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  • Mad Men Emmy Nominations: Bad Parenting Makes Great TV!

    mad men emmy nominationsemmy nominations January Jones, Jon Hamm

    by AD Lynn/

    Emmy nominations are a sure sign of what's working and what's not on TV, and one thing's for sure: viewers and critics love bad parents. Mad Men and its wayward moms and dads took home 16 nominations (beat only by 22 nods for 30 Rock, and 17 for the HBO movie Grey Gardens). Four of Mad Men's acting nods went to characters who aren't exactly parenting role models. And yet, we love them (be still my heart!). Let's have a look atMad Men's Emmy-nominated "Parenting Don'ts."

    1. January Jones, nominated for her role as Betty Draper.

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  • Sunrise Coigney, Mark RuffaloSunrise Coigney, Mark Ruffalo

    The Kids Are All Right isn't only the name of Mark Ruffalo's new movie, it's also an apt description of Mark Ruffalo's homelife. As he revealed to NPR, he and wife Sunrise Coigney live with their three children in tiny Callicoon, NY (population 215), and he loves it. "You always get to look your kid in the eye," he says. "My wife, in the eye. And as a family, it's been the healthiest thing I think we've ever done. We're always together. It's not like that in the city. Here, it's basically us and our friends, and there's nowhere to run."

    He loves that together time so much that, in fact, he originally turned down his role in The Kids Are Allright. His wife changed his mind - with a little help from her close friend Julianne More.


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  • Awwww. Mariah Carey Tweets her "Baby" news, with PHOTOS

    mariah carey babymariah carey baby dog

    by AD Lynn/

    Mariah Carey pregnant? There's still no confirmation, but she did post photos of her new arrival on Twitter today. That's right, Mariah, husband Nick Cannon, and pet dog ChaCha welcomed a new Jack Russell puppy, and the songstress is now tweeting portraits of the babe, like every good celebrity parent should.

    Just before posting the pics, she tweeted: "EXCLUSIVE !!!!!! New photos of ChaCha &"Da Baby"(as yet unnamed) in 1 minute! LYM!" Does she look like mom? or Dad? You decide. See ChaCha herself, with puppy, in the pics here.

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  • anna paquin true blood100613NC1_PAQUIN_B-GR_07by AD Lynn/

    True Blood's Anna Paquin had a busy day yesterday. With the True Blood Season 3 premiere getting set to debut (which meant lots of nerves and press), Anna threw a party in the morning, and then she took time out to give back her community. She gave back in the most direct way possible: She and a few friends brought her leftover party food (bagels, cupcakes, pastries, crudite) to nearby Venice Beach, where they distributed the bounty to local homeless people and curious fans.

    It's a laudable act for a star just hours away from a huge TV moment (True Blood has become more than just a cult phenomenon, and season 3's been hotly, hotly anticipated). It's especially exciting since Anna's about to become a stepmom. Finace and True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer has kids who're already close to Paquin (check out our Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer family pics). She's setting a great example for Moyers' kids, and for children everywhere.

    Check out these photos of

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  • After car crash, January Jones' life takes a Betty Draper turn

    january jones carJanuary Jones, Jon Hammby AD Lynn /

    There's no debate about who holds the title of my favorite TV mom. It's Mad Men's Betty Draper, hands down, no bones about it. Sure, she's a terrible mom and not much better as a wife (though she out-perfects her husband by a mile), but as played by January Jones, she's got the kind of cool affect I can only dream of. Which is why January Jones' car accident in L.A. last night was especially interesting.

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  • Real Housewives of New York: People CAN Change

    real housewives alexthe-real-housewives-of-nyc-logo

    As I get ready to hunker down for theReal Housewives of New York reunion show, I can't help but get nostalgic for that first season of RHONY. Remember when Jill Zarin was sane? Remember when the loons were Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen, and Ramona Singer was the airhead? It's like a bizarro flipside to the way RHONY looks today. Alex and Simon, and Ramona, too, have managed to largely float above the fray. How'd that happen?

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  • The Top Chef Masters winner wants to save your kids

    top chef masters marcus samuelssontop-chef-masters-season-2-winner

    by AD Lynn /

    Marcus Samuelsson was Top Chef Masters' dark horse this season: younger than the other competitors and with a bent toward Scandinavian and African cooking, not necessarily crowd-pleasers. And yet, his outstanding food (trust me, I've eaten it) and undeniable charm took him straight to the podium. His win isn't just a boon for Marcus, whose star was already high and now rising higher, but for kids worldwide. Marcus Samuelsson uses his fame as a chef to make life better for children. His own personal story might have something to do with that.

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  • Pretty Little Liars Review: Intrigue, It Girls, and ABC Family

    pretty little liars cast lucky halepretty little liars cast

    by AD Lynn /

    ABC Family is entering racier-than-usual territory with Pretty Little Liars, based on the book series by Sara Shepard. Should your teens watch it? Should you? As last night's Pretty Little Liars premiere episode made clear, the network is aiming to nab both demographics. Here's how. Plus a rundown of what worked on episode 1. And what didn't.

    Pretty Little Liars has already described as Gossip Girl meets I Know What You Did Last Summer, yet little did we know how apt the description would be. Plus, there's a dash of Grey's Anatomy thrown in. The Pretty Little Liars pilot presents a premise that's, at heart, a cut-and-paste of these stalwarts.

    Here's the story: Five 15-year-old female friends (The Pretty Little Liars cast includes Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, and Sasha Pieterse) are partying in a barn behind one of their houses. In the morning, one of them has disappeared.

    I Know What You Did Last Summer:

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  • The Hard Times of RJ Berger: Will Teens Watch?

    amber lancaster RJ Bergerhard-times-rj-berger15

    Got teens? If so, you're probably already hearing a lot about "The Hard Times of RJ Berger" and its stars Paul Iacano and Amber Lancaster. If not, you probably found the nearly endless RJ Berger promotion during last night's MTV Movie Awards nothing less than baffling. Let's start out by saying that this show, described by USA Today as "Hung for Kids" is strictly for the teen set (or oldesters nostalgic for Beavis and Butthead).

    Paul Iacono plays RJ Berger, a well-endowed 15-year-old who happens to be "scrawny and weird-looking, awkward and pale." He's loveable to viewers, but not so much to the bullies at school - and his hugeness hasn't yet helped him win over his super-crush, played by Amber Lancaster. It's raunchy, silly, and set in a high-school. All hooks for the under-18 crowd.

    But will teens actually watch it? More here...

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  • Lisa Ann Russell and Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Let's Talk About the Kids

    lisa ann russell and mark-paul gosselaar divorceLisa Ann Russell and Mark-Paul Gosselaar

    by AD Lynn


    Lisa Ann Russell and Mark-Paul Gosselaar met cute when she had a bit part in an episode of Saved by the Bell: The College Years. That was in 1993. Now, after nearly 14 years of marriage, the Lisa Ann Russell and Mark-Paul Gosselaar divorce promises to be anything but pretty. That's because the two weren't just husband and wife. They were also mom and dad to two kids. And those kids are extremely important to Gosselaar. And also to Russell, a former Revlon model.

    The Gosselaar kids are Michael Charles, 6, and Ava Lorenn, 4, and by all accounts Gosselaar is a completely devoted hands-on dad. Which means that if the couple, now only separated, does go forward with a divorce, custody could get complicated. "They both remain focused on their family and are jointly committed to their children," a rep for the couple told numerous press outlets. Here's the rub: when you're no longer a couple, "joint" commitments get really hard, really fast.

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