. And 4-foot neon blue, Styrolene hanging fish that's larger than my closet.


    All from eBay (and I'm skipping a lot. At least I made him send back the 20-pound cast iron moose head.) I have never indulged, but watching him take to the site like an air traffic controller, made me wonder what you could learn about a guy by his eBay style. "I think you can tell a lot," says Andrea Syrtash, author of He's Just Not Your Type. "Even a little purchase is worth paying attention to because money is

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  • A Lady Dies in Boyfriend's Chimney (where do we start?)

    The case is closed.

    Either a lovesick doctor snapped as bizarrely as Lisa Nowak, the NASA astronaut, who drove nearly 1,000 miles with a wig, buck knife, and diapers to confront her rival. Or something sinister has happened. For now, this woman's death has been ruled accidental, and all we can do is reel.

    The details, as they've been reported, mostly by the local police and The Bakersfield Californian (read more), are as follows: Her name was Jacquelyn Kotarac, 49, and she practiced internal medicine in Bakersfield. Last Wednesday, August 25, around 10:15 PM, she went to visit her on-again-off-again boyfriend, William Moodie, 58, who owns a petroleum engineering company. They had tickets to fly to Amsterdam two days later. But he didn't want to see her and, to avoid a confrontation, slipped out his back door.

    Thinking he was still there, apparently, she tried to bash the door with a shovel. When that didn't work, she climbed an outdoor ladder to the roof, where she

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  • How to Extend Your Summer Glow

    MJ Day knows what it's like to milk the sunkissed, hair-tousled, beachy look of August for all it's worth. She works 12 months a year on the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issue, where she's a senior associate editor. "We pay makeup artists a lot of money to keep the girls nice and dewy while making it appear natural," she says.

    What? Last time you checked you weren't Brooklyn Decker? Fortunately you don't need a posse of misting, primping stylists to steal a few of their tricks. With that in mind, here's how to get that "I know what you did last summer" reaction without the horror of looking like you tried too hard.


    * Wash. "Fall is the time to switch to a cleanser that's less stripping-one that has less alcohol and maybe some glycerin or aloe," says West Palm Beach dermatologist, Kenneth Beer, MD. "Also cut down on your astringent use."

    * Exfoliate. "Even though you'll slough off the tan a little faster, if you want that dewiness, you must remove the surface dead cells or

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